When Does Fingerhut Increase Credit Limits? Answered

Woman shopping on Fingerhut after a credit limit increase

Short Answer

You can’t request a credit limit increase at Fingerhut, but you may receive an automatic increase if you consistently pay your bill on time. For more information on the Fingerhut credit limit increase process, see below.

When Does Fingerhut Increase Credit Limits?

Fingerhut offers automatic credit limit increases for customers who make on-time payments. It does not allow credit limit increase requests, and the amount by which your limit increases will vary on a case-by-case basis.

We confirmed this information by contacting Fingerhut’s customer service department. The amount of payments you’ll need to make to receive consideration for an increase will also vary on a case-by-case basis, representatives said. However, Fingerhut may increase your credit limit after as little as two on-time payments. If you receive an increase, your new limit will appear on your next statement.

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FreshStart vs. Fingerhut Advantage

Fingerhut has two credit programs — the FreshStart Credit Account and the Fingerhut Advantage Credit Account. FreshStart is an installment loan designed for applicants with lower creditworthiness; Fingerhut Advantage is a revolving line of credit. Regardless of which account type you have, you cannot request a credit limit increase.

Note that because the FreshStart account is an installment loan, Fingerhut will not increase your credit line, but it may upgrade you to a Fingerhut Advantage account. You can increase your chances of upgrading by making on-time payments and paying off your full balance within six months. If you receive an upgrade to the Fingerhut Advantage Credit Account, your credit limit will be higher than your original FreshStart account.


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