Moving into a new home can stir up a mix of emotions, like excitement and stress, but all at the same time. Help inspire your loved one to make the new place a home by giving a gift that not only brings cheer to the new space, but is also a useful item that will be cherished over time.

Consider a gift that makes a statement in the front entry, kitchen, living room or outdoor space, where loved ones are greeted and gather for many occasions and quality time. Here are 17 ideas for outstanding housewarming gifts that are super stylish and serve a great purpose (or two).

1. Cheese Board & Knife

No home is complete without a cheese board. Entertaining friends and family comes with a few requirements: cheese and crackers, to name a few. Serving an appetizer on a classy cheese board will surely impress guests, and, it is easy to relocate as your guests move around from the kitchen to the dining room to the patio.

This marble cheese board the perfect vessel for your selection of cheese, meat, fruit and crackers. Each board is unique in its coloring, as marble varies. The board also comes with a matching stainless steel knife that’s perfect for cutting cheese.

1 Cheese Tray

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2. Wind Chime

Hanging a wind chime is an easy way to create a zen-like atmosphere at a home, especially in an outdoor space. The sound of a wind chime brings harmony and peace to compliment a tranquil patio or natural garden. Plus, wind chimes are gifts that keep on giving. As long as the breeze is blowing, they will continue to make music for your new homeowner.

This beautiful bronze wind chime is made of aluminum tubes and shares a melodic tune on a 5-note pentatonic scale. It’s super durable and can withstand the elements.

2 Wind Chime

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3. Wood Coasters

Not sure what the new home looks like? No problem! A great go-to gift is a beautiful set of  coasters. They are perfect for any housewarming, even if you aren’t sure about the home’s style and decor. These olive wood natural coasters will compliment any home. Whether your new homeowner loves coffee, iced tea, hot tea, beer, wine, soda, etc., coasters get a lot of use during the daily routine and also when entertaining guests. Each coaster is handmade, sealed with natural beeswax and measures about 4 inches.

3 Wood Coasters

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4. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Consider this portable bluetooth speaker if you want a gift that can be used anywhere! Your new homeowner will appreciate being able to move his or her music around the house without turning it off or unplugging a device. If your loved one is entertaining in the kitchen, but wants to move the party to the living room or basement or deck, this bluetooth speaker makes it all possible.

Its sturdy construction makes the speaker awesome for indoor and outdoor music and can connect to a device up to 33 feet away. It has high quality sound with bass and will last 12 hours before you need to recharge.

4 Bluetooth Speaker

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5. Digital Picture Frame

Memories are meant to be shared, and your loved one would definitely appreciate a gift that can tell a great ongoing story. This digital picture frame can do just that: it will play a slideshow of both photos and videos that tell the family’s story. This gift will inspire your new homeowner to cherish old memories and create new ones along the way.

The frame is super sleek with high resolution and it has a sensor that turns the frame on when you enter the room and then off when you leave the room. It’s also set up with ports for USB and SD/SDHC.

5 Digital Picture Frame

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6. Reversible Grill/Griddle

For indoor and outdoor grilling and cooking, any homeowner would be thrilled to receive this reversible grill. When it comes to cooking on any surface, this kitchen staple know how to handle the job. The grill can used in the oven, on the stone, on an outdoor grill and on a campfire. The size allows the griddle to fit over two stovetop burners, making it possible to grill inside. Plus, it has two sides: one for a smooth griddle and one for a ribbed grill. This makes a solid housewarming gift that serves many purposes and may even find its way to a camp out or a tailgate party.

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7. Sustainable Wood Fruit Bowl

There’s a handful of things that make a home feel comfortable, and fresh fruit is one of them. Think about a statement piece for your new homeowner friend that can be used to display fresh fruit and vegetables. This gorgeous hand-crafted mango orchard wood bowl will be the perfect home for both fruits and veggies, and could also be used for serving salads, candy or snacks.

Plus, this bowl comes in several different sizes so you can pick what’s best for your budget. Include fresh fruit that’s in season with your gift to make it even more special.

7 Fruit Bowl

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8. Wall Outlet with USB Charging

Gifts that make life easier are usually the most appreciated. You new homeowner friend is still learning where the light switches and outlets are, and might wish for a few more charging stations. This outlet is packed with 6 outlets and two USB plug ins. Plus, it’s a surge protector, and will protect your devices. This gift is as easy to install as it is to use. I promise, this gift will get a lot of use and will not go unappreciated.

8 Wall Outlet with USB Charging

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9. Grow Your Own Herbs Kit

Every new home needs some live plants! Why not encourage making that new window space real estate for growing herbs that can be used and enjoyed? Your homeowner will love the idea of growing yummy herbs that can be used in lots of recipes. This herb garden set is made of three mini Cedar wood planters, and includes a drip tray (so your window sill stays dry).

You can choose the herbs your gift recipient will enjoy, from basil, cilantro, thyme, oregano, chives and parsley. I have my favorites, but the fun picking yours! Your homeowner friend will appreciate how easy it is to put this kit together, too. They’ll just need to pop in the soil, the seeds and then add water.

9 Grow Your Own Herbs Kit

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10. Thank You Notes

New homeowners need thank you cards for many occasions, especially after that first housewarming party that resulted in lots of gifts and wine and a few visits from new neighbors sharing food! These fun assorted chalkboard-style thank you notes will come in handy when your loved one needs to share his or her gratitude with someone. These notes are super stylish and come with cute kraft envelopes, too.

10 Thank You Notes

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11. Awesome Cooler

If you really want to splurge and shower your new homeowner with a super cool gift, go for a high quality cooler. This cooler has some serious technology built into it to make it lock in cold, and reduces the need for buying more and more ice. Built to last, this cooler will be part of the homeowner’s tool kit for many years to come. Your loved one will appreciate this gift because of its versatility — it’s just perfect for any kind of entertaining and travel.

11 Awesome Cooler

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12. Magnetic Screen Door

I’ve got the perfect gift idea for the homeowner who loves to extend the home outside! A hands free magnetic screen door does a few fantastic things: it removes the hassle of closing and opening the patio door; and it allows fresh air inside while keeping bugs out. This is an ideal gift that is easy to use and install. Plus, pets can come in and out of the house with ease, too!

12 Magnetic Screen Door

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13. Personalized Address Stamp

A new home comes with a brand new address, too! Make it easy on your new homeowner friend and consider this designer and personalized address stamp. A homeowner would love to see their new address in a cool design that can be stamped on any piece of mail, whether it’s a bill or a card or an invitation. This is another example of a gift that keeps giving. Plus, you can choose from more than 1,000 design combinations.

13 Address Stamp

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14. Flameless Flickering Candle

Help your friend create some ambiance at the new home. This flameless candle is a great gift because it creates a soft and gentle flickering flame that makes the environment more relaxing and soothing. The candle could be used in any room, and there’s no mess to clean up from dripping wax (and no fire hazard). Plus, the candle has an on-and-off switch and a remote control, so you can still manage your candle from the couch or bed.

14 Flameless Flickering Candle

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15. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Every day is different at your new homeowner’s house, so think about a gift that will help them tap into the mood and energy of each day or night. An aromatherapy diffuser will do exactly that: it can mist an aroma to encourage relaxation, energy or health; and display mood changing lights. This diffuser has 4 timer and mist options, so you can adjust the time and strength of the mist.

15 Aromatherpy Diffuser

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16-17. Bird Feeder & Wild Bird Seed

Singing birds can help make a new house feel a little more like home. Birds learn to visit you and can become a part of your daily routine. Especially if your new homeowners are animal lovers, inspire them to invite beautiful sounds into the yard by feeding the birds. This classic copper feeder holds 2.5 lb of seed and has 4 different feeding stations where birds can perch. The feeder is equipped with a cap system that helps keep squirrel friends out. 

Wild Bird Seed Mix will attract birds like Cardinals, Finches, Chickadees, Wrens and many more.

16 Bird Feeder

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17 Bird Seed

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I’m pretty sure any homeowner would appreciate these 17 gift ideas, because each gift is useful and serves a purpose or two. Sometimes, your friend or loved one doesn’t even realize they have a need or a want until you present them with a fantastic housewarming gift. Those kinds of gifts really are the best kind — the unexpected ones!

Consider a gift for your new homeowner that suits his or her personality. You’ve got a variety of choices to pick from here, so have fun browsing.