Where to Find Flywheel Resurfacing Nearby (National & Local Options)

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Flywheel resurfacing is a common service that most mechanics and machine shops offer.

Some auto parts retailers, such as NAPA and O’Reilly Auto Parts, may also be able to resurface your flywheel at store locations that have the right equipment.

Below, we have what you need to know about when and where to get your flywheel resurfaced.

Where to Find Flywheel Resurfacing

For cars with a manual transmission, the flywheel is a crucial part of the clutch system, and if it isn’t resurfaced properly, it can cost you in repairs down the road. To determine if your flywheel needs to be resurfaced or replaced, you can take it out of the car and look for discoloration, warping, or uneven wear. Some sources, such as the experts at Driveshaft International, say that you should have the flywheel resurfaced every time you need to do work on your clutch.

Once you get the flywheel out of the car, you will need to determine if there’s enough material left to resurface it, or if it needs to be replaced. Consult the factory specifications for your vehicle and its flywheel, or take it to an expert for inspection.

There are many places that can help you determine whether your flywheel can be resurfaced and, if so, they will resurface it for you. Some of the places that can help you with flywheel maintenance include:

Auto Parts Retailers and Service Centers

Auto parts retailers and service centers may be able to resurface your flywheel. Be aware that store employees may not have the expertise to tell you if your flywheel can be resurfaced or needs to be replaced, so you’ll likely want to call ahead before going to the store.

NAPA Auto Parts and O’Reilly Auto Parts offer flywheel resurfacing at select locations. Not all store locations have the right equipment available for resurfacing, so you should always call your nearest NAPA or O’Reilly to check before visiting. If your local store doesn’t offer flywheel resurfacing, an associate may be able to suggest another local business that does.

It’s often easier to visit a mechanic or machine shop than it is to find an auto parts retailer that offers this service. Many of the businesses we called do not offer flywheel resurfacing. Auto parts stores and service centers that do not resurface flywheels include:

  • AutoZone (Note: AutoZone does sell new flywheels)
  • Meineke
  • Midas
  • Monro Auto Service and Tire Centers
  • Pep Boys (Note: Pep Boys does sell new flywheels)

Local Machine Shops

A local machine shop can easily resurface flywheels, and work from a reputable shop will be of the highest quality. Be aware that some machine shops may not have knowledge specific to cars, so you’ll want to find an automotive machine shop or make sure you know what you need before heading to the shop.

To find a shop, you can start with a Google search for machine shops near you or machine shops that resurface flywheels. Check the shop’s advertised services and reviews to see if it can do the work you need.

Local Mechanics

If your mechanic is doing work on your car’s clutch, they should be able to resurface your flywheel at the same time. Some mechanics may work on the flywheel alone if you bring it to the shop. A reputable mechanic is also the best place to ask if your flywheel can be resurfaced or if it needs to be replaced. Mechanics may charge a little more to do the work, but you’ll be paying for their automotive expertise. You can find a local mechanic by searching “mechanic near me” on Google, or by using the Napa AutoCare store finder, which offers a certified network of local, independent mechanics, collision centers, and truck centers.

How Much Does Flywheel Resurfacing Cost?

Flywheel resurfacing costs vary depending on the average prices in your area, whether you’ve already removed the flywheel from your car or need to have it removed, and whether you go to a mechanic, store, or machine shop. The service should usually cost around $50 or less.

If your flywheel cannot be resurfaced and you need to buy a new one, depending on the brand you choose, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $80 or more.

For more on manual transmission cars, see our article about the benefits of driving a car with a manual transmission.


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