24 Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay In-Store & at the Pump

Various gas stations accept Apple Pay; however, whether you can use Apple Pay at the pump or only at the cashier will vary depending on which gas station you visit. Below, we list the gas stations that take Apple Pay in-store and/or at the pump, plus explain how to use Apple Pay to pay for gas.

The List

The following gas stations accept Apple Pay. We compiled this information by contacting several locations of each gas station, as well as their corporate customer service departments.

To find the gas stations closest to you that take Apple Pay, you can also use the Maps app on your iPhone.[1] Search for gas stations nearby; after you tap a location, swipe up and look at the “Useful to Know” section to see whether it accepts Apple Pay.



  • Availability: All locations, but note that most ARCO locations require a debit card linked with your mobile wallet[3]
  • In-store or at the pump: Both[3]
  • Find a location


  • Availability: All locations[4]
  • In-store or at the pump: In-store through the Wallet app or at the pump with the BPme App[4]
  • Find a location


  • Availability: Most locations[5]
  • In-store or at the pump: Both are available at most locations[5]
  • Find a location


  • Availability: Select locations[6]
  • In-store or at the pump: Varies by location; often in-store only[7]
  • Find a location

Circle K


Cumberland Farms

Delta Sonic


Kum & Go

  • Availability: All locations[14]
  • In-store or at the pump: Both; you can pay for fuel with Apple Pay in the Kum & Go iPhone app[15]
  • Find a location

Kwik Fill/Red Apple

Kwik Trip/Kwik Star


Phillips 66










Note that many of these gas stations also take other mobile payment options, such as Samsung Pay (as previously reported).

Want to find a gas station that accepts credit cards instead? See our list of gas stations that take credit cards (and those that don’t). For other automotive purchases, see our research on AutoZone’s Apple Pay policy.

How to Pay for Gas With Apple Pay

Apple Pay allows you to use your phone or Apple Watch to pay for purchases in place of a credit card, debit card, or cash. Because it doesn’t share your credit card number with the retailer, your credit card information is less likely to be stolen. Instead of your credit card number, Apple Pay creates a unique transaction code for each payment.[31]

If the location you’re visiting is set up to accept Apple Pay, you’ll just hold your device up to the credit card machine and use a face scan, Touch ID, or your passcode to confirm your payment.[31] The process is the same whether you’re paying in the store or at the pump.

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