Guitar Center Employee Discounts (Both Discounts Covered)

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Short Answer

Guitar Center employees are eligible for two types of discounts: 50% to 60% off of select merchandise, plus discounts from a group of partnered manufacturers. Full- and part-time employees are eligible.

Guitar Center Employee Discount Policy

Guitar Center employees can take advantage of two discount programs — one valid on select store merchandise and the other offered by a group of manufacturers, a corporate customer service representative said.

Discounts are available to employees after 90 days of full- or part-time employment.

We contacted Guitar Center corporate customer service and store locations in Arizona, California, Michigan, Texas, and Washington to find out more about the company’s employee discount policy.

Guitar Center Discount

The employee discount at Guitar Center allows employees to purchase select instruments and gear at a discounted price of about 10% above Guitar Center’s cost — which is typically about 50% to 60% off the retail price, a corporate customer service representative said.

For example, a Fender guitar priced in-store at $2,800 may cost Guitar Center $1,250, so employees will pay that price plus 10%, or $1,375 before tax. Discounts vary by brand.


To make a purchase with your employee discount, the store’s district manager will need to approve it. The store manager or district manager will then place the order for you.

Guitar Center employees cannot use their discount to simply shop in stores or online.

Some brands and items — specifically, clearance items — are not eligible for the employee discount. Additionally, employee discounts cannot be extended to friends or family.

GAIN Program Discount

Guitar Center also partners with a group of manufacturers to offer discounts to employees through its GAIN Program.[1]

GAIN Progam discounts on select merchandise are often below-cost — exceeding the employee discount.

You’ll need to work directly with the manufacturer to complete your purchase, and your supervisor will be able to provide additional details.

More Information

If you make a purchase at Guitar Center and need to return it, you can check out our research on the company’s return policy.

For more savings on instruments or equipment, our related research has information about other ways to save at Guitar Center.

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