D.R. Horton Upgrade Price List: Home Upgrade Policies Detailed

A home with upgrades

D.R. Horton does not publicly disclose its home upgrade prices. Sales Consultants can usually provide you such rates once you have selected a specific property within a D.R. Horton community.

However, some will want you to pre-qualify with a lender before providing price information, and some may even want you to sign a contract first.

We reached out to D.R. Horton communities in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, and Illinois. Because pricing is subject to frequent changes, none of the sales managers were willing to send us upgrade sheets, but some did provide a few examples of available upgrades; we list these below.

While representatives were unable to provide us with exact pricing for upgrades, you can get an idea of what you can expect to pay in our related research on common prices for new home upgrades.

To find out more about the specific upgrade prices for a D.R. Horton development community, you can contact the company or one of its regional offices directly.

Common Upgrades

Typical upgrades for D.R. Horton homes include:

  • Covered porches
  • Front porches
  • Gas fireplaces
  • Granite countertops
  • Keyless entry
  • Multi-car garages
  • Multiple grades of flooring, including specially-designed Mohawk flooring
  • Multiple types of bathroom fixtures
  • Optional basements
  • Optional bedrooms
  • Optional flow-through bar tops
  • Optional media rooms
  • Optional three-car garages
  • Optional suites
  • Patio covers
  • Various door options, including French doors

Are All D.R. Horton Homes Extensively Upgradeable?

Not all D.R. Horton homes are eligible for the builder’s full list of upgrades.

A sales specialist with a South Georgia D.R. Horton community explained that “some developments have end product built-in,” which limits a home’s ability to be customized. Other communities provide purchasers with extensive tailoring options.

D.R. Horton should disclose the home’s upgrade eligibility to you during the sale process.

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