Forever 21 Credit Card Approval Odds Explained

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Short Answer

Forever 21 offers two different credit cards: the Forever 21 Credit Card and the Forever 21 Visa Credit Card. Applicants with good or excellent credit are typically eligible for the Forever 21 Visa, while applicants with fair credit may be eligible for the Forever 21 Credit Card. Your odds of approval depend on several different factors, including your credit score, payment history, and income.

Forever 21 Credit Card Approval Odds Explained

American fashion retailer Forever 21 offers two different rewards credit cards: the Forever 21 Credit Card and the Forever 21 Visa Credit Card.

For information on how to get approved for either card, we contacted customer service for Forever 21 and Comenity.

Credit Approval Factors

As a part of the application process for both the Forever 21 store credit card and the Forever 21 Visa, Comenity will collect your Social Security number, income level, transaction history, and other credit account balances, as well as your credit score.

Comenity Bank reports account activity to all three credit bureaus and may pull an applicant’s credit report from either Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion. Representatives were unable to confirm which bureau the application would pull, and customer reports for Comenity vary, covering all three bureaus.

Your approval odds for both cards will vary depending on your application details, including:

  • Credit score
  • Employment status
  • Outstanding balances
  • Payment history
  • Total credit utilization

Representatives from Forever 21 and Comenity told us that they don’t disclose specific approval information, such as an exact minimum credit score.

However, applicants with fair credit are more likely to be approved for the Forever 21 Credit Card, while applicants with good or excellent credit scores (above 700) may be eligible for the Forever 21 Visa.

Forever 21 Credit Card Application Process

You can apply for both Forever 21 credit cards online. You will need to sign in or create a account to apply online. The shopping cart trick may work at Forever 21’s website; see our article on stores where the shopping cart trick works for details. Applications are also available at checkout in a Forever 21 store.

The cards share an application, which includes a question about whether you would like to be considered for the Forever 21 Visa. If you indicate that you would like to apply for the Forever 21 Visa but do not qualify, Comenity will still consider you for the Forever 21 Credit Card. Typically, you’ll find out right away if you are approved and for which card.

If Comenity does not approve your application, you will receive a statement by mail explaining why you were denied and can reapply after 90 days.

Card Benefits and Differences

The Forever 21 Credit Card is a closed-loop store credit card, meaning you can only use it at Forever 21 — and, as noted above, it is easier to get approved for than the Forever 21 Visa. The Forever 21 Visa Credit Card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

Both cards let you take 20% off your first regular-priced purchase, and you’ll earn points on all purchases, enjoy a birthday discount, and gain access to exclusive cardholder promotions. The Forever 21 Visa earns higher rewards than the store card, since you can earn points at restaurants and stores other than Forever 21.

To find out more about store credit cards, see our article detailing which department stores offer instant credit card approval.

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