For every expense, there is an income… It’s something I started doing back in February when I began posting my thoughts on this blog. A few weeks after I began slapping away on my keyboard, I was reading a prominent WordPress blog. I made a well-placed comment about how I use one of the plugins that was reviewed in the post. I invited people over to FQF to checkout what the plugin looks like in action. It was a new poll plugin. I cleverly placed it between a few AdSense modules and kapow(!) just as I suspected, people noticed the ads and clicked on them, too!


A new little stream of income was born. After my AdSense revenue starting growing more organically I thought, “This is pretty cool. I make enough money off ads to pay for my car insurance each month.” It’s only $18 but still…


It felt as if an expense was eliminated. I didn’t have to think about paying car insurance from my salary as an analyst.


That got a fire going in me.


I wanted to create a side hustle for each expense, virtually allowing me to save 100% of my 9-5 salary. That would be pretty sweet. I could easily become FI by age 30.


My car insurance was being taken care of consistently. I thought about what else I needed to cover… then found a side hustle to cover them.



My mani-pedi’s, etc. are covered a regular writing gig on another site. Kidding about the manicures – although I have had a few pedicures in my day.



Working for my family’s farm and my uncles’


Car and Bike Expenses:

Freelance writing



Dividends from my lazy portfolio (although I reinvest dividends, I still like knowing my net worth is increasing at a rate to cover my expenses – I will find a side hustle to ‘replace’ this one shortly
So on and so forth…



I keep my costs pretty darn low too so it’s fairly easy to make enough side hustle income to cover expenses. For every new expense, I will get a new side hustle or work harder at my current ones to cover the cost.


It’ll also be pretty hard to ever be unemployed doing things this way. A lot of jobs would have to be lost!!!


How many income streams do you have?

What expenses do they cover???