Where to Find Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Grocery Stores: Section/Aisle Given

Sun dried tomatoes in a bowl

Short Answer

You can generally find sun-dried tomatoes in the canned vegetable aisle, the produce section, or in both places. The exact location will vary by the store.

Where to Find Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Grocery Stores

You can generally find sun-dried tomatoes in one of two places: the produce section or the canned vegetable aisle. Sometimes, grocery stores will stock different brands or even the same brand in both areas.

While you can certainly ask a store associate where to find sun-dried tomatoes, you can also search the store’s official app — if one is available. Store apps will often list current product availability and the aisle number where you can find the item at your local store.

To find out where grocery stores stock sun-dried tomatoes, we called various Walmart, Kroger, and Publix grocery store locations and searched for sun-dried tomatoes on their official store apps. Here’s a breakdown by store:


The Walmart stores we contacted had sun-dried tomatoes in either the canned vegetable aisle or the produce department. Some had them in both. We contacted multiple Walmart locations in California, Florida, and Texas.

Find a Walmart; get the Walmart app for iOS or Android


Every Kroger store we contacted except one had sun-dried tomatoes in both the canned vegetable aisle and in the produce section. We spoke to store associates at Kroger stores in Georgia, Kentucky, and South Carolina.

Find a Kroger; get the Kroger app for iOS or Android.


All of the Publix grocery stores we contacted stock sun-dried tomatoes in the produce section. We contacted Publix grocery stores in Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee.

Find a Publix; get the Publix app for iOS or Android

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