H-E-B Cashier’s Check Cashing Policy Detailed: Limits, Fees, etc

H-E-B storefront and parking lot

Short Answer

H-E-B cashes cashier’s checks up to $9,500 for fees starting at $3.

H-E-B’s Cashier’s Check Policy

A cashier’s check is a secure type of check issued by a bank or credit union with guaranteed funds. Most H-E-B stores provide check cashing services, including for cashier’s checks, according to H-E-B’s website and our communications with the company.

At H-E-B, you can cash checks up to $9,500. Check cashing fees are $3 for checks up to $3,000; fees vary for checks over $3,000 based on the total check amount.

To cash a check at H-E-B, you’ll need to head to the store’s Business Center and provide a valid, government-issued photo ID.

H-E-B Business Centers generally have more limited hours than the store. Most Business centers are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., though it’s best to contact your local store for its exact hours, as they do vary by location.

Where Else to Cash a Cashier’s Check

While H-E-B cashes cashier’s checks, most other grocery store chains do not. In our research, we found that H-E-B and Walmart are the only national or regional grocery stores that cash cashier’s checks.

But you can cash a cashier’s check at most banks, credit unions, and check cashing stores. If you have a checking account, you should be able to cash a cashier’s check at your bank or credit union without paying a fee. Banks and credit unions typically charge non-customers a fee to cash a cashier’s check. Check cashing stores also charge fees for this service.

See our comprehensive list of places that cash cashier’s checks.

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