Leggings have been around for a long time but it wasn’t until the 1960s, when pants became much tighter, that the current legging trend began. Nowadays, LuLaRoe, a company made up of thousands of independent consultants, is one of the most well-known producers of leggings. In this article, we’ll explain all about the cost, sizes, and availability of LuLaRoe’s leggings as well as other clothing items.

In This Article

Unlike other brands, you cannot purchase LuLaRoe leggings in a department store or boutique. Instead, you can only buy the leggings from independent consultants, a concept similar to brands like Mary Kay. Founder DeAnne Stidham established this business model to help stay-at-home moms balance their responsibilities and demands of parenting with their desire to run a business and earn money.

Consultants say that the LuLaRoe business model allows them freedom and flexibility. Consultants can work part-time for extra cash, or they can sustain a full-time career. Some consultants have even been able to support their families entirely through LuLaRoe sales.

LuLaRoe Leggings Cost, Sizes, and Availability

LuLaRoe leggings are made of polyester and spandex. They come in two sizes for adults: One Size (OS) which fit women up to size 10/12, and Tall and Curvy (TC) which fit women 10/12 up to 22/24. As of February 2017, the cost of adult leggings is $25 per pair. Specialty leggings, usually released for holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, tend to be a few dollars more. LuLaRoe describes its leggings as being “buttery soft” products which will hold their shape much longer than usual retailers.

Leggings for children are available in sizes small/medium (SM/M), large/x-large (L/XL), and tween. Tween leggings will also fit women who wear size zero. Children and tween leggings cost $23.

LuLaRoe wholesale prices range from $8.50 to $31, depending on the product. However, there are set retail prices for each item. LuLaRoe consultants are restricted from selling their products below a certain price point. LuLaRoe consultants are the only ones who can purchase products at wholesale prices.

Other LuLaRoe Clothing Costs and Descriptions

With LuLaRoe’s soft, comfortable leggings now a wardrobe staple, customers have created a high demand for LuLaRoe dresses and tops to complement their leggings. LuLaRoe is also known for its unique, limited prints.

LuLaRoe produces only 2,500 pieces of the same print, creating a high demand for exclusive styles. Highly sought-after pieces (known as “unicorns”) are commonly sold on eBay, marked up for much higher than their retail value. Thus, when you buy one of the pieces below, you’re guaranteed to have a unique product. Below, we’ll give you prices and descriptions for all of your LuLaRoe clothing options, including bottoms, children’s clothing, dresses, shirts, cardigans, vests, and skirts.



  • Cost: $55
  • Description: Capri length athletic leggings with a yoga waistband to maximize comfort.


  • Cost: $65
  • Description: Ankle length athletic leggings, almost identical to the Jade leggings, but longer.

Children’s Clothing


  • Cost: $30
  • Description: A children’s dress with an A-line cut which is a super cute skirt for twirling!


  • Cost: $28
  • Description: A child’s short sleeve cover up kimono, usually made of a lighter material

Gracie T

  • Cost: $28
  • Description: A kids shirt described as a combination of both an adult Irma and Classic T, this top can be worn by both boys and girls!

Kids Azure

  • Cost: $25
  • Description: The full circle skirt with a yoga waistband is perfect for twirling and playing


  • Cost: $32
  • Description: Features a hidden elastic waistband and inset pockets, and can be worn as a dress or as a tunic

Sloan T

  • Cost: $28
  • Description: This versatile shirt is designed for boys and girls alike. It’s a soft and durable knit baseball tee that comes in a wide variety of colors and prints.



  • Cost: $65
  • Description: This dress’s stretchy knit fabric is comfortable enough to let you wear all day, but also has the structure and tailoring making it sophisticated enough for the office or a fancy night out. Zipping in the back, part of this dress’ popularity is due to its pockets!


  • Cost: $60
  • Description: This is a floor-length knit maxi dress with a fitted bodice, flattering scoop neck, and mid-length sleeves.


  • Cost: $55
  • Description: An adorable super loose dress that can be sized up or down without sacrificing fit! It can be styled in a TON of ways, and also features a dramatic high-low cut and often has a pocket on the chest.


  • Cost: $45
  • Description: This curve hugging dress is super soft and stretchy, it still covers to the knee and, when sized up, provides some extra middle-area camouflage.


  • Cost: $47
  • Description: This awesome dress has a scoop neck with a mid-waistline and a twirl circle skirt. These dresses are feminine and fun! Add a tulle pettiskirt and this dress pops even more

Shirts, Cardigans, and Vests

Classic T 

  • Cost:  $35
  • Description: A more classically cut t-shirt with a scoop bottom in the back.


  • Cost:  $35
  • Description: This tunic style top is amazing with leggings! It’s got a low cut back and is oversize, specifically marketed to “cover your assets.”


  • Cost: $60
  • Description: A lightweight and breezy longline vest, perfect for layered looks.


  • Cost: $48
  • Description: A short, yet longer sleeve light-weight cardigan.

Mark T

  • Cost: $42
  • Description: A timeless three-button Henley top featuring contrasting, raglan-style long sleeves, great for men or women.


  • Cost: $48
  • Description: This kimono is flowing, oversized and comfortable, and comes in the prettiest patterned chiffon and lace fabrics.

Patrick T

  • Cost: $40
  • Description: This men’s t-shirt features the same hi-low cut as other LuLaRoe shirts.

Perfect T 

  • Cost: $36
  • Description: This t-shirt has slits on both sides to help create a more flared look, can also be tied up the sides for a cute look!

Randy T

  • Cost: $35
  • Description: This unisex top (primarily geared towards women) is a baseball style shirt, and is not as long as other tops.


  • Cost: $70
  • Description: A long-sleeved calf-length sweater cardigan with pockets; perfect for colder weather.



  • Cost: $35
  • Description: This knee-length, A-line skirt looks dressy and polished, but its knit fabric and flattering fold-over waist make it feel like your favorite pair of yoga pants.


  • Cost: $35
  • Description: A pencil skirt with lots of stretch for a ton of comfort!


  • Cost: $55
  • Description: This skirt features a romantic, accordion-pleated skirt made of CVC and rose skin that drapes beautifully and fashionably below the knee.


  • Cost: $46
  • Description: This skirt is double layered with a thick elastic waistband. The bottom layer is silkier and solid in color whereas the top layer is often lace or sheer with color and design. The top layer is slightly longer than the inside layer, making a pretty silhouette.


  • Cost: $52
  • Description: This skirt boasts a custom, exposed elastic waistband and a gathered, lined, floor-length skirt.


  • Cost: $46
  • Description: This skirt is the bottom half of an Amelia dress featuring pockets, with the same hand-set box pleats sewn into it.


  • Cost: $42
  • Description: This LuLaRoe original was created by founder and company owner who hand made skirts for her daughter and friends in different patterns. This skirt offers optimal comfort and the ability to adjust the length.

Where to Buy LuLaRoe Clothing

Independent consultants hold sales on their Facebook pages and via Pop Up Parties in the homes of consultants or hostesses.  Some consultants also choose to hold Pop Up Parties at local festivals or other fundraising events.

If you’re interested in purchasing LuLaRoe leggings, your first step is to find a Facebook group run by an independent consultant. They will announce sales, both online and in-person, and allow you to determine the best way for you to purchase clothing.

In Summary

LuLaRoe is best known for its colorful leggings, but the company also offers a wide selection of tops, dresses, and bottoms – for women, children, and even men – that flatter any size and figure. Contact a local independent LuLaRoe consultant if you’re interested in experiencing the trend for yourself.