Great Clips Guarantee: Requirements, Refunds, etc Detailed

Sign above the entrance of a Great Clips salon

Short Answer

Great Clips offers a money-back guarantee for returnable beauty products like shampoo and hairspray. There is no guarantee for non-returnable services like haircuts.

Great Clips Guarantee Policy

Great Clips offers a guarantee for products that you’re unhappy with, customer service representatives said.

The company will provide a full refund for any product, including items that you have opened and tested. However, you cannot get a refund for a heavily used or empty product.

Great Clips does not have a satisfaction guarantee for services, including haircuts. For more details about what to do if you’re unhappy with a service, see our research on the Great Clips bad haircut policy.

We reached out to Great Clips salons in Florida, California, and Texas for details of their refund policies.

The salons we spoke with confirmed that Great Clips offers a companywide guarantee for products like shampoo, wax, hairspray, and other beauty products.

Return Process

To take advantage of the Great Clips guarantee, all you need to do is bring the item and your receipt to the salon.

Great Clips will refund your product if it’s been lightly used, and you should even be able to return it to a different salon from the one where you purchased it. (Note, however, that this is done at the manager’s discretion.)

While there is no strict deadline for returns, we were told that it’s better to return items sooner rather than later.

It is generally not realistic to get a refund if you bought the product over a year ago or if the bottle is almost empty.

If your item qualifies for a refund, you will receive the refund to your original form of payment.

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