Food Lion Senior Discount Policy + Other Ways to Save at Food Lion

Aside from being able to retire, one of the best benefits of old age is senior discounts. Many retailers, restaurants, and grocery stores offer lower prices for those with graying hair. If you’re a frequent shopper at Food Lion, you may be wondering whether there is a Food Lion senior discount available for your next trip to buy groceries. In this article, we’ll tell you if Food Lion has any special discounts for senior citizens and other ways you can save money at Food Lion.

Food Lion Senior Discount

After speaking with Food Lion’s customer service, we learned that Food Lion doesn’t have a senior discount. However, you can take advantage of other promotions and specials to help you more cash in your pocket when shopping at Food Lion.

For other stores with senior savings, see our list of over 90 senior discounts by age.

What Discounts Does Food Lion Offer?

Food Lion tries to keep its prices reasonably low, and you can find the best deals in theĀ weekly ad. Aside from this, Food Lion also offers a variety of coupons that you can either print or save to your Food Lion MVP card.

Speaking of the MVP card, this is another great way to save money at Food Lion. If you’re an MVP cardholder, you can get access to certain specials and pricing. You can also take advantage of coupon kiosks at Food Lion stores for even more coupons. Cardholders also have the opportunity to become part of the Food Lions Shop and Earn rewards program.

Members can see what offers are available by signing in to the Shop and Earn page; once you complete the requirements for those offers, your rewards will be automatically loaded onto your MVP card for use during their next shopping trip. Becoming an MVP card holder is easy and free; all you have to do is sign up on Food Lion’s website.

If you aren’t an MVP cardholder, you can take advantage of Food Lion’s Text-to-Save program. All you have to do is text “SUBSCRIBE” to 687687, and you’ll receive special text offers for coupons and other deals.

Other Grocery Stores with Senior Discounts

Food Lion may not offer a senior discount, but there are a few other stores in the region that do. We talked to the customer service departments of these grocery stores to confirm out what discounts they currently offer to senior citizens. Just be aware that the discount may differ by location, and some stores may not participate.

1. Fairway Market

  • Senior discount: 6%
  • Eligibility: 65+; bring photo ID
  • Discount days: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Find a Fairway Market

2. Food Bazaar Supermarket

3. Giant Eagle

  • Senior discount: 5%
  • Eligibility: 60+; bring ID and Giant Eagle card (which you can get for free at the customer service desk)
  • Discount days: Tuesdays
  • Find a Giant Eagle

4. Great Valu

  • Senior discount: 10%
  • Eligibility: 55+; bring photo ID
  • Discount days: Tuesdays
  • Find a Great Valu

5. Kroger

Grocery Stores With No Senior Discount

During our research, we came across a number of grocery stores that don’t offer any senior discounts:

In Summary

In general, most grocery stores don’t offer senior discounts. There’s no Food Lion senior discount, and most of the stores we contacted in our search for senior discounts don’t offer one. However, there are a few diamonds in the rough like Great Valu and Giant Eagle that offer lower prices for seniors. Though Food Lion doesn’t have any special promotions for those in their later years, you can save money on groceries through its weekly specials and the MVP card.

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