32 Places That Cash Government Checks: Fees, Limits Detailed

A government check from the U.S. treasury with a pen and debit card

There are a variety of places to cash a government check other than the bank. Many national grocery and retail chains, such as Kroger and Walmart, offer check cashing that typically costs $6 or less per check. Below, we review the government check cashing options at grocery stores, retail stores, check cashing stores, and gas stations, as well as list places that don’t cash government checks.

What We Recommend

The most affordable places to cash a government check without a bank account are Kroger and Walmart. Each is widely available across the U.S., and their check cashing fees are generally under $6. There is no additional rewards card or enrollment required at either store.

For more options in your local area, check out similar, smaller chains like H-E-B, which offer similar services and fees to Kroger and Walmart.

A check cashing store may also be a good alternative; however, since check cashing stores commonly charge fees that are a percentage of the total check amount, they are best for cashing small checks. If you need to cash a large check, our related research covers how and where to cash large checks.

Comparison Table

The table below features each check cashing option’s fees, ID requirements, and store check cashing card requirements. Note that you can sort the table by selecting the arrows at the top of each column. Select each company name or scroll through the list below for more information about cashing a government check.

Company Fees ID Required? Store Card Required?
Walmart$4 to $8 Yes No
Kroger$3.50 to $6 Yes No
Fred Meyer$3.50 to $6 Yes No
Giant FoodUp to $1.50 Yes Yes
Food LionVary Yes No
Stater Bros.Vary Yes Varies
BI-LOVary Yes No
Vons$2.25 per $100 Yes No
H-E-BAbout $3 Yes No
Stop & ShopAbout $0.50 Yes Yes
RalphsUp to $6 Yes No
Smith's$3 to $6 Yes No
Food City$3 Yes No
Dillons$3.50 to $6 Yes No
ShopRiteVary Yes Yes
Fry's Food StoresUp to $6 Yes No
Hy-VeeAbout $6 Yes Yes
Tops Friendly MarketsAbout $1 Yes No
Giant EagleVaries Yes Yes
King Soopers$3 to $6 Yes No
AlbertsonsVary Yes No
Shaw'sVary Yes No
SafewayAbout $2.25 per $200 Yes No
Check Into CashAbout 3% to 5% Yes Yes
Check 'n GoVary Yes Varies
The Check Cashing StoreAbout 3.5% Yes No
United Check CashingAbout 2% Yes No
AmscotUp to 10% Yes No
PLS Check CashingAbout 1% plus $1 Yes No
Pilot/Flying J Travel CentersVary Yes No
TravelCenters of AmericaVary Yes No

The List

Note: The lists below — broken down by store type — appear in order from lowest to highest fees.


Stop and Shop logo

Stop & Shop

Tops Friendly Markets logo

Tops Friendly Markets

Giant Food logo

Giant Food

  • Fees: Up to $1.50 per check[3]
  • Limit: None[3]
  • Requirements: Payroll and Business Check Cashing card (required for all government checks); valid government-issued ID the first time you cash a check[3]
  • See our dedicated research on Giant Food’s check cashing policy.

Safeway logo


Vons logo


H-E-B logo


Food City (Arizona) logo

Food City

King Soopers logo

King Soopers

Smiths logo


  • Fees: $3 for up to $2,000; $6 for more than $2,000; rewards cardholders get 50 cents off fees[9]
  • Limit: $5,000[9]
  • Requirements: Valid photo ID and Social Security or Tax ID number[9]
  • See our dedicated research on Smith’s check cashing policy.

Kroger logo


  • Fees: $3.50 for checks under $2,000; $6 for checks over $2,000; 50-cent discount for rewards members[9]
  • Limit: $5,000[9]
  • Requirements: Valid state-issued ID and Social Security number[9]
  • See our dedicated research on Kroger’s check cashing policy.

Fred Meyer logo

Fred Meyer

Dillons logo


  • Fees: $3.50 for checks under $2,000; $6 for checks over $2,000; 50-cent discount for rewards members[9]
  • Limit: $5,000[9]
  • Requirements: Photo ID and Social Security number[9]
  • See our dedicated research on Dillons’ check cashing policy.

Ralphs logo


Frys Food Stores logo

Fry’s Food Stores

Hy-Vee logo


  • Fees: Up to about $6[11]
  • Limit: $5,000[11]
  • Requirements: Photo ID; some stores ask for a second form of ID; check cashing service enrollment required[11]
  • See our dedicated research on Hy-Vee’s check cashing policy (select stores only).

Walmart logo


Shaws logo


Food Lion logo

Food Lion

Albertsons logo


Stater Bros logo

Stater Bros.

  • Fees: Vary by store[16]
  • Limit: $700[16]
  • Requirements: Photo ID; some stores require a Stater Bros. card and a $25 minimum purchase; check cashing is not available at all locations.[16]
  • See our dedicated research on the Stater Bros. check cashing policy.

BI-LO logo


ShopRite logo


Giant Eagle logo

Giant Eagle

  • Fees: Vary by type of check[19]
  • Limit: Varies by store[19]
  • Requirements: Giant Eagle rewards card required at most locations (the name on the check must match the name on the account); valid photo ID[19]
  • See our dedicated research on Giant Eagle’s check cashing policy.

Check Cashing and Financial Services

PLS Check Cashing logo

PLS Check Cashing

  • Fees: About 1% of the total check amount plus $1[20]
  • Limit: The above fee is based on a $1,500 check; check limits may vary[20]
  • Requirements: Current photo ID[20]
  • See our dedicated research on PLS’ check cashing policy.

United Check Cashing logo

United Check Cashing

The Check Cashing Store logo

The Check Cashing Store

Check Into Cash logo

Check Into Cash

Amscot logo


Check n Go logo

Check ‘n Go

Gas Stations

Travel Centers of America logo

TravelCenters of America

  • Fees: Vary by location; free for UltraONE Platinum and Standard members[26]
  • Limit: $300[26]
  • Requirements: Valid photo ID[26]

Pilot Flying J logo

Pilot/Flying J Travel Centers

  • Fees: Vary by location[27]
  • Limit: $999.99[27]
  • Requirements: Valid government-issued ID[27]

Note: Individually owned gas stations have the option to offer check cashing to customers — see our related research on gas stations that offer check cashing.


Regions Bank logo


  • Fees: 1.5% of check amount ($5 minimum fee)[28]
  • Limit: No limit[28]
  • Requirements: Non-accountholders cashing a check for the first time must enroll in the check-cashing service. To enroll, you must present a valid ID and Social Security number.[28]

We contacted many of the other major banks in the U.S., including PNC, Fifth Third Bank, and U.S. Bank, and they all verify that only checks drawn on their bank can be cashed by non-accountholders. However, account holders can deposit or cash government checks.

Places That Don’t Cash Government Checks

In the course of our research and communications with companies, we found that the following places do not cash government checks. (Note: Linked titles will take you to our dedicated research on each company.)

  1. Stop & Shop customer service (800) 767-7772[][][]
  2. Tops customer service (800) 522-2522[][][]
  3. https://giantfood.com/frequently-asked-questions/#/faqs/check-cashing-policy[][][]
  4. Safeway customer service (877) 258-2799[][][]
  5. Vons customer service (877) 723-3929[][][]
  6. https://www.heb.com/static-page/check-cashing[][][]
  7. Food City customer service (800) 826-8451[][][]
  8. https://www.kingsoopers.com/d/money-services[][][]
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  15. Albertsons customer service (877) 276-9637[][][]
  16. Stater Bros. customer service (855) 782-8377[][][]
  17. BI-LO customer service (844) 745-0463[][][]
  18. ShopRite customer service (800) 746-7748[][][]
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  25. https://www.checkngo.com/check-cashing.aspx[][][]
  26. https://www.ta-petro.com/amenities/check-cashing[][][]
  27. https://pilotflyingj.com/amenities[][][]
  28. https://www.regions.com/personal_banking/now_banking_check_cashing.rf[][][]


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