Fresh Thyme Return Policy Explained Thoroughly

You can return items to Fresh Thyme grocery stores hassle-free. The natural foods store doesn’t even require a receipt for grocery returns. For more details, see below.

Fresh Thyme Return Policy

Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets’ return policy is flexible and hassle-free. To return a product, including meat, produce, and opened items, you don’t even have to bring the receipt, a Fresh Thyme customer service representative said. Just bring it back to the store and an associate will help you return or exchange it. You only need to present a receipt for non-grocery items, such as supplements and essential oils, the representative said. There is no specific time limit for returns, as long as it’s “within reason,” the representative said. She added that three months is generally a reasonable time frame.

Fresh Thyme is a natural foods grocery store with locations primarily in the Midwest. Go here to find a Fresh Thyme near you.

In Summary

Returning items to Fresh Thyme is generally hassle-free and does not typically require a receipt. For more grocery store return policies, see our articles: Stop and Shop Return Policy: Hassle-Free Shopping Guaranteed and King Soopers’ Return Policy: Quality Guaranteed.

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