How Long Does Build-A-Bear Take? Time Estimate, Process Detailed

Build-A-Bear storefront

Short Answer

Building a stuffed animal at Build-A-Bear can take around 15 to 20 minutes or longer, depending on the lines and how much time you spend browsing. A single stuffed animal can cost anywhere from $10 plus tax to over $100 if you choose to buy clothing and accessories.

How Long Does Build-A-Bear Take?

Building a stuffed animal at Build-A-Bear Workshop typically takes about 20 minutes if there is no line, customer service representatives said. Service lines on weekends, holidays, and during special sales events will add time to your Build-A-Bear visit.

With a variety of styles and accessories available, the length of your visit is also dependent on how much time you spend browsing and making decisions.

If you are visiting the store with a child who knows exactly which animal he or she wants and doesn’t need any outfits or accessories, the process can take as little as 15 minutes.

Build-A-Bear Process

There are several steps involved in the Build-A-Bear experience:

  • Choose your un-stuffed animal. Choices range from classic animals to movie and television characters.
  • Stuff your Build-A-Bear. Once you’ve picked your Build-A-Bear, a store associate will help you stuff it and give it a plush heart to place inside.
  • Customize your animal. Before your stuffed animal is stitched up, you can choose to customize it with pre-recorded sound effects, personalized voice recordings, or even scents. You also have the option to create a birth certificate for your stuffed animal, which an associate will help you print in-store.
  • Dress your Build-A-Bear. After your stuffed animal is complete, there is an assortment of clothing and accessories for your bear to choose from. (Note: Most stores have available clothing and accessory items on display, but if you are looking to save time in-store, Build-A-Bear has a larger online selection of clothing and accessories that you can purchase anytime.)

How Much Does Build-A-Bear Cost?

Below is a breakdown of price ranges for Build-A-Bear stuffed animals, clothing, and accessories:

  • Stuffed Animals: $10 to $35
    • Most of the classic animals — bears, dogs, cats, etc. — are about $20 each.
    • Smaller animals are typically about $10 to $12, while larger or specialty stuffed animals can cost up to $35.
    • Build-A-Bear also offers select 36-inch stuffed animals for about $50 each.
  • Clothing: $4 to $20
    • Individual pieces tend to be less expensive, while multi-piece sets and costumes cost around $20.
    • Build-A-Bear sells a small selection of clothing for young children, and these pieces can cost up to $30.
  • Accessories: $2 to $40
    • These include everything from smaller items your stuffed animal can wear to larger toys and blankets.

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