Fidelity Express Money Order Policy: Verification, Status, Fees, etc

Man handing cash to a teller to buy a money order

Short Answer

Many retailers affiliated with Fidelity Express sell money orders but do not cash them. Fees range between 50 cents and $1 per $500 purchased. Payment options, ID requirements, and maximum amounts vary from location to location.

Fidelity Express Money Orders

Fidelity Express offers money order services at partnering retailers throughout the United States.

These locations sell Fidelity Express-branded money orders, but policies regarding payment options, ID requirements, maximum money order limits, and fees vary from store to store.

We contacted affiliated Fidelity Express retailers throughout Florida, Indiana, and Texas to find out more.

Fees and Limits

Fidelity Express’s money order fees vary by location. Among the stores we contacted, fees ranged from 50 cents to $1 for every $500 money order purchased. If you need a money order over $500, you will need to pay multiple fees.

Maximum money order limits also vary by location. Some locations offer money orders over $1,000 each, while others cap them at $999 or $500.

Payment Options

Some Fidelity Express partners accept both cash and debit cards for money order purchases. However, most require that you pay in cash.

Other Requirements

Most stores do not require purchasers to show ID, although several told us that customers must present a valid photo ID when buying a money order of $1,000 or more.

Note that under federal regulations, any money order for $3,000 or more requires the issuer to record your name, address, Social Security number or alien identification number, and birthday, in addition to the money order’s purchase date, serial number, and dollar amount.[1]

Where to Go

Fidelity Express’s money order partners typically include independent liquor stores, convenience stores, and grocers.

While not every retailer affiliated with Fidelity Express sells money orders, you can find those that do by filtering the location search results on the Fidelity Express location finder.

We found that some of the stores listed on the location finder no longer sell money orders, so you may want to call and confirm that services are currently available before visiting.

How to Fill Out a Money Order

Like other money orders, Fidelity Express money orders are printed with the amount but require you to fill in basic information about yourself and the recipient, including your signature.

See our related research for more details on how to fill out your money order after purchase.

Money Order Status

To find out whether your Fidelity Express money order has been cashed by the recipient, you can check the money order status at Enter the serial number from the receipt/stub and the money order amount.

You cannot track the money order online without the serial number, but if you have trouble checking the status, you can call Fidelity Express at (800) 621-8030 for assistance.

Cashing a Money Order

None of Fidelity Express partners we contacted cash money orders. See our previous research for a list of other places where you can cash them.


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