How Long Does It Take to Get Glasses from Walmart? Answered

Prescription glasses can be purchased from Walmart online and in-store. Walmart Vision Center orders take three to seven days. Online orders will arrive at your home in about a week. We have all the details on Walmart Vision Center orders, plus instructions on how to order online.

How Long Does It Take to Get Glasses from Walmart?

It takes about three to seven days for a Walmart Vision Center to complete an order for prescription glasses, customer service associates said. The time it takes is based on the prescription.

Walmart Vision Centers offer eye care services, contact lenses, and prescription glasses. Vision centers are available at Walmart Supercenter locations. Basic eye exams start at about $65, though the price varies by location. Most of the Walmart Vision Centers we contacted quoted prices around $65 for a basic exam, but some charged $75 to $100. It’s best to contact your local Walmart store for its Vision Center’s pricing.

Glasses can also be ordered from Walmart online and will be delivered in about a week. Customers can choose from the selection of prescription glasses frames at An existing prescription is needed to order eyeglasses online; you will enter your prescription and choose from available lens options during checkout. Prescription glasses start at about $40. Single-vision lenses are free with your frame purchase, and progressive no-line lenses are available at an additional charge — usually around $80. Other lens options include:

  • Clear lens: No additional charge
  • Basic tint lens (for sun protection): Starting at about $40
  • Polarized tint lens (for sun protection and glare reduction): Starting at about $50
  • Transitions lenses (for indoor and outdoor use): Starting at about $65

After making your lens choice, you’ll need to choose a package option:

  • Basic: Free; includes anti-scratch coating
  • Most Popular: About $30; includes impact-resistant lenses
  • Nikon Eyes Advanced: About $120; includes anti-smudge and water-resistant coatings, plus high-definition digital lenses and a two-year limited coating warranty
  • Nikon Eyes Customized: About $150; includes all of the benefits of the Nikon Eyes Advanced package plus thinner and lighter lenses

After making your selections, upload a picture of your prescription. Your new pair of glasses will arrive in about one week; two-day shipping and free in-store pickup are available for some orders.

For an alternative, see our article on getting glasses from Costco. Looking for something faster and free? Walmart will put old lenses in new frames.

In Summary

How long does it take to get glasses from Walmart? You can get prescription glasses from a Walmart Vision Center in three to seven days, depending on your prescription. Prescription glasses can also be ordered online and delivered to your home within about a week.

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  • Cierra Patrice Wilkerson says:

    I ordered glasses from walmart before with my prescription. My glasses are lost, will walmart still have a copy of my prescription so that I can get another pair or would I need a new prescription?

    • Lindsey Desmet says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hello, Cierra! If you order new glasses online, you will need to enter your prescription again. If you got your glasses in person at a Walmart Vision Center and also got your eye exam there, it should still be on file, but you may need a new prescription depending on when you had your last exam. Best of luck!

    • Lindsey Desmet says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hello, Marilyn! Some replacement lenses are available from third-party sellers on the marketplace, but you cannot order prescription lenses alone from Walmart directly. Some Walmart Vision Centers will put new lenses into frames that you already own if you visit the store in person, as detailed in our related article on frame and lens replacement. The availability of this service does vary by store; it’s best to call your local Walmart Vision Center before visiting to find out whether it can put new lenses in your frames. Best of luck!

  • I made an order in store. I have an order number on my receipt. Is there any way to check order status online?

    • Lindsey Desmet says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hello, Kristy! Unfortunately,’s order tracker requires your email address and only works for orders placed online. You will need to call your local Walmart Vision Center to check the order status for an in-store purchase.

    • Lindsey Desmet says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hello, Betty! You can browse Walmart’s selection of frames online. You will need a copy of your prescription from your eye doctor. After choosing frames, you will manually enter your prescription and choose your lenses during the checkout process. We have updated our article to include more details of this process.

    • Lindsey Desmet says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hello, Janice! Walmart Vision Centers, pharmacies, and clinics may accept Medicare/Medicaid, but the acceptance policy varies by store. It is best to contact your local store to learn which insurances are accepted and which services are covered. We have a dedicated article with more details on using Medicaid at Walmart.