Does HomeGoods Deliver? Delivery Services, Costs, etc Explained

Sign above the front entrance of a HomeGoods store

Short Answer

 HomeGoods offers delivery in partnership with third-party delivery services like Dolly and GoShare; delivery partners vary by store location. HomeGoods’ delivery partners can often arrange same-day delivery on furniture and other large items and may offer assembly at an additional cost. For more information on delivery from HomeGoods, see below.

HomeGoods Delivery Services

Rather than offering delivery services itself, HomeGoods partners with third-party delivery services for furniture and other items a customer can’t move on their own, corporate customer service representatives said. Each HomeGoods store manager has set up at least one third-party delivery service partner for their area.

If you decide to purchase furniture or another item from HomeGoods that is too large for you to move, it is your responsibility to arrange delivery with either the suggested third-party partner service or a delivery method of your choice. At checkout, the store associate at the register can provide you with a business card or flier for that location’s delivery partner(s). The delivery service you choose will meet you at the store, pick up your item(s), and deliver them to your home.

Many HomeGoods stores in major cities — including Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and Nashville — partner with the delivery services Dolly and GoShare, which you can book online. If you reside in an area that does not offer Dolly or GoShare and you need information on partner delivery services, you can contact your local HomeGoods.

Delivery Cost and Timeline

Delivery costs will vary depending on several factors, especially which delivery partner you choose. Dolly and GoShare consider the following when determining your delivery estimate:

  • Number and type of items
  • Size and weight of items
  • Type of delivery vehicle
  • Number of delivery professionals you need
  • Estimated time and travel distance

For same-day local delivery of a single large item with one to two delivery professionals, Dolly provides a quote of about $100, and GoShare quotes this delivery at around $75.

GoShare offers assembly services for an additional charge, but it will also charge for any extra equipment needed for assembly, as well as the extra time (beyond the original estimated project time).

Many third-party delivery services can arrange same-day delivery; if same-day delivery is not available, HomeGoods will hold your purchase for up to one week, customer service representatives said.

More Information

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