Genesis Pure: Scam or Pyramid Scheme? We Review

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Genesis Pure is a health and wellness multilevel marketing company. It is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. But is it a good company to work for? We outline Genesis Pure’s compensation plan and product lines, as well as a little bit about the company’s history that may — or may not — influence your decision about joining the group.

Genesis Pure: Scam or a Pyramid Scheme?

Genesis Pure is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is a business that promises large profits based primarily on recruiting others to join a program, not based on the sale of goods and/or services, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Genesis Pure is a multilevel marketing (MLM) company that sells health and wellness products. The company does encourage people to become Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and recruit new sellers and owners, but the driving factor is to sell its products.

However, that doesn’t mean Genesis Pure is a get-rich-quick venture. Working for an MLM company requires a significant amount of time and effort if you want to make a profit. And there are a few “red flags” when it comes to the company’s history and future viability. Consider the following before joining Genesis Pure:

Genesis Pure’s Compensation Plan

If you’ve decided Genesis Pure is a good fit for you, there are two different ways to join: as a member or as an Independent Business Owner. Members get 25% off retail prices. To join as a member, you’ll pay $25 to start and then $10 annually. As an IBO, you’ll sell Genesis Pure products through your own website or by word of mouth. To become an IBO, you’ll pay $25 to start and then $25 annually. You’ll also need to purchase an enrollment pack, which is available at various price points. As an IBO, you can make money in six different ways:

  1. Retail Bonus: You’ll earn a Retail Bonus when you either purchase a product at a wholesale discount of 25% and then resell it, or when someone else buys products through your IBO site at the full retail price.
  2. Sponsor Bonus: You’ll earn a Sponsor Bonus of up to $400 when you enroll a new member or IBO. Your bonus is 10% of the orders submitted by the new member or IBO in his or her first 90 days.
  3. Team Bonus: In order to earn a Team Bonus, you first need to meet the qualifications of a Bronze Director or higher and have built two teams under you. The Team Bonus is 10% of your team members’ sales.
  4. Generation Bonus: In order to earn a Generation Bonus, you first need to meet the qualifications of a Gold Director or higher. If you have a team under you that has two teams under it and is earning a Team Bonus, you’ll earn 7% of that Team Bonus.
  5. Leadership Bonus: If you make it to the six top tiers, you’ll be eligible for a Leadership Bonus. This is essentially a profit-sharing bonus.
  6. Lifestyle Bonus: If you stay in one of the six top tiers for more than two weeks in a single month, you can receive a Lifestyle Bonus. The bonus amount is dependent on your rank and ranges from $300 to $1,100 a month.

Genesis Pure’s Product Lines

Genesis Pure has three main product categories — Live Pure Nutrition, Live Pure Performance, and Live Pure Beauty. Live Pure Nutrition products include meal-replacement shakes, detox supplements, immune support supplements, and enhanced water. Live Pure Performance products include energy supplements and recovery powders. And Live Pure Beauty is a five-step skincare system.

Only one of Genesis Pure’s products has been involved in even a preliminary study, and vitamins and supplements are loosely regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, so any product claims can and should be met with a bit of skepticism — especially following Duncan’s $9 million settlement to people who bought green coffee bean extract from his two companies, Pure Health LLC and Genesis Today Inc.

In Summary

The Genesis Pure pyramid scheme… is it true? No. Genesis Pure is a multilevel marketing company and is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. It does, however, have a complicated history, as one of its founders was convicted of making false claims about a supplement. It also doesn’t have any proprietary products. But its product line does include popular health and wellness items like meal-replacement shakes and a skincare line. If you decide to work with Genesis Pure, there are six ways to make money, including through selling its products. To join Genesis Pure, sign up online.

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