Does H-E-B Take Apple Pay? Payment Options Detailed

Inside an H-E-B grocery store

Here’s the H-E-B Apple Pay policy in plain language. H-E-B grocery stores do not yet accept Apple Pay. For more on H-E-B’s accepted forms of payment, see below.

Does H-E-B Take Apple Pay?

H-E-B, a Texas grocery store chain, does not accept Apple Pay, customer service representatives from various store locations said. Some of the H-E-B representatives we spoke with said store registers have the technology to accept Apple Pay, but it isn’t in working order yet. A few H-E-B stores have started accepting Google Pay.

H-E-B accepts cash, debit cards, credit cards, and personal checks (as we’ve previously reported). For online orders, the only accepted payment methods are debit and credit cards — even if the order is scheduled for in-store pick-up.

Apple Pay works with Apple devices to make secure payments in stores and online, according to the Apple website. See our related article for other grocery stores that take Apple Pay.

In Summary

Apple Pay is not yet accepted at H-E-B grocery stores, though some locations have started accepting mobile payment options like Google Pay. H-E-B stores accept cash, debit cards, credit cards, and checks. For more on H-E-B’s store policies, see our articles: Does H-E-B Take Food Stamps? and H-E-B Cash Back Limit.


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