Enterprise Student Discount Policy & College Car Rental Policy Explained

Enterprise Rent-A-Car doesn’t offer a student discount at every location, but it does partner with some colleges and universities. Partner schools are given a discount code that can be used by students. Where available, you can get the discount code by contacting your school’s student services office. For more information on Enterprise’s student discount policy, plus more ways students can save on car rentals, see below.

Enterprise Student Discount Policy

Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers a student discount in partnership with some colleges and universities, customer service said. If your school is an Enterprise partner, there will be a specific discount code you can enter when making a reservation.

Enterprise doesn’t provide a public list of its partners. To find out if your school has a student discount code, contact student services. If your school isn’t partnered with Enterprise, it may be partnered with another rental car company, like Avis or Hertz.

At most locations, Enterprise’s minimum rental age is 21. Michigan and New York have a minimum rental age of 18. You may see a “Young Renter Fee” applied to your reservation. These fees vary by location and are highest for drivers between the ages of 18 and 21. And, up to age 24, only certain car classes may be available, depending on your location.

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Other Ways to Save at Enterprise

The following list includes the ways student — and others — can save at Enterprise:

In Summary

Enterprise Rent-a-Car partners with some colleges and universities to offer student discount codes. Contact your school to see if it partners with Enterprise or another rental car company. For more information on car rental policies, see our articles: Car Rentals Without Under 25 Fees and The Rental Car Companies That Pick You Up and Drop You Off.

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