Can You Buy Holiday World Discount Tickets at Meijer? Answered

Meijer storefront

Meijer does not sell Holiday World tickets — discounted or full price. We confirmed this information by contacting Meijer stores near Holiday World in Santa Claus, Ind.; all of the store associates we spoke to said Meijer does not sell discounted or full-price Holiday World tickets. You can, however, buy tickets to other theme parks, such as Cedar Point, at select Meijer locations. For more details, see below.

Other Theme Park Tickets at Meijer

While Meijer does not sell tickets to Holiday World, it does sell tickets to other theme parks. For example, you can purchase Cedar Point tickets at select stores in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. You can also purchase tickets for local attractions at select stores, customer service representatives said.

For information on purchasing discounted Holiday World tickets, see our research on Holiday World tickets at Kroger.


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