Gift Cards at Dollar Tree: Availability Explained

Exterior of a Dollar Tree store

Dollar Tree doesn’t sell third-party gift cards to places like restaurants, gas stations, or other retail stores.[1][2] While other dollar stores like Dollar General do stock third-party gift cards,[3] Dollar Tree only sells merchandise that costs $1 or less.[4]

We contacted Dollar Tree stores in Michigan, North Carolina, Texas, and Utah to confirm that third-party gift cards aren’t available at the retailer. All of the representatives we spoke with confirmed that you can’t buy third-party gift cards. However, Dollar Tree’s own gift cards are available in stores and online for any amount between $5 and $100.

Dollar Tree also sells Green Dot reloadable cards,[5] but these are prepaid debit cards, not gift cards. For an alternative that’s suitable for gifts, see our research on where to buy Visa gift cards. We also have the details on where else to buy third-party gift cards and stores that sell discounted gift cards.


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