Gasoline Disposal Policy at AutoZone Explained

An AutoZone storefront

Short Answer

AutoZone does not offer gasoline disposal services, but it does recycle used oil. When you need to dispose of gas, your best option is to find a nearby, municipally-run waste disposal facility that takes gasoline.

AutoZone Gasoline Disposal Store Policy

AutoZone does not offer gasoline disposal services. We reached out to several AutoZone store locations in various states across the country, and customer service representatives at all stores confirmed that AutoZone does not recycle gas.

It does, however, have other environmental responsibility measures in place. You can recycle motor oil and batteries at most AutoZone locations. Every AutoZone store accepts used batteries for recycling, and all stores except those in Alaska accept used motor oil for recycling.

How to Dispose of Old Gas

You should be sure to take safety precautions whenever handling gasoline because it is both flammable and toxic.

Best practices for safely handling gasoline include always storing it in a tightly-sealed container, keeping it at room temperature, not mixing it with other fuels, and keeping it away from heat or ignition sources.

If you get gasoline on your skin or spill it elsewhere, be sure to wash the area right away — soapy water will remove gas from the skin easily. Be sure not to smoke or use lighters or matches where gas has been spilled unless you’re sure it’s been entirely removed.

Many municipalities have hazardous waste disposal centers that accept old gasoline. A quick online search should help you find a nearby hazardous waste disposal center.

Note that facilities often have limited hours of operation and may charge a small fee to take the gasoline.

Another option for disposing of gas is to contact your trash collection service. Waste Management, for example, can help you dispose of a number of hazardous household materials.

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