20 Fourth-Year Anniversary Gifts for Him (Fruit, Floral, and Appliances)

You’ve made it to your fourth wedding anniversary. Congratulations! The fourth year is traditionally celebrated with fruits and flowers, but if that doesn’t sound like your husband, we have 20 creative spins on the traditional and modern anniversary gift traditions. From beef jerky bouquets to fruit dehydrators, we’ve got you covered.

Fourth-Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Four years of marriage isn’t quite your golden anniversary yet, but it is definitely worth celebrating. That’s 48 months, 208 weeks, or 1,460 days of wedded bliss, depending on how you calculate it. And, in one more year, you’ll have reached half a decade together.

Traditionally, the fourth anniversary is celebrated with fruit or flowers. Gifts of fruit or flowers symbolize your relationship in full bloom. But fruity or floral gifts may not spring to mind when thinking of gifts for your spouse. However, there are plenty of creative and unconventional interpretations of the theme that you can take. Or, you can follow the modern tradition, which celebrates the fourth anniversary with electronic appliances. Appliances are, perhaps, less romantic but much easier to shop for.

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Below are our recommendations for both traditional and modern gift ideas for your husband on your fourth wedding anniversary:

1. Apple Products

Who said you had to take “fruit” literally? We think Apple products are just as appropriate for your fourth anniversary — and it’s a way to marry the old and new gift traditions. A new phone, a tablet, or a high-tech accessory like a smartwatch can be a great luxury gift option. If your husband is the type who likes to stay up to date with the latest technology, he’ll love an upgrade to his smartphone or a new iPad.

iphone x

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Apple ipad

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Apple Watch

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2. Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet

This is a unique way to celebrate your fourth anniversary with “flowers” — beef jerky flowers. If your husband is a meat lover, he’ll enjoy this savory arrangement much more than a fresh-cut bouquet.

An arrangement of jerky that looks like flowers in a glass jar.

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3. Beverage Cooler

Does your husband have a man cave where he spends his weekends watching sports? A beverage cooler could be the perfect appliance to celebrate your fourth anniversary in the modern tradition. With shelves perfectly sized to hold cans, beverage coolers are great for stocking up on his favorite soda or beer.

A beverage cooler stocked with soda.

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A beverage cooler stocked with drinks.

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4. Coffee Maker and Fruit-Flavored Coffee Beans

Combine classic and modern traditions by giving him a new coffee maker alongside coffee beans that have fruity flavor notes. Coffee beans come from coffee fruit and fit the traditional fourth-year anniversary gift theme on their own, but many brands offer coffee roasts with aromatic, fruity notes — and some even feature fruit-infused coffee beans. Get him a classic medium roast or an adventurous coconut milk-infused blend. A coffee machine with settings for whole and ground beans will give him plenty of options to start his mornings off right.

A coffee machine with a coffee mug beside it.

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A bag of coffee.

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Two bags of coffee in silver packaging.


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5. Cologne with Fruit Notes

Whether your husband is the type to wear a signature scent daily or only use fragrances for special occasions, a cologne with notes of fruit in its blend can be a wonderful fourth-anniversary gift. Kenneth Cole Reaction and Azzaro Chrome are two citrus fruit-scented options.

Kenneth Cole Reaction cologne.

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A bottle of Chrome Azzaro cologne.

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6. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Wine is the perfect complement to a romantic dinner, but getting the cork out of the wine bottle can be a bit of a pain. Even if your husband has mastered the art of the traditional corkscrew, a high-tech electric wine bottle opener could simplify your dinner dates for years to come. Electric bottle opener kits often come with extra accessories that he’ll love if he’s a wine connoisseur.

A silver electric wine bottle opener.

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An electric wine opener in the box.

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7. Countertop Grill

For city-dwellers or couples who live in apartments, having a full-size grill isn’t always an option. Enter the smokeless countertop grill: a small, safe, and portable option for your husband to perfect his grilling skills year-round.

A countertop grill open with veggies and steaks cooking.

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8. Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Now here’s a modern appliance that will simplify your breakfast-making routine. A dual breakfast sandwich maker is easy to use, allows each of you to customize your own breakfast sandwich, and can cut down on cooking time so you have a few extra minutes to enjoy each other’s company before heading off to work.

A dual breakfast sandwhich maker with food inside.

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9. Engraved Watch

Following modern traditions, clocks are typically given for the first wedding anniversary, but a personalized watch is a great gift idea any time. Remind him of the time you’ve spent together and the years that lie ahead with this engraved watch with a floral design. This fits the traditional “flowers” gift theme in a unique and timeless way (no pun intended).

A pocket watch with a love message inscription.

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10. Floral Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an accessory he’ll wear often if he wears suits every day. Choose a pair with an intricate floral design for a fourth-year anniversary gift. Floral cufflinks are a stylish and traditional gift choice for the dapper dresser.

A set of floral cufflinks.

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11. Floral Leather Accessories

Leather accessories are the perfect blend of luxurious and rugged. Give him a gift he can use every day: an embossed leather wallet or belt. Floral designs in leather have an old-school Western appeal and are a subtle way to celebrate the fourth-anniversary flower tradition.

A western style belt.

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A black western belt rolled up.

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A brown wallet with a rose on it.

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12. Floral Tie

Like the cufflinks mentioned above, ties are a frequently-worn accessory if your husband works in business. Floral ties are a great gift option for the fourth-anniversary “flower” theme. And they don’t have to be overly floral. Look for subtle floral patterns and classic paisley prints that will fit seamlessly in his wardrobe.


Floral tie against suit jacket.

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A rolled up red and gold tie and pocket square.

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13. Fruit Dehydrator

For a gift that’s both traditional and modern, a food dehydrator is a great option. Food dehydrators can be used to preserve fruit, making them the perfect on-theme gift idea. And it’s perfect for the health-conscious husband — he’ll be able to make his own dried fruit snacks to reach for instead of potato chips or sweets.

A fruit dehydrator with fruit inside.

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An open fruit dehydrator.

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14. Fruit Infusion Water Bottle or Pitcher

No matter how much we love our coffees, sodas, and juices, it’s important to drink water every day. Infusing water with fresh fruit is a tasty way to make sure you’re drinking enough. A fruit infusion water bottle or pitcher makes another great fruit-themed anniversary gift for husbands who care about health and wellness.

Water bottles with fruit around them.

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Fruit & Tea Infusion Water Pitcher

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15. Ice Cream Maker

Changing gears from the health-conscious husband to the man with a serious sweet tooth — you may want to consider an ice cream maker. Making ice cream is a fun activity you can do together. It’s also a great alternative to store-bought ice cream since you can completely customize it with your favorite ingredients and toppings.

Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker

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16. Micro Floral Print Shirts

Tacky Hawaiian prints aren’t your only option for floral dress shirts. Micro floral prints are fashionable and suited to the fourth-year anniversary theme without being too obvious or vacation-esque. Brands like Ben Sherman and Penguin have the perfect micro florals to add to his wardrobe.

Amazon Essentials Men's Slim-fit Short-Sleeve Print Shirt

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Goodthreads Men's Standard-Fit Long-Sleeve Linen and Cotton Blend Shirt

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17. Novelty T-Shirts

For a gift that’s fun, easy, and a little bit silly, consider getting your husband a T-shirt with a lovey-dovey fruit pun. With options like “I love you from my head to-ma-toes,” “You hold the kiwi to my heart,” and “You’re one in a melon,” you may even be able to find a design featuring his favorite fruit. Even if he’s too embarrassed to wear the shirt in public, it’s fun for a takeout-and-Netflix night in. (Maybe he’ll get you a punny shirt to match!)

Funny Valentines Shirt, I Love You From My Head To-ma-toes

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You're One In A Melon Watermelon Fruit Pun T-Shirt

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Funny Kiwi Shirt Fruit Pun Hold The Kiwi To My Heart

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18. Pasta Maker

Making fresh pasta only takes a few simple ingredients and a pasta machine to roll out and cut the dough. Whether you’re interested in trying something new together or your husband is a kitchen whiz who could hold his own on MasterChef, a pasta maker can be the perfect appliance gift for your fourth anniversary.

Marcato 8320 Atlas Pasta Machine, Made in Italy, Includes Pasta Cutter, Hand Crank, and Instructions

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19. Popcorn Maker

There is no better movie-watching snack than fresh-popped, buttered popcorn. A retro popcorn machine can be the perfect addition to a home theater or you may want a stovetop popper for fresh and light popcorn. Whatever your style, these appliances are fun and unique options for a fourth-year anniversary gift.

5805 Great Northern Popcorn Red Good Time Popcorn Popper Machine, 8 Ounce

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Wabash Valley Farms - Stovetop Popcorn Popper - Whirly Pop with Popping Kit - Silver

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20. Preserved Rose

While tech gadgets and rugged gifts are more commonly recommended for men, husbands can enjoy the gift of actual flowers too! If your husband is the sentimental type, go fully traditional and buy him a flower — specifically, a preserved rose. These flowers come in glass cases and are perfect for him to sit on his desk at work, perhaps next to a family portrait. Your love is in full bloom, and a never-wilting rose serves as a reminder that it will remain in bloom forever.

Love Messenger 141 Preserved Never-Wilting Eternal Everlasting Forever Flower Rose (Red)

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In Summary

Your fourth wedding anniversary may not be thought of as a “milestone” year, but your anniversary is something that should be celebrated every year. Your anniversary gift can serve as a reminder of the strength and love in your marriage. Alternatively, it can be something fun or useful that you’ll enjoy together for years to come. Whether choosing the traditional flowers and fruits gift theme or buying him a modern and practical appliance, your gift is sure to be something that your husband will appreciate and enjoy. Which one will you wow him with?

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