10 FlexPay Shopping Sites to Consider: HSN, Hatch by Wilcom, etc

FlexPay shopping sites are out there — though it’s not commonplace.

FlexPay refers to flexible payment plans that allow you to pay for purchases over time. Rather than paying the full amount of your purchase upfront, FlexPay allows you to split your purchase into multiple, smaller payments. You’ll receive your purchase immediately, but you’ll pay for it over time so you don’t break the bank. Varying fees, interests rates, and terms will apply.

FlexPay has several appealing features:

  • No fees, no interest: The majority of websites offering FlexPay don’t charge interest or fees to use the service, making it a more attractive option than charging the full amount of a purchase to a credit card.
  • No credit checks: Websites with FlexPay are often a popular option for those who have poor credit or no credit because they generally don’t require a credit check.
  • Manageable monthly payments: Affordable, fixed monthly payments over a period of time make it easy to manage your money.
  • Rebuild credit: If a FlexPay program participates in credit reporting, it’s an opportunity to rebuild bad credit by establishing a history of making on-time payments.

Websites of all kinds offer their own versions of FlexPay, from stores to electric companies to vacation rental companies. While the main idea is the same — flexible payments in increments until something is paid off — individual sites can impose their own terms and conditions. Here are the FlexPay shopping sites and the terms associated with using this service.

Retail Store Websites With FlexPay

Hatch by Wilcom

  • Terms: FlexPay allows you to buy Hatch Embroidery Digitizer (only) with 6 equal installments of $189 or 12 equal installments of $99. Automatic payments through PayPal.
  • Shipping: The Hatch Embroidery Digitizer is downloaded via a secure link that will be sent via email to each customer along with instructions immediately after purchase.
  • How to apply: On the Hatch Embroidery Digitizer page, select the FlexPay option that suits you (12-month or 6-month financing).
  • Start shopping at Wilcom.com
  • Find out more about FlexPay at Hatch by Wilcom

Home Shopping Network (HSN)

  • Terms: No fees. No interest. The cost of your purchase is automatically divided into as many as 5 equal monthly payments.
  • Shipping: HSN can only accept orders from and ship to addresses within the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Virgin Islands (USVI).
  • How to apply: At checkout, simply choose the FlexPay option. Your credit card is then billed for the first monthly installment, plus tax and shipping. The remaining balance is split into as many as five equal monthly payments beginning 30 days after purchase.
  • Start shopping at HSN.com (paid partner link)
  • Find out more about FlexPay at HSN

Financial Services Websites With FlexPay

ARF Financial

  • Terms: FlexPay loans for businesses available. You can defer 25% to 50% of loan principal into the future for more affordable payments in the present. Interest is tax deductible, rates are fixed, and you can obtain them without collateral. Typical approval is granted within 48 hours, and fundings often occur within three to five business days.
  • How to apply: Find out how much you qualify for, using their loan calculator. Then fill out the quote form, or call (866) 702-4430.
  • Visit the ARF Financial website
  • Find out more about FlexPay at ARF Financial

Cash America Today

Recreation and Similar Service Websites With FlexPay

First Class Vacations


Think Vacation Homes

  • Terms: No interest. No fees. No applications to fill out. Pay on your own terms. You’ll make a non-refundable 20% rental deposit, which is applied to the total cost of your vacation home. Outstanding balance or final payments will be automatically charged 60 days prior to check-in and is non-refundable at that point.
  • How to apply: Choose your vacation home and contact the reservations team at (877) 358-0596 to secure your reservation and put down 20%. The remaining balance is then due 60 days prior to your arrival. You would then be able to create an account on Think Vacation Homes’ site that would allow you and members of your party to make payments as you go.
  • Visit the Think Vacation Homes website
  • Find out more about FlexPay at Think Vacation Homes

Universal Orlando Seasonal and Annual Passes

  • Terms: One initial down payment (amount depending on type of pass), and the rest of your balance in 11 monthly payments. No interest. Automatic monthly payments.
  • How to apply: Select a qualifying pass to purchase and you will be given the option to pay through FlexPay. You’ll be charged a down payment and then billed automatically each month, starting a month after your purchase.
  • Visit the Universal Orlando Resort website
  • Find out more about FlexPay at Universal Orlando

Universal Studios Hollywood Annual Pass

  • Terms: No credit check. No interest. One initial down payment of $110, and the rest of your balance in 11 low monthly payments. FlexPay only available for Silver Annual Pass, Gold Annual Pass, and Platinum Annual Pass.
  • How to apply: Select a qualifying Annual Pass to purchase and you will be given the option to pay through FlexPay. Review and agree to terms & conditions and you’ll be charged a down payment of $110 (for each pass). Then, you will be billed automatically each month, starting a month after your purchase.
  • Visit the Universal Studios Hollywood website
  • Find out more about FlexPay at Universal Studios Hollywood

Woodward Camp

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In Summary

And those were the websites with FlexPay. FlexPay is a flexible payment plan service offered by some companies that sell goods or services. Companies offer FlexPay to help make products and services more affordable for customers (which ultimately means a better bottom line for them). Keep in mind that FlexPay is a general term companies use for their flexible payment plans — it’s not a uniform service, so terms vary significantly. FlexPay programs are most common among recreation and vacation companies, but some financial service providers and retail stores also offer flexible payment plans.

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