There’s no doubt that new babies are a life changer for both moms and dads. First-time dads deserve some recognition, too, even if they keep telling you they don’t need or want anything. We both know, he totally deserves something that’s special and just for him.

There are so many ways to recognize and congratulate a new father — so I’ve come up with a variety of gift ideas for you. These gifts run the gamut from practical to fun to cool. Browse the selection of items that I’ve picked out and think of one or two that would be appreciated by the new Dad in your life.

1-3. Daddy Diaper Backpack or Shoulder Bag

First thing’s first: your new dad needs his own gear for this journey. He probably isn’t super excited about carrying your lady-like diaper bag or purse. Plus, he’s probably carried our held your purse hundreds of times over the years, so it’s probably a great time to get him his own man bag (purpose included). Right?!

These three daddy diaper bag options are super handy and trendy for dads on-the-go. Each bag includes large and small compartments with space for tons of baby-changing and feeding supplies. The fabric and construction on each of these bags is solid, so they are equipped with the right stuff for sometimes messy jobs. Both of these backpacks include changing pads, too!

2 Sturdy Messenger Diaper Shoulder Bag

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1 Sleek Black Diaper Backpack

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3 Trendy Diaper Backpack

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4-5. Casual and Clasic Timepieces

Time is of the essence for new dads. With a full daily schedule that includes work, doctor appointments, more work, bath time, meal time, date night, cooking, cleaning and so much more, he needs to stay on time and in front of his own schedule.

Consider buying him a new watch that’s hip and also gets the job done. A reminder of the time will help him stay on task, while he’s juggling more than usual.

These two watches are perfect for new dads, because they won’t break the bank, but they will make a statement and will be appropriate for work and home life.

4 Casual and Classy Timepiece

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5 Stainless Steel Quartz Timepiece

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6-7. Time-Saver Crock Pot & Easy 5 Ingredient Meal Cook Book

Let’s face it: the slow cooker invention is one of the best time-saving solutions around. We think new dads could really benefit from using a crock pot during the weekly routine. The set-it-and-forget-it method is a great concept for new parents who are really busy and really, really tired.

This slow cooker has a nice touchscreen panel and programmable cooking. An added benefit is the auto-warm feature that automatically sets the device on the warm setting once the cooking process is done. That’s great because dad might not get to it right when the timer is up. The cleanup is easy (dishwasher safe).

6 Meal Time Saver Crock Pot

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This crock pot cookbook features recipes with 5 ingredients. It’s super simple and is helpful for new dads when they need to think fast and make quick meals.

7 Crock Pot Dump Meals Cook Book

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8. Aromatherapy Car Diffuser

There aren’t very many down-time moments for new parents. And, for many new dads, the time spent in the car to-and-from-work-and home is probably the best time to catch a few minutes of decompression.

This little essential oil car diffuser is a great gift for encouraging him to relax a little bit when he’s driving. The diffuser just takes a few drops of essential oil and will show a light when it’s plugged in and working. In just moments, your new dad will have a more zen-like car ride. The diffuser also comes with several refill pads, so you can change up the oil scent.


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9. F Bomb Paper Weight

Let’s get real: the baby is here and new dads have to start minding their words ASAP. In no time at all those new babies grow up fast and can start picking up on words (especially the cursing kind). 

This funny “F Bomb” paper weight will help remind him to watch his words at home (and work). Everyone likes a little humor, too, and we think this art piece will definitely make him laugh. It serves as a paper weight for those bills and to-do items and a reminder that he needs to take action! This is also handmade from recycled metal items.

9 F Bomb Paper Weight

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10. Popcorn Maker 

Guys love snacks, no matter the time of day or life event. In this case, new dads need snacks that are really quick to make. Whether he’s making a snack for his spouse, visitors or himself, it probably needs to be done fast. I found the perfect snack maker that will make mouths happy in less than 5 minutes.

This popcorn maker is really easy to use and can make up to 10 cups of popcorn in just about three minutes. It has 1500 watts of power and all of its parts are dishwasher safe, for easy clean up, too.

10 Popcorn maker

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11. Cooling Towel

Chances are your new dad is running around a lot. He’s become the kind at multi-tasking and that probably means he can get kind of hot and sweaty at times.

So, we thought about this small but mighty gift that encourages relaxation and cooling down during lots of activity. Whether he’s bathing the babe, cooking, cleaning, doing yard work or laundry, or strolling around the neighborhood, this cool towel is a game changer. The towel just needs to be run under water, rung out and it automatically cools down. He can wear it around his neck and go on about his task at hand. To re-activate, just repeat the steps and the towel gets cool all over again.

11 Cooling Towel

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12. Head Lamp

New dads love gear, and we know there will be late night and early morning wake-ups for feeding and diaper changing. Wouldn’t these fun activities be even more fun with a head lamp? Just think, this head lamp would allow new dads to roll out of bed without turning all the lights on (new moms will thank them for sure), and jump into action making a bottle, changing a diaper or making a snack with the light of the head lamp.

Head lamps are hand-free, too, so new dads can be more productive. This lamp has a high and low beam setting, too, for several levels of brightness. New dads can also use head lamps for camping, walking the dog or other outdoor activities. This gift has many uses!

12 Head Lamp

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13. Alexa

I know new dads have a lot of questions about baby and non-baby related things. Who doesn’t?! New dads also have their hands full and want to be hands-free, so grabbing a phone to google something can really get in the way. Alexa to the rescue!

We love the idea of Alexa for a new dad. It’s a fabulous gift that gives dads all the answers, music and more, without having to grab a phone and search the internet. Alexa can play music from lots of sources (Spotify, etc.) and can also be programmed to control light and thermostats, too. She’s a super smart friend to have around and new dads will enjoy all the features of Alexa.

13 Alexa

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14. Relaxing Sound Machine

OK, we know it might seem a little bit corny for guys to think about falling asleep to an ocean or a running brook. But, we know sleep is crucial at the beginning of parenthood so we’re pretty sure he’ll be open to this!

There are so many sleep aids available, but this is a natural remedy that won’t cost a fortune and it will also help mom and maybe baby, too. This relaxing noise machine is a great gift for dads who need a little help relaxing and falling sleep. It plays 6 different noises and can be programmed to play for 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

14 Relaxing Sound Machine

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15. Date Night Ideas Book

New parents are usually short on time for each other. A new baby can really take the focus off of a relationship, and it’s really important for a new dad to help nurture his relationship with his spouse. I think planning a weekly date night or making time for date night is crucial to helping both partners feel connected. Sometimes new dads need a little help with ideas, so this date night book is perfect to provide inspiration.

Full of lots of fun ideas, new dads can use this book as a guide to get excited about planning dates and carving out some time for fun and love with their spouses. The book also includes blank pages where the couple can tape, glue or paperclip any memories that remind them of some of the fun dates they’ve had.

15 Date Night Ideas book

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Which Gift Idea for Dad’s Is Best for the New Dad in Your Life?

So, now you should have a good sense of what new dads could use, even if they tell you they don’t want or need anything! These gifts are sure to grab your new dad’s attention and remind him that he’s a fantastic guy, especially during an unknown and usually challenging time.

Pick a gift that makes the most sense for the new dad in your life and think about why he would like it or why it would be useful or fun for him. We know he’ll love whatever you pick! Happy shopping and giving!