H-E-B Check-Writing Policy Explained (+ Other Payment Options)

Inside an H-E-B grocery store where you can write checks.

Short Answer

H-E-B accepts personal checks as payment at all locations. However, it doesn’t accept starter checks, and you’ll need to show a photo ID to pay by check.

H-E-B Check Writing Policy

H-E-B grocery stores accept personal checks as a form of payment. But, H-E-B does not accept starter checks, store associates at various H-E-B locations confirmed.

To pay with a personal check, you’ll need to show a valid photo ID.

When you pay by check, you also have the option to get up to $50 in cash back at the register. To get cash back with a personal check, write the check amount for your total purchase plus the amount of cash you’d like to receive.

For example, if you want to get $20 in cash back and your order comes to $22.35, you would write the check for $42.35.

Other forms of payment accepted at H-E-B include cash, debit and credit cards, SNAP benefits and EBT card (as we’ve previously reported), and H-E-B gift cards.

To find out about check cashing at H-E-B, see our article on H-E-B’s check cashing policy. And you may want to see the list of stores that take personal checks.

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