How To Get EBT Cash Back at Walmart

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Short Answer

If you receive cash assistance benefits, you may be able to get cash back from your EBT card at Walmart, depending on your local store’s policy. However, you cannot withdraw SNAP benefits at Walmart or any other store.

Can You Get Cash Back With EBT at Walmart?

Some (but not all) EBT cardholders can get cash back from their EBT cards at Walmart.[1]

To get EBT cash back at the register, you must be a recipient of your state’s cash assistance program, and your local Walmart store must allow cash back transactions for EBT cards.[2][1]

We confirmed this information with Walmart’s customer service department, several store locations, and multiple state benefits agencies.


Cash assistance programs are different from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), though both program types use EBT cards.[3]

If you only receive SNAP benefits, you cannot get cash back from your EBT card at Walmart or other stores. SNAP benefits are only valid on purchases of food (as previously reported).

If you receive both food and cash assistance, you can get cash back, but only if you have a cash balance on your card. (In other words, you cannot withdraw any portion of your SNAP benefits.)

The cash assistance program name varies by state but is often known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF (as previously reported).


As with a regular debit card, your withdrawal must meet the requirements of Walmart’s general cash back policy.

Walmart has a cash back limit of $100 per transaction.[1]


As noted above, the cash back policy varies by location, and not all Walmart stores allow cash back on EBT cards.

If your local Walmart doesn’t allow EBT cash back, the best option is to find an ATM that accepts your EBT card. We have the list of surcharge-free ATMs where you can get EBT cash back.

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