How Long Before Verizon Shuts off Service After Missed Payment? Solved

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Depending on the circumstances, Verizon may shut off cell service as soon as the week of your missed payment or up to 60 days after a missed payment. Shut-offs are handled on a case-by-case basis; Verizon will consider factors like how long you’ve been a customer, your payment history, and your account standing before the missed payment. For more details on how long you have before Verizon shuts off service after a missed payment, see below.

How Long Before Verizon Shuts off Service?

Verizon will decide when to shut off cell service after a missed payment on a case-by-case basis, corporate customer service representatives said. Verizon typically offers some leeway the first time you miss a payment — particularly if you’re a longtime account holder who has consistently made payments. If your account has otherwise been in good standing, Verizon may wait up to 60 days from the missed payment before disrupting your cell service.

However, if you’ve missed a payment before, your service may be shut off the same week as your missed payment. Verizon will notify you by email if your service is going to be shut off. And, service can be restored the same day you pay your account balance, representatives said. Verizon’s reconnection fee is $20 per line.

Verizon Payment Arrangements and “Promise to Pay”

If you’re struggling to pay your monthly bill, you can set up a payment arrangement or “promise to pay” through the My Verizon online portal any time you have a balance. You can also make payment arrangements by phone or in a Verizon store, but you’ll be charged a $7 agent assistance fee; online setup is free. Full instructions for payment arrangements are on Verizon’s customer support page. After setting up a payment arrangement or “promise to pay,” your service won’t be interrupted unless you fail to pay your balance on or before the date you select at setup, a customer support representative said.

For a payment arrangement, you’ll need to enter a payment method, payment amount, and date you want the payment to process. A “promise to pay” only requires the payment amount and date you will pay it; no payment information is required.

Verizon charges a late payment fee if it receives your payment after the due date, even if you’ve made a payment arrangement or promise to pay. Late fees are 1.5% of your unpaid balance or $5, whichever is greater.

You may be able to avoid late fees and shut-offs by contacting Verizon’s Financial Services department at (866) 266-1445; representatives can waive late fees at their discretion.

In Summary

Verizon may shut off cell service the week of your missed payment or up to 60 days after your missed payment, depending on your account and payment history. If you’re having trouble paying your monthly bill, you can set up a payment arrangement or “promise to pay.” Contacting Verizon’s customer service department can also help you avoid late fees and shut-offs. If your service has already been shut off, you can get it reactivated after paying your account balance, plus a $20 reconnection fee per line.

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