As online flower companies become more prevalent, the number of brick-and-mortar florists in the U.S. continues to dwindle. But there are still plenty of places where you can grab a beautiful bouquet and hand deliver it to the one you love. Though you may still wonder, “Is there a flower store near me?”

We’ve explored the different brick-and-mortar retailers offering flowers and floral arrangements below.

In This Article:

  • How to Choose Quality Flowers

  • How to Choose the Appropriate Flowers for the Occasion

  • Local Places That Sell Flowers

  • National Grocery and Supermarket Chains That Sell Flowers

How to Choose Quality Flowers

It’s important to select your flowers carefully, especially if you are shopping at a grocery store, where quality and freshness may vary. Here’s how to identify the freshest, healthiest flowers:

Look for slightly open buds. Rather than going for the big, fully blossomed bouquets, look for buds that are only slightly open. Most flowers will continue to blossom when you place them in a vase, so flowers that are not yet fully developed are likely to live longer.

Examine the petals. To determine whether flowers are fresh, gently feel the underside of the petals. A fresh, healthy flower should feel firm.

Check for blemishes. Avoid flowers with bruised, browning, fading, or wilting petals. Look for crisp, green foliage that is not yellowing, dry, withered, mushy, or slimy.

Check the stem. If you notice discoloration on the bottom of the stem, the flower may be old or insufficiently watered. Skip flowers with soft or broken stems.

Look for seeds or pollen. Flowers with seeds or pollen inside their petals may have been picked past their prime.

Choose seasonal flowers. Many grocery stores sell seasonal flowers grown locally, which are more likely to be fresher than out-of-season buds.

How to Choose the Appropriate Flowers for the Occasion

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to buying the right flowers for a situation, here are some widely accepted guidelines:

Date flowers. If you are choosing flowers for a person you recently started dating, consider orchids or tulips. These flowers are considered pretty and pleasant without being overwhelming.

Anniversary flowers. Representing love and passion, roses are a timeless choice. You may want to steer away from yellow flowers, which are thought to symbolize friendship.

Birthday flowers. Just as every month has its own birthstone, every month has a specific flower. We’ve included a list of flowers for each month below.

  • January: Carnation
  • February: Violet
  • March: Daffodil
  • April: Daisy
  • May: Lily
  • June: Rose
  • July: Larkspur
  • August: Gladiolus
  • September: Aster
  • October: Marigold
  • November: Chrysanthemum
  • December: Poinsettia

Thank you flowers. Traditional “thank you” flowers include carnations, daisies, and lilies.

Get well flowers. Avoid sending flowers that are overly fragrant to a hospital. Tulips, irises, and gladioli are generally safe choices. For recipients who are not in the hospital, consider bright colored buds to brighten up their home and mood.

Funeral. Funeral flowers are typically large and formal and consist of flowers like chrysanthemums, lilies, and roses. Blue, white, and green flowers are thought to represent peace and humility, while orange and red flowers are thought to symbolize a celebration of the deceased’s life, rather than grief at their passing.

Local Places That Sell Flowers

Local florists. Since most of the major, nationwide florists companies exist solely online, your best bet for purchasing flowers in-person is at your independently owned florist. At a local flower shop, you can get advice from seasoned, passionate florists, see flowers up close before you make your purchase, and have your bouquet custom-arranged by a professional. A good, local florist will feature a wide selection of flowers, including roses, and most offer delivery. Some may offer both retail and wholesale flowers.

You can search for a local florist using Teleflora’s Find A Florist. Simply enter your zip code to find florists near you.

Something to keep in mind: Some national online companies pose as local shops, even going so far as to purchase local phone numbers. To make sure you’ve got a local establishment, check to see if the company lists an address of a physical location in your area.

Wholesale florists. If you’re shopping for a major event, such as a wedding, consider buying flowers in bulk. According to Thumbtack, hiring a florist sets couples back an average of $640, so you could save big on your wedding by ordering in bulk and designing your own bouquets and arrangements instead. You can also purchase bulk flowers from many supermarkets and local wholesale markets, which generally have a huge selection of blossoms at affordable prices. Many also provide delivery services.

Farmer’s markets. Depending on season and location, you may be able to score ultra-fresh flowers from a farmer’s market. Many farmer’s markets carry expertly arranged bouquets grown seasonally and sourced from local farms, rather than trucked hundreds of miles to florists from farms in other countries.

Grocery stores and supermarkets. Grocery store flowers sometimes get a bad rap for being less than fresh and quick to die. However, you can hunt down florist-quality buds at many grocery stores, sometimes at the fraction of the cost of an arrangement from a florist. (Keep reading for how to choose quality flowers.) Grocery stores and supermarkets generally have a smaller selection than florists and may not offer bulk purchasing or delivery. On the other hand, warehouse-style supermarkets, such as Costco and Sam’s Club, often have huge inventories and do provide bulk purchasing and delivery options.

National Grocery and Supermarket Chains That Sell Flowers

To help you on your quest to locate the best blossoms, we’ve created a list of national grocery and supermarket chains that sell flowers. Keep in mind, selection, schedule, and delivery options may vary by location. Pricing also may vary based on location and time of year.

1. BJ’s Wholesale Club

  • Selection and pricing: Bouquets and bulk flowers available. Selection includes roses ($64.99 for two dozen stems), calla lilies ($49.99 for 36 stems), and daisies ($59.99 for 84 stems).
  • Delivery options: Standard ground, expedited ground, second-day air, and overnight delivery available Tuesday through Friday.
  • Open Sunday? Yes
  • Learn more on the BJ’s Wholesale Club website.

2. Costco

  • Selection and pricing: Bouquets, bulk flowers, centerpieces, and wedding flowers available. Selection includes roses (about $40 for 50 stems), mixed bouquets (starting at about $40), and sunflowers (150 stems starting at about $140).
  • Delivery options: Tuesday through Friday delivery available; most flowers must be ordered 7-10 days in advance. Overnight delivery available on select bouquets.
  • Open Sunday? Yes
  • Learn more on the Costco website.

3. Kroger

  • Selection and pricing: Bouquets and formal occasion flowers available. Selection includes roses (about $20 for one dozen stems), sunflowers (11 stems starting at $70), and mixed bouquets (starting at about $20).
  • Delivery options: Delivery through FTD Flowers via UPS and FedEx. Overnight delivery available.
  • Open Sunday? Yes
  • Learn more on the Kroger website.

4. Sam’s Club

  • Selection and pricing: Bouquets, bulk flowers, and wedding flowers available. Selection includes roses (about $70 for 50 stems), tulips (about $50 for 35 stems), and sunflowers (about $80 for 80 stems).
  • Delivery options:  Delivery available for orders placed 7-30 days in advance.
  • Open Sunday? Yes
  • Learn more on the Sam’s Club website.

5. Trader Joe’s

  • Selection and pricing: Bouquets only. Selection includes roses (about $15 for one dozen stems), tulips (about $10 for 10 stems), and mini carnations (about $5 for 10 stems).
  • Delivery options: None
  • Open Sunday? Yes
  • Learn more on the Trader Joe’s website.

6. Whole Foods

  • Selection and pricing: Bouquets and wedding flowers available. Selection includes roses (about $20 for one dozen stems), tulips (about $10 for 10 stems), and bridal bouquets (starting at $75).
  • Delivery options: Delivery and setup available with wedding flowers; delivery for in-store bouquets available through Instacart.
  • Open Sunday? Yes
  • Learn more on the Whole Foods website.

In Summary

When shopping for flowers in-person, you’re likely to find the freshest flowers, widest selection, and best customer service at a local, independent florist. If you are willing to arrange flowers yourself, however, you can save hundreds by ordering from a wholesale flower market. You can also snatch up ultra-low priced flowers at a grocery store, but be sure to examine blossoms closely for freshness, as grocery flowers have a reputation for shorter lifespans. When selecting flowers for a special occasion, you may want to consider the symbolism behind your choices; however, in the end, selecting blossoms you believe the recipient will like is more important than picking the “appropriate” flower for the situation.

If you were wondering, “Where to buy flowers near me?” we hope this has helped.