How Long Does It Take to Become a UPS Driver? Answered

Becoming a UPS delivery driver isn’t as straightforward as applying and getting hired. UPS has a “promote-from-within” culture, which means that if there’s an opening for a driver, UPS will first offer it to current employees. Below, we have what you need to know about UPS’ hiring and promotion process.

How Long Does It Take to Become a UPS Driver?

UPS’ hiring process for delivery drivers is almost exclusively limited to promoting employees from within the company, a corporate representative for UPS said. Open driver positions are typically filled by internal applicants based on seniority. Current UPS package handlers can sign a bid sheet for the position, and a driver will be chosen from the bid sheet. If no current employees are interested in the driver position, UPS will look outside the company. However, that rarely happens, the representative said.

A similar process is in place for other open positions at UPS. If there’s an open tractor-trailer driver position, for example, UPS delivery drivers are first offered the chance to bid for that position. In fact, the majority of UPS’ management previously worked as drivers, the corporate representative told us.

Because of UPS’ emphasis on promoting-from-within, it can take years to become a delivery driver. Openings are dependent on the facility, location, and retirement of current drivers, the representative said. This is likely not what job applicants want to hear, but, keep in mind, during peak seasons (like right before the holidays), UPS hires approximately 100,000 seasonal employees. Some of the temporary positions are for delivery drivers. While this is seasonal work, about 35% of seasonal employees become permanent hires after January. Although, that doesn’t mean that if you’re hired as a seasonal driver you’ll be able to continue as a driver; you may be offered a position as a package handler.

In Summary

How long does it take to become a UPS driver? It can take years to become a UPS delivery driver because the company has a promote-from-within culture. You’ll likely have to start as a UPS package handler and work your way up to a driver.

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