H-E-B Key Copy Services: Availability, Pricing, etc Detailed

Interior of an H-E-B grocery store

H-E-B, the Texas-based grocery store chain, offers key copy services at some locations — including about 17% of the stores we contacted. H-E-B plus! stores are more likely than regular H-E-B grocery stores to offer key copying. We have more details of H-E-B’s store policy below.

H-E-B Key Copy Services

H-E-B grocery stores offer key copy services at select locations, store associates said. We contacted H-E-B stores across Texas to verify this information; only about 17% of the stores we contacted could copy keys. Of the stores we called, we also found that H-E-B plus! locations are more likely to offer key copy services. In addition to groceries, H-E-B plus! stores sell electronics, toys, housewares, party supplies, apparel, and more.

Where available, key copy services at H-E-B will be at the customer service desk. Prices range from $2 to $6, depending on the type of key. (Suggested article: Does H-E-B Accept Apple Pay?) If your nearest H-E-B doesn’t offer key duplication, you can find out where to get your key copied in our article: Keys Made near Me? Places to Get Keys Made.

In Summary

H-E-B offers key copy services at less than one-quarter of its stores, according to our research. You’re more likely to get a key made at one of H-E-B’s superstores than its regular grocery locations.


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