13 Highest-Paying Retail Jobs

Cashier with customer at a high-paying retail store

Many retail positions pay around the legal minimum wage or slightly better, but some retail companies choose to pay their employees higher rates.

We investigated job listings and contacted major U.S. chain stores — including grocery stores, superstores, warehouse stores, and clothing stores — to find the highest-paying retail jobs available.

Note that exact pay rates often vary depending on your work experience and the store location. You can also earn more at these and other companies by applying for or advancing into leadership positions, such as supervisor, shift manager, assistant manager, or store manager.

Additionally, most of the places listed below have minimum hiring age requirements of at least 16 to 18 years old; if you’re a teen, see our list of retail stores that hire at 14, 15, 16, and/or 17.

The List

AT&T logo

1. AT&T Wireless

  • Pay rate: Up to about $25 per hour[1]
  • Job title(s): Retail Sales Consultant[1]
  • Schedule: Full- or part-time[1]

Trader Joes logo

2. Trader Joe’s

  • Pay rate: Up to $23 per hour[2]
  • Job title(s): Crew Member[2]
  • Schedule: Full- or part-time[2]

Apple logo

3. Apple Store

  • Pay rate: Up to $21 per hour[3]
  • Job title(s): Specialist[3]
  • Schedule: Full- or part-time[3]

Hobby Lobby logo

4. Hobby Lobby

  • Pay rate: Starting at $17 per hour[4]
  • Job title(s): All full-time hourly positions[4]
  • Schedule: Full-time; part-time opportunities are available at a lower pay rate[5]

Best Buy logo

5. Best Buy

  • Pay rate: Starting at $15 per hour[6]
  • Job title(s): All hourly positions[6]
  • Schedule: Full- or part-time[6]

Costco logo

6. Costco

  • Pay rate: Starting at $15 per hour[7]
  • Job title(s): Cashier or Stocker[7]
  • Schedule: Full- or part-time[7]

Target logo

7. Target

  • Pay rate: Starting at $15 per hour[8]
  • Job title(s): Team Member[8]
  • Schedule: Full- or part-time[8]

Whole Foods logo

8. Whole Foods Market

  • Pay rate: Starting at $15 per hour[9][10]
  • Job title(s): Team Member (all departments) and In-Store Shopper[11][10]
  • Schedule: Full- or part-time[9]

Walmart logo

9. Walmart

  • Pay rate: Starting at $15 per hour[12]
  • Job title(s): Deli or Bakery Associate[12]
  • Schedule: Full- or part-time[13]

T Mobile logo

10. T-Mobile/Metro by T-Mobile

  • Pay rate: Up to $15 per hour[14]
  • Job title(s): Retail Sales Associate or Sales Consultant[14]
  • Schedule: Full- or part-time[14]

ALDI logo

11. ALDI

  • Pay rate: Up to about $15 per hour with a pay increase after your first year[15]
  • Job title(s): Store Associate or Stocker[15]
  • Schedule: Full- or part-time[15]

Lowes logo

12. Lowe’s

  • Pay rate: Up to about $14 per hour[16]
  • Job title(s): Merchandising Service Associate, Sales Associate, Receiver/Stocker, or Cashier[16]
  • Schedule: Full- or part-time[16]

CVS logo

13. CVS

  • Pay rate: Up to about $14 per hour[17]
  • Job title(s): Store Associate[17]
  • Schedule: Full- or part-time[17]
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