Good Feet Shoe Inserts: Cost and Quality Explained

Person placing shoe insert into a white sneaker

How much do Good Feet arch supports cost? The Good Feet Store’s arch supports range in price from $330 to more than $1,000. And, according to most reviews, these arch supports aren’t worth the cost.

Cost of The Good Feet Store’s Arch Supports

The Good Feet Store doesn’t list prices for its arch supports online. In fact, the company states on its website that you need to make an appointment for a “free fitting and test walk” in order to get personalized information, including cost. However, to get an idea of pricing, we called The Good Feet Store in Colorado Springs, CO, where the saleswoman informed us that the average price for arch supports is $330.

But, after analyzing a number of Yelp reviews for The Good Feet Store locations in Austin, TX, San Diego, CA, Glendale, CO, and others, the price people actually paid seems to be more than $300. In fact, many people reported paying more than $1,000 for the “3-Step System” — three pairs of arch supports that are supposed to complement each other.

Are The Good Feet Store’s Arch Supports Worth It?

No. According to The Good Feet Store’s FAQs, the company’s arch supports are pre-made, and you can take them home the same day you purchase them. This means that The Good Feet Store’s arch supports are not custom foot orthotics, and are, instead, prefabricated orthotics.

Dr. Larry Huppin, a podiatrist specializing in biomechanics at the Foot and Ankle Center of Washington, wrote a review of The Good Feet Store’s arch supports (no longer available online). He concluded that while the arch supports were “not bad devices, per se” they also weren’t effective. Additionally, he wrote that for the price of The Good Feet Store’s orthotics, you could get real custom orthotics that would be far better at reducing pain. Or, if you want to go the prefab route, Huppin said there are plenty of arch supports for $60 or less that are even better than The Good Feet Store’s product.

In Summary

Good Feet shoe inserts cost a serious dollar figure and don’t seem to be any better than what you can get at a drug store for a fraction of the cost. If you’re going to pay $330 or more for orthotics, experts suggest making an appointment with a podiatrist and getting custom supports.


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