Hotels That Allow Parties in Rooms Near Me? Answered

Short Answer: It is uncommon for hotels to openly allow parties in rooms. The only hotels we found that do allow parties are located in Las Vegas. In general, hotels want to ensure all of their guests have a nice stay, and allowing parties may disturb other patrons. Most hotels do, however, allow you to have a limited number of guests in your room, though you’ll have to be careful not to make too much noise. What’s recommended is that you stay at an Airbnb that allows parties. Not all do but many do. You can even rent an entire house. Plus, if you signup with our referral link, you can get up to $55 toward your first stay (note that a lucky member of the FQF staff will also receive Airbnb credit if you use our link). To learn more about hotels that allow parties and hotel policies on visitors, noise, and damages, see below.

Hotels That Allow Parties in Rooms

After calling several of the top U.S. hotel chains, we found that, in general, hotels do not want guests to have parties in their rooms.

Of course, the policy makes sense. Parties can lead to a slew of unwanted consequences for the hotel — including noise complaints from other guests and damage to the room and/or hotel property. You may, however, be allowed to have a limited number of guests in your hotel room, but you’ll have to be careful not to make too much noise. For slumber parties, be aware that most hotels have overnight guest limits per room. And, keep in mind that if you ignore hotel policies and host a party in your room anyway, the hotel staff can ask you to leave and may even call law enforcement.

Though the majority of the hotels we contacted said they don’t allow parties, hotels in Las Vegas appear to be more lenient.

We called the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and were told that parties are allowed within reason. Hotel staff suggested parties finish up or move elsewhere by 10 or 11 p.m., as noise complaints from other guests can get you kicked out. And, all guests should be 21 or older, especially if alcohol is involved.

Flamingo Las Vegas also allows guests to throw parties in its hotel rooms. Like the Plaza Hotel, too many noise complaints could lead to your party being shut down and/or you being asked to leave. Flamingo hotel staff also said only four people are allowed to stay overnight per room. This is in accordance with fire safety codes.

Hotel Policies on Visitors, Noise, and Damages

While most hotels do not allow parties in rooms, you may be allowed to have a limited number of guests in your hotel room. But, keep in mind, you and your guests will need to adhere to hotel policies. We contacted some of the most popular hotel chains in the U.S. — Best Western, Comfort Inn, Country Inn & Suites, La Quinta, and Hampton — to find out about their policies on visitors, noise, and damages. Here’s what we found:

  • Having guests in your room is often fine but often limited to six or less.
  • If any of your guests plan to stay the night, you should include their names in the reservation. If you do not, or if your room is already at capacity, you may need to book another room. Overnight limits are often tied to fire safety standards.
  • Unauthorized guests are typically not allowed pool access.
  • If anything in the room or at the hotel is damaged, there will likely be a fee. Comfort Inn said there is a $250 charge for damages. Other hotels chains said fees vary depending on how much damage is done and what exactly was broken.
  • Smoking in a non-smoking hotel or hotel room will also result in a fee. Both Hampton Inn and La Quinta said there is a $250 cleaning fee. Other hotel chains’ smoking fee varies.

Hotels That Don’t Allow Parties in Rooms

The following hotels said they do not allow parties in rooms:

  • Aloft Hotels
  • Best Western
  • Comfort Inn by Choice Hotels
  • Country Inn & Suites by Radisson
  • Custom Hotel (Los Angeles, Calif. )
  • Days Inn by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
  • Freehand Hotels
  • Hampton by Hilton
  • Holiday Inn
  • Hyatt
  • La Quinta
  • Marriott
  • Motel 6
  • Quality Inn by Choice Hotels
  • Super 8

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In Summary

Most hotels do not allow parties in rooms — except those in Las Vegas. If you have a party in your hotel room anyway, you and your guests may be asked to leave. You can, however, have a limited number of guests in your hotel room as long as you keep the noise down. Hotel visitor, noise, and damage policies generally limit visitors to six or less per room and require overnight guests to be added to the reservation. Damage charges and smoking fees can be around $250.

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