Everything to Know About Renting a Carpet Cleaner at Giant

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Short answer — Giant Food rents Rug Doctor carpet cleaners for about $30 for a 24-hour rental period. Alternatively, you can choose a 48-hour rental period for an additional $10. To rent a carpet cleaner, you must show a photo ID and pay the full rental fee upfront.

What Is the Giant Carpet Cleaner Rental Policy?

Giant Food grocery stores rent out Rug Doctor carpet cleaners. We contacted Giant Food stores in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia; all of the stores we called had Rug Doctor machines available.

Pricing varies depending on which Rug Doctor model you decide to rent and for how long. The stores we contacted had the X3 Carpet Cleaner available for about $30 for a 24- hour rental period or the Pro Deep Cleaner for about $35.

For an additional day of use, you can choose a 48-hour rental period for an additional $10, customer service representative said.

Rug Doctor has a third model, the Pro Portable Detailer, but none of the Giant stores we called had this model in stock. It is, however, available at Stop & Shop stores for about $25 for 24 hours.

Models vary by store. If you’re interested in renting a specific Rug Doctor model, it’s best to contact your nearest Giant store to check for in-store availability.

Rug Doctor carpet cleaners require a cleaning solution, which can be purchased separately from Giant for between $10 and $15, a store associate said. Other Giant locations noted the exact price would vary depending on the container size and specific formula.

To rent a carpet cleaner at Giant, you’ll need to show a photo ID. Since you’ll need to pay the full rental fee upfront, there is no deposit required.

However, if you return the Rug Doctor late, Giant will charge your credit card for another 24-hour rental. If you think you’ll need the carpet cleaner for more than 24 hours, it’s more cost-effective to choose the 48-hour rental period instead.

For more carpet cleaner rental options, see our articles on Food Lion, Safeway, and Walmart, or our list of the cost to rent a carpet cleaner at each store.


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