How Much Can I Overdraft My Checking Account?

If you’re wondering, “How much can I overdraft?” we have your answer. How much you can overdraft your checking account will vary by bank or credit union and your account history. We have compiled the list of bank and credit union overdraft policies and fees for your convenience.

Nearly everyone has overdrafted their bank account at one time or another and it’s not a fun experience. Overdrafting your account means a check or transaction cost exceeds the amount of available funds in your checking account. To learn more about what this means, how much overdrafting your account will cost you, and how to avoid this problem, read on.

What Is an Overdraft?

An overdraft — which is also referred to as a non-sufficient funds (NSF) transaction — occurs when you write a check, make a debit card purchase, or withdraw money from an ATM and don’t have enough money in your checking account to cover the transaction. This results in your account showing a negative balance.

Can you overdraft a savings account? It’s important to note that overdrafts can only occur with checking accounts and not with savings accounts. If you attempt a transaction that would overdraw your savings account, the transaction will simply be denied by the bank.

What Happens When You Overdraft?

When you make a transaction with insufficient funds, you’ll be charged an overdraft fee. For multiple overdrafts, separate fees are charged for each item that goes over your available balance. Bank overdraft fees vary but generally range from $25 to $40 per item.

The bank or credit union will generally allow overdraft transactions and cover the amount of insufficient funds for the transaction. However, you’ll be required to pay back this overdraft amount plus any fees by depositing funds into your account. If you’re a customer in good standing with very few overdrafts, your bank may waive the overdraft fee. However, if your account is frequently overdrafted, you’ll definitely be responsible for the fees.

How Much Can You Overdraft?

So how much can you overdraft? How many overdrafts can you have? Most banks cover the transaction when you overdraft. How much they’ll cover will depend on whether you’ve overdrafted your account before and whether you have an overdraft protection plan linked to your account. See the next section on how to avoid overdrafts for more information on how different protection plans work.

How Soon Can You Use Your Overdraft?

If you don’t have a history of overdrafting your account, the bank will immediately allow your purchase and you will later be responsible for repaying the balance, plus any applicable fees. In this case, you will be able to bring home your purchase(s) made by check or debit card.

If the bank refuses to cover a transaction because you’ve had a lot of overdrafts or already have a negative account balance, then your check will be returned and your debit card purchase will be declined. Banks don’t generally give a specific number or frequency of overdrafts at which they’ll stop covering transactions; this is usually determined on a case-by-case basis.

Can You Cash a Check If Your Account Is Overdrawn?

“Can I cash a check if my account is overdrawn?” Most businesses use a check authentication system to assess the riskiness of your check. If they scan your check and the system show a history of overdrafts or checks returned for non-sufficient funds, the business probably won’t take your check.

If a business does cash a check when your account is already overdrawn or if the check itself will overdraw your account, then the check will be returned. That means you’ll end up owing money for the value of the check to the business that cashed it, plus, your bank might charge you an overdraft fee and the business where you cashed or paid with the check might charge you a returned check fee. All this adds up, so it’s best to avoid check writing if it might overdraw your account.

Do Overdrafts Affect Credit?

Overdrafting your checking account won’t usually have an effect on your credit score. Overdrafts will only get reported to a credit score agency if the bank takes you to collections to recover the money you owe. This might happen if you leave your account overdrawn for a significant period of time — usually a few months — or if you rack up a lot of overdraft fees and don’t pay them. To make sure overdrafts don’t end up on your credit report, pay your fees and get your checking account back in the green quickly.

What Banks Let You Overdraft?

Almost all banks let you overdraft, but it’s best to check your own bank or credit union’s policy and if there is an opt-in or opt-out program for how to handle overdrafts. That means whether they allow it (within specific limits), or deny any attempt you make to overdraft your account. In some cases, you can connect your savings account to act as a back up, but some will still charge fees for the transfer.

How Can You Avoid Overdrafts?

The best way to avoid overdrafting your checking account is to never spend more money than you have available. However, even keeping careful track of your account balance doesn’t always work. For example, a check you deposited might not clear as soon as you expected or purchases made with checks or debit cards may not be reflected in your balance right away.

Fortunately, most banks and credit unions offer some type of overdraft protection program, which may include:

  • The option to not allow overdrafts, in which case your transaction will be declined if you don’t have enough funds in your account.
  • Linking another account, such as a savings account or credit card, to your primary account and allowing automatic transfers to cover insufficient funds.
  • An overdraft line of credit, which automatically covers insufficient funds up to a certain amount without charging additional fees. Overdraft lines of credit are similar to credit cards in that you’ll be charged interest, typically at a low rate, and any amount charged to the credit line must be paid back.

Bank and Credit Union Overdraft Policies and Fees

1. Bank of America

  • Overdraft fees: $35 per item
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum of four items per day
  • Available protection programs: Overdraft Protection allows you to link a second Bank of America account to your checking account to cover insufficient funds. Transfer fees may apply, depending on your account type.
  • Source: Bank of America FAQs: Overdraft Services
  • Find your nearest Bank of America

2. Bank of the West

  • Overdraft fees: $35 per item. If your account balance remains more than $15 negative, an extended overdraft fee of $30 is charged on the sixth day of the negative balance.
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum of four items per day
  • Available protection programs:
    • Savings Overdraft Protection: Automatically transfers funds in $50 increments from an eligible savings or money market account to cover insufficient funds. Transfer fees are applied to each transaction.
    • Gold Line Account: Overdraft line of credit that automatically transfers funds in $50 increments to cover insufficient funds. Loan transfer fees are applied to each transaction.
  • Source: Bank of the West Overdraft Program Options
  • Find your nearest Bank of the West

3. BB&T Bank

  • Overdraft fees: $36 per item. Overdraft fees are waived if your account balance is overdrawn by less than $5 at the close of the business day.
  • Overdraft limits: Vary according to account type and account history
  • Available protection programs:
    • Overdraft review: An opt-in program that automatically declines transactions that would overdraft your account
    • Overdraft protection: Link an eligible savings account or line of credit to your checking account to cover insufficient funds with automatic transfers. Fees of $9 per transfer are applied (but are waived for transfers less than $5)
  • Source: BB&T Pricing and Fees At A Glance
  • Find your nearest BB&T Bank

4. BMO Harris Bank

  • Overdraft fees: $35 per item; fees waived if the account is overdrawn by less than $5 at the close of business day
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum of four items per day
  • Available protection programs:
    • Overdraft funding: Link an eligible deposit account to your checking account to automatically transfer insufficient funds. Transfer fees are applied to each transaction.
    • Overdraft protection line of credit (interest rates apply)
  • Source: BMO Harris overdraft services for personal checking accounts
  • Find your nearest BMO Harris

5. Chartway Federal Credit Union

  • Overdraft fees: $30 per item. Fees will be waived if your account is overdrafted by less than $10.
  • Overdraft limits: None
  • Available protection programs:
    • Overdraft link to savings or another eligible Chartway account to cover insufficient funds ($6 fee per transfer)
    • Overdraft line of credit (interest rates apply)
  • Source: Chartway Overdraft Coverage Options
  • Find your nearest Chartway

6. Chase Bank

  • Overdraft fees: $34 per item. Fees are waived if your account is overdrafted by less than $5.
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum of three items per day
  • Available protection programs: Overdraft Protection allows you to link to your Chase savings account to automatically cover insufficient funds. Transfer fees are applied for each transaction.
  • Source: Chase Overdraft and Overdraft Fee Information
  • Find your nearest Chase Bank

7. Citibank

  • Overdraft fees: $34 per item
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum of four items per day
  • Available protection programs:
    • Safety Check: Transfer funds from savings account to checking account to cover insufficient funds ($10 fee per transfer)
    • Checking Plus: Variable line of credit to cover insufficient funds ($10 fee per transfer)
  • Source: Citibank overdraft services
  • Find your nearest Citibank

8. Connexus Credit Union

  • Overdraft fees: $29.95 per item
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum overdraft amount of $300, not including fees
  • Available protection programs:
    • Standard accounts automatically transfer funds from savings to checking to cover insufficient balance ($8.95 transfer fee applies)
    • Overdraft Protection Line of Credit
  • Source: Connexus Credit Union Fee Schedule
  • Find your nearest Connexus Credit Union

9. Fifth Third Bank

  • Overdraft fees: $37 per item. Fees are waived if the account is overdrafted by less than $5.
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum of five items per day
  • Available protection programs:
    • Standard accounts do not allow overdrafts; transactions are declined when there are insufficient funds. Fifth Third customers can opt-in to overdraft coverage to enable overdrafts, which are charged the standard fee of $37 per item.
    • Overdraft protection: Link a Fifth Third savings account to your checking account to automatically cover insufficient funds. A per-transfer fee of $12 is applied.
  • Source: Fifth Third Bank Overdraft Solutions
  • Find your nearest Fifth Third Bank

10. First National Bank

11. HSBC

  • Overdraft fees: Overdraft transactions are not processed unless you’re enrolled in the Select Credit overdraft protection program. For non-Select Credit customers, all transactions with insufficient funds are declined.
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum of $10 per day for Select Credit customers
  • Available protection programs: Select Credit is a revolving line of credit for overdraft protection
  • Source: HSBC Checking Accounts page
  • Find your nearest HSBC

12. KeyBank

  • Overdraft fees: $39 per item
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum of four items per day
  • Available protection programs:
    • Overdraft service: KeyBank customers can choose to opt out of overdraft and instead have transactions declined when there are insufficient funds
    • Link your checking account to a qualifying KeyBank account to cover insufficient funds, including savings, credit card, line of credit, and home equity line of credit accounts
  • Source: KeyBank Overdraft Protection Options
  • Find your nearest KeyBank

13. M&T Bank

  • Overdraft fees: $38.50 per item. Fees waived if the account is overdrawn by less than $5.
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum of five items per day
  • Available protection programs:
    • Link to your M&T savings account or Visa credit card to automatically transfer the difference when you have insufficient funds. Transfer fees of $12.50 apply; limit of no more than one transfer fee per day
    • Overdraft line of credit. $12.50 transfer fee plus standard interest rates apply.
  • Source: M&T Bank Overdraft Protection Plans
  • Find your nearest M&T Bank

14. Navy Federal Credit Union

  • Overdraft fees: $20 per item. Fees waived on transactions less than $5, or if the total amount overdrawn at the end of the business day is less than $15.
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum of three items per day, not to exceed $500 in overdrafts, including fees
  • Available protection programs:
    • Savings transfer: Transfer funds from savings to checking to cover insufficient balance at no additional charge; limited to six uses per month
    • Checking line of credit (interest rates apply)
  • Source: Navy Federal Credit Union Checking Protection Options
  • Find your nearest Navy Federal Credit Union

15. PenFed Credit Union

16. PNC Bank

  • Overdraft fees: $36 per item, with additional fees of $7 per day (for up to 5 days) each day your account remains negative
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum of four items per day
  • Available protection programs:
    • You can choose to opt out of overdraft coverage and instead have insufficient fund transactions declined
    • Link a qualifying account (savings, money market, credit card, or personal line of credit) to your checking account for automatic transfers to cover insufficient funds
  • Source: PNC Bank Overdraft Solutions
  • Find your nearest PNC Bank

17. Regions Bank

  • Overdraft fees: $36 per item
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum of six items per day
  • Available protection programs: Overdraft Protection transfers funds from a linked qualifying account (savings, money market, credit card, or line of credit) to cover insufficient funds. A daily transfer fee of $15 is charged.
  • Source: Regions Bank Overdraft Protection
  • Find your nearest Regions Bank

18. SunTrust Bank

  • Overdraft fees: $36 per item. Fees waived on items less than $5.
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum of six items per day
  • Available protection programs: Overdraft Protection transfers funds from a linked qualifying account (savings, money market, credit card, or line of credit) to cover insufficient funds. A daily fee of $12.50 is applied. This fee is waived if you deposit funds in your checking account to cover the overdraft by the end of the business day.
  • Source: SunTrust Overdraft Services
  • Find your nearest SunTrust Bank

19. TD Bank

  • Overdraft fees: $35 per item. Fees waived if the account is overdrawn by $5 or less.
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum of five items per day
  • Available protection programs: Savings Overdraft Protection links your savings or money market account to your checking account to cover insufficient funds. Daily transfer fee of $10 applies.
  • Source: TD Bank Overdraft Services Comparison Chart
  • Find your nearest TD Bank

20. U.S. Bank

  • Overdraft fees: $36 per item
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum of four items per day
  • Available protection programs: Overdraft Protection links a backup account (savings, money market, credit card, line of credit) to your checking account to cover insufficient fund transactions. Daily transfer fees apply: $12.50 for standard accounts; $7.50 for Gold Checking accounts, and free for Platinum Checking accounts.
  • Source: US Bank Overdraft Protection
  • Find your nearest US Bank

21. Wells Fargo

  • Overdraft fees: $35 per item
  • Overdraft limits: Maximum of four items per day
  • Available protection programs:
    • Wells Fargo customers can opt out of overdraft coverage for debit cards, so transactions are declined rather than processed and charged overdraft fees
    • Overdraft protection: Link up to two qualifying accounts (savings, money market, credit card, line of credit) to your checking account as backup funding sources. Daily transfer fees vary according to backup account type.
  • Source: Wells Fargo Overdraft Services
  • Find your nearest Wells Fargo

In Summary

Whether you were wondering, “How much can I overdraft?” or “Can you overdraft a savings account? or “Does overdraft affect credit?” or simply, “What happens if you overdraw your checking account?” Answers were found within the article.

How much you can overdraw varies according to your bank or credit union’s policies and your account history. Banks are more lenient in allowing overdrafts for customers who do not overdraft frequently and pay back the insufficient funds quickly. You can also sign up for overdraft protection programs your bank or credit union may offer to help you avoid hefty overdraft fees and high amounts of returned transactions.

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179 thoughts on “How Much Can I Overdraft My Checking Account? Answered

  1. Can I over draft using my debit card at a hotel swiping the card the room is 110 dollars for a night will it go through I have it to where I can over draw and it want decline

    1. If I understand your question correctly, yes, the payment will go through.

      1. I Bank With Army Aviation.. My Checking is negative $54.. Will I Still be able to go overdraft $300.00 from the ATM for an emergency?

        1. Hi Raycheal,

          Unfortunately, your account must be in good standing for 30 days prior to being granted an overdraft. Source.

          1. Hey I got a question I got into an overdraft yesterday and paid it the same day but needed to take 300 out for an overdraft and it wouldn’t let me what should I do

          2. Hi Rob,

            Unfortunately, it’s largely up to the bank’s discretion to decide which, if any, overdrafts will be allowed on any given account. Some banks will allow overdrafts for recurring automatic payments but not for everyday purchases or ATM withdrawals, while others won’t allow any overdrafts at all based on the account settings or account history. If you tried to overdraft for $300 and the transaction was declined, it will likely continue to decline until you have enough funds in your account to cover the withdrawal. To find out about the overdraft settings and restrictions on your account, you would need to get in touch with your bank directly.

    2. HI I currently have $0.13 in my checking account and need money desperately to get my seizure medicine out it cost around $400 for a month supply. I saw all the other banks you posted but you didn’t say if Regions will allow you to overdraft and or how much? I appreciate your help if anyone can answer?

      1. Sorry you didn’t get the response to your question sooner. Regions will let you overdraft up to $400

    1. You will be hit with an overdraft fee of around $30, putting your account slightly more into the negative. You are expected to repay the deficit as soon as possible though generally no more fees will be assessed. If you remain in the negative for too long, the bank will threaten to close your account and then will close your account and you will still have to repay the funds. Ideally, you want to get that 2 grand back into your account ASAP. For what it’s worth, most banks will forgive an overdraft fee or two per year so it’s worth asking to at least have the $30-ish forgiven. Of course let me know if you have further questions.

    2. Hey what banka let u overdraft that much? And did u take it from atm or use debit card transactions? My boyfriend has chase bank and they stopped him at 1100 he needed it for rent until his check came in I’m wondering if he can still get more out for now till his ssi check comes in Fri to.civer it all let me know how u got it up to 2000

      1. Hi Mary,

        Each bank uses a unique algorithm to determine how far each customer can overdraft their account. The average balance of the account, the years the customer has had the account, and other factors are all considered. In other words, overdraft limits will always vary from one customer to the next.

  2. I had a credit card set up to pull payment from my savings. There was not enough money in my savings (though there was more than enough in checking). Although I had overdraft protection, my credit union did not pull from checking to cover the credit card payment. Instead, they charged me a $24 overdraft fee each time the credit card company tried to pull the payment. This seems illogical: if the money was in checking, they should either have pulled the funds from checking into savings to cover the credit card payment, or rejected the transaction altogether, with no fee. (Or this seems to be what your post suggests.) Is that correct? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Jackie,

      Typically overdraft protection flows from the checking to the savings. Thus, if the checking is low, the savings gets drawn – not the other way around. Most institutions assume if you don’t have money in savings, there’s no point to look into your checking. You should be fine though. Your bill got paid and credit unions are very forgiving when it comes to overdraft fees (and it’s cool yours is already lower than average). You seem like you have your money situation pretty together so your CU should notice you’re normally a trouble-free customer and refund the overdrafts. Most CU’s will refund overdrafts faster than you can pose the question. As long as you don’t have a lengthy history of overdrawing. And for the future, consider debiting your checking account instead. And keep in mind, according to federal law, a person can only make a maximum of 6 withdrawals per month from a savings account.

      Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  3. Please i was over 900 dollars overdrawn in my cheque account on the same day but much later my pay was deposited into it still leaving me in arrears of 350:00 my question is because there wasn’t enough funds to cover the entire debt will the 600 dollars be deposited back into my account

    1. Hi Danny,

      The bank will take all funds deposited until you get back into the positive. They will also take money to cover the overdraft fee unless you can get them to waive the overdraft fee (which I would try doing). It sounds harsh but they just need to recover their money before they can let you any.

      1. Ok it’s happened once before I was overdrawn in my account there were funds in my account but for some reason the debt was paid and a few days later they were deposited back into my account

        1. I had a bank make a similar mistake on my account once. I called them but they didn’t care. Two years later when they were going through the books they noticed the mistake and debited my account. I’d let them know about any strange happenings and if they don’t want to do anything about it, keep enough in the account so you won’t be overdrafted when they do go looking for the money.

  4. I am overdraft $1600 with TDBank in 2 days , what is going to happen now? I have plans to start paying back the $ asap next week any advice? Thank you

    1. Hi Raul,

      TD Bank charges $35 for each transaction that overdraws your account (up to 5 per day). So however many transactions it took for you to overdraft the $1,600, multiple that by $35. Furthermore, TD Bank charges a $20 ‘sustained overdraft fee’ if your account remains in the negative for 10 business days. Though here’s the good news. You said you will pay it back ASAP. This means you needn’t worry about the sustained overdraft fee. Also, I strongly encourage you to call your branch and explain your mistake. Be honest and apologetic. They will likely waive your overdraft(s) as well. People overdraft all the time so banks do have sympathy.

      Here’s is my source for the information regarding overdraft fees at TD Bank: and if you want to consider this in the future (overdrafts for repeat offenders are far less likely to be forgiven) consider TD Bank’s overdraft protection services:

      If there’s anything else, Raul, don’t hesitate reach back out. Good luck!

  5. I over drafted my account by $300 over a few consecutive days this past week! I have Bank of America! I have direct deposit and my account is going to be brought back to a positive balance in the morning hours! I will still need to overdraw my account to pay bills! They told me today they can restrict me from over drawing my account frequently is this true? or whats the situation can I frequently overdraft as much as I would like up to my limit on a weekly basis as long as my account is current and in a positive balance when I decide to over draft?

    1. Yes, Bank of America can restrict you from overdrawing your account frequently. Source: (click on ‘What Overdraft Settings are available for consumer accounts?’ and it’s at the end of the first paragraph). Head over to that same page to read about overdraft protection and overdraft settings. Adjust your account as necessary. But in short, if you keep overdrafting, your account will no longer be in good standing and the privilege to overdraft will be taken away. Banks aren’t in the business of giving short-term loans via overdrafts. All you need to do is get a little bit ahead on your bills and then you won’t have to worry about any of this. Note: Every bank has a very similar policy. No bank likes its customers overdrafting very often. Sorry I’m not delivering better news, Anthony. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

    1. If you’re looking to overdraft to throw caution to the wind and just get extra money, you can do so right away. Although with overdraft protection, banks like to see 30 days of good account standing before you use it. Otherwise, your account may not stay in good standing, in which case all overdrafts will be refused. You also may not stay in good standing if you overdraft (without protection) right away. I’m sorry I cannot give you a perfect answer – it varies greatly from bank to bank.

  6. Hi there,

    My card wouldn’t go through when I needed something online and my account was overdrafted $-20 at the time, if I were to go in store, would it also decline?


    1. Hello,

      Yes, it would be denied just the same. It doesn’t matter if your purchase is online or on-store, the overdraft policy for your bank remains the same.

      1. Hi . I am at 50$ to my account and I need to pay 1000$ for my rent , I don’t have overdraft protection , I am wondering if they would allow my check to go through!

        1. The easiest thing to do since I’m unaware of which bank/credit union you use is call your local branch and explain the situation. You will be told one of the following: Yes, you can overdraft but will receive an overdraft fee of approximately $30. No, you cannot overdraft, you will simply be denied during your attempt. Yes, you can overdraft and you have overdraft protection which means you can ‘borrow’ that extra $50 fee-free. Banks (and especially credit unions) are very considerate when it comes to overdrafts. Explain your situation and, based on the number of banks we’ve investigated, you shouldn’t have a problem getting that extra $50. And if an overdraft fee is included, many financial institutions will refund the amount if you ask nicely and don’t overdraft more than once or twice per year. If you have another question, just leave another comment. Good luck!

          1. I bank with Wells Fargo , I get paid weekly , i am overdraft almost 500$ but I need to pay my rent, if I write out a check for 550$ To my landlord do you think it’ll bounce , I don’t have overdraft protection and I do get paid weekly , never has a checked bounced but I was just curious since I’m already overdraft .

          2. Hi Cc,

            Wells Fargo treats repeated overdrafts on a case-by-case basis. So there’s no exact answer I can give you. Upon receiving the request for funds, Wells Fargo looks at your history with the bank, the account age, average 12-month balance and a few other smaller factors. This will determine if they’d like to cut you some slack or not. Basically, if you’re a high value customer (typically these are customers who have a lot of money at the bank in total, customers who borrow a lot or customers who may want to borrow soon) they will cut you slack.

            What will happen when you write the check is that when your landlord goes to deposit it, it may or may not be accepted. If it’s accepted, it will go through but you’ll get an overdraft fee. If it’s rejected, the check will ‘bounce’ but you won’t get a fee. Go with your gut based on what you think will happen. There’s no way to know for sure without trying. Sorry I couldn’t give an exact answer. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

  7. I’m with south state bank and if tried to do too many overdrafts transactions in one day Will it lock me out

  8. My daughter is a uk citizen studying in New York. She would like to open a bank account that does NOT permit an overdraft as she is poor at money management. Does such a facility exist and if it does can we insist with the bank that NO overdraft should ever be allowed. The account would be fed from a uk based dollar account

    1. Hi Naomi,

      After an exhaustive search, there don’t appear to be any banks or credit unions (henceforth referred to as merely ‘banks’) that disallow overdrafts. Many merely put policies in place to mitigate the damage. Why? Because banks make billions off overdrafting customers each year. It’s why checking accounts are free – because banks know they will make it back with fees. It sounds surprising but overdrafting is one of the biggest money makers for banks – alongside collecting mortgage interest. I know personally since I used to help manage profitability for dozens of banks.

      So for your daughter, she can do things like get text alerts when her balance is low. She can get overdraft protection. Even getting one or two fees waived per year isn’t too difficult. But getting into a messy overdraft situation will likely always be a possibility. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  9. How do i take money off my card when i don’t have the funds in the bank. What do i say when I go inside the bank to take money off my debit card. do i have to use my bank or can i got to any bank to receive funds

    1. Hi Jackson,

      Overdrafts aren’t meant to be loans. When a bank agrees to let its customers overdraft, it’s more as a courtesy – not an opportunity. But if you need the money, find out how much you can overdraft with your current account settings. Then see if there’s any way to overdraft more. Then withdraw up to that amount. You must use your own bank to do an in-person withdrawal of this kind but you can use an ATM owned by any bank.

  10. Hi everyone. I was working in the US this summer. I opened a bank account and got a DEBIT card with it. A put my earnings on this debit card and used it as my primary payment method. At the end of the summer before coming back home I rented a car for 10 days(for $927). After I got the car I checked my balance and the cost of the car was withdrawn so I was like ‘Ok since I’m leaving in a few days I’m gonna use up all my money on my debit card’. Just the day before leaving the US I returned the car to the car rental company. Everything was fine, I flew back to Europe. Now the day after I arrived in Europe I checked my account balance to see how much money I have left and the thing I saw shocked me. -$862 !!! I did a little research and found out that even though the car rental company immediately withdrew the rental cost from my account on the day I rented the car, that money reappeared on my account the following day. I didn’t know that. I kept paying with my debit card knowing it’s a debit card so it won’t go negative, I will just zero it down. The day I left the US I had $116 left on my debit card. I planned to spend it all back home. But today I realized that the car rental company cherged my card again so I’m negative -$862 on my balance.
    The problem is that right now I don’t have enough money to pay it back. What happens if I just leave it hanging? I’m not planning to go back to the US soon and I’m not a US citizen.
    Can you please inform me about all the possibilities? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Adam,

      The amount owed may grow as some banks charge extended overdraft fees for accounts that have been in the negative for more than one month. After 60 days for a bank and 45 days for a credit union, your balance will be sent to collections. If the balance remains unpaid, it will be reported to ChexSystems. This is basically the bank’s version of a FICO credit report. So your status will be damaged if you don’t pay – which would make it difficult to get another US bank account in the future at any bank or credit union. But you won’t be stopped at the airport or anything upon your return to the US.

      Two reasons you should pay: It’s the just thing to do. You’ll probably sleep better at night. It will make life a lot easier if you ever return to the US and want to get another bank account.
      Reason you should not pay: You’re sure you’re not going to want to get another US bank account and you’re fine stiffing the bank $862 + fees.

      Remember also that overdraft fees are fairly easy to have paid so you’ll likely only owe the $862. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

  11. Hi Will
    I have a chase checking account and a debit card. I use to be able to overdraft my account, would take a 35$ hit, and that would be that. Recently I had some financial issues and had to overdraft alot for the past 2 months. I’m back on track now, but towards the end of that 2 months I realized they stopped allowing me to overdraft. My card would get declined. I assume its because I’m in bad standings with the bank now. My question is will they eventually put me back in good standing automatically or is that something I will have to call and discuss? Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi James,

      Chase and I spoke and the rule of thumb is that a person in your situation will be in the dog house for a year – no overdrafting for a year. Though, as with many overdraft situations, exceptions can be made. I asked how to get an exception and was told they need an account number in order to manually look at your account and see what they can do for you. Since I don’t have your account information, this is where my work must end. But for you – this is what you need to do: call the main customer service line at 1-800-935-9935, enter your account info and then speak with someone who will assess your situation. From what I was told, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to overdraft again much sooner than a year. Just do whatever you can to convey the message that you are indeed a good/reformed customer. Any other questions, just let me know. Thanks, James.

      1. Hey I wanted to know if I was to overdraw my account for $300 dollars and pay it back in about a month’s time how would it effect my account in the future. I currently back with Wells Fargo since 2012 this would be the first time I had to do this

        1. Hi Jessie,

          As much as I hate to say it – I can’t give you a definitive answer on what will happen. You will probably be fine since you’ve been a good customer. But Wells Fargo and I spoke and I was told that some accounts will be closed if overdrawn for 30 days. The money will then go to collections. The best thing you can do is keep your location apprised to your plan to pay the money back and you should be okay.

  12. Hey what’s up I have a Chase checking account and it’s overdrawn by a hundred bucks this is the first time it’s done that is there anyway I can cash a personal check from my bank and get money out? Or cash my own personal check to myself at my ATM

    1. Hi Dustin,

      What will happen is Chase will first take whatever money you owe. Then, yes, you can have whatever is left over.

  13. Hello,
    I have a TD bank debit card and I had a overdraft of 2 dollars in my checking’s. I forgot to put it back into the positive and it has been 3 are so months. How much would I owe back now?

    1. Hi Alissa,

      I have great news for you! You probably don’t owe anything. Overdrafts below $5 do not get charged a fee as long as you have the free overdraft protection. Having protection is not automatic but I’m told that basically everyone signs up for it when they create an account. Read more here. And if you do ever get an overdraft fee, you can pay it via cash or just by putting funds into the account. The bank will take what it is owed and then the rest will be placed in your account.

    2. HEY
      I was in US for 4months. I bought a cell phone through ebay. But the phone didnt reach me in time nor did I hear back from the seller so I set up a claim with the bank. They promised to refund me for that.before coming back to my country I received my phone a day before departure and the money was deducted from my account. I informed the bank about it and still a refund was added to my account. everything was fine. Soon after returning back I used up all the money from my visa card . Now after 3 months the bank has charged me for that amount of $349. I am not in US neither do I plan to go back again soon. What should I do now? I dont have enough money to pay it back as I am a student myself.

      1. Hello,

        That does sound like a difficult situation. Just to make sure I understand, did you return the phone after it was sent to you? If you did send back the phone but you’ve now had the refund withdrawn (so essentially you’re missing the $349 that you’re owed), you should be able to contact the bank and inform them of the error. If you have the records to get in touch with the seller, you may want to confirm with them that the phone was sent back and submit documentation of that to the bank. If you didn’t send back the phone, and you do owe the $349, you’ll need to work with the bank directly as to how to pay off the charge. The bank may be willing to work out a payment plan of some sort to help you pay back the debt over time. Best of luck, and I hope this helps!

  14. Hi my name is Tim I bank with legacy how much can I take out at one time I work so it will be paid back but I want to know in advance cause I really need to catch up my bills asap

    1. Hi Tim,

      To which Legacy Bank are you referring? There are several with similar names.

  15. i am with suntrust bank.I already deposited my check today so my overdrafted will be covered can i withdraw money or keep getting stuff because i know my money is going to be there the next morning

    1. Hi China,

      You can, yes, but you will get hit with overdraft fees on every purchase up to six purchases per day until the check amount gets added to your account. The fee is $36 for every overdraft up to six per day on all overdrafts above $5. Source.

  16. hi i have chase I’m overdrawn i get paid tomorrow direct deposit i know the bank is going to take theirs can i still get i say 600 if i only have 300 can i rite a check to cover my rent cost or can i take a loan out

    1. Hi Robert,

      You can write a check when your account is overdrawn and hope your landlord doesn’t try to cash/deposit it before the funds are available. Though if your landlord does, Chase will still likely pay. You will just get a $34 overdraft fee. Chase will still give you money any time you overdraft except when you do so while making debit card purchases. But you can still get those processed, you just need to call 1-800-935-9935. And note that Chase reserves the right to stop paying overdrafts at any time for any reason. This normally only happens if a customer overdrafts over and over again and their account remains in poor standing for a long period of time. Source.

  17. How often does Bank of America charge for account overdrafts ? Mine was overdrawn on the 20 th and again on the 27 th even though I had money in my account on the 27 th , please help in

    1. Hi Loretta,

      Bank of America will charge you $35 when you have insufficient funds. This happens whether or not the check goes through (and BofA pays on your behalf) or if it bounces. You can be charged the $35 fee up to four times per day if you try to pull insufficient funds four times per day. Source.

  18. Hi I 30$ in my account I’m waiting on debit card with chase can I over draft my account with arm card?

    1. Hi Travis,

      Chase may decline any type of overdraft. But if your overdraft goes through, it’s a $34 fee if the amount is you overdraft more than $5. If you for sure want to have your overdrafts go through, go to, call 1-800-935-9935 or visit any Chase branch. Source.

  19. Can Regions bank restrict your overdraft protection without notice if you have been overdrafting a lot for the past 2months? My overdrafts always get paid rather quickly due to my direct deposits.

    1. Hi Monica,

      Yes, Regions bank can do what you’ve experienced. From this page of the Regions website: “We reserve the right to require you to pay any overdraft immediately or upon demand. We also reserve the right not to pay overdrafts. We typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing, you are not making regular deposits, or you have too many overdrafts.”

      Let me know if you would like a more specific answer to your exact situation.

  20. I have been with Wells Fargo for 21yrs and my account is in good standing. My account transitioned from First Union to Wachovia then to the final merger with Wells. I have overdraft protection and Debit card overdraft protection. I have overdraft my Account via ATM cash withdrawals twice this year. I have an emergency and I plan to do it again (3rd time in 3 months). I have had Direct Deposit forever so the Funds will be repaid in less than a week. I noticed my Debit card ATM limit is $310. I want to withdraw $340 at the ATM. Will The ATM overlook the “set $310” because of my standard checking overdraft protection or will it decline and only allow me to withdraw up to $310 and not a penny more?

    1. Hi Chris,

      The ATM withdrawal limit is independent of overdraft protection. Your limit is not based on whether or not you have the funds, it’s based on a proprietary formula that Wells Fargo feels is the right amount to give you access to at any ATM. However, the limit can be adjusted quite easily. Simply call 1-800-869-3557 or speak with a banker at a Wells Fargo location.

    2. And just to let you know, you can withdraw the $300, then wait 24 business hours. You can then overdraw another$300 because that’s your limit but it had to be at a WF atm. I do it every single month for a year when my monthly direct deposit comes in. The atm screen turns green & yellow looking like a decline…but read it. Will say you will be charged $35, do you accept. And they have cut me off once, but it worked again in a week (I tried everyday til it let me…took a week). They do want you to believe otherwise. And if you call to ask they will tell you it’s the discretion of the computer /atm. You cannot do it inside the bank.

  21. I have tried to overdraft my account with bank of america and it denies me every time. Are there certain atms that allows overdraft.

    1. Hi Monica,

      Bank of America can restrict you from overdrafting your account. Click on ‘What Overdraft Settings are available for consumer accounts?’ to read more to see why you’re being declined and what you can do remedy the situation. There is no difference per ATM as to whether or not you can overdraft.

  22. My card has over draft protection. I asked what it was set at and they told me. Ill give you a for instance amount of 500 dollars. If I needed 400 and didn’t have enough would they approve it? I called my bank and they said as long as I had over draft protection they would. Is that righ?

    1. Hi Lynn,

      Yes, you would be covered. Though note that if you have ‘overdraft protection’, that nearly always means the funds will be drawn from another one of your accounts. Overdraft protection is protecting you from getting an overdraft fee. You’ll still pay the money at the moment of the transaction. But if you don’t have a linked account and the bank is still okay with you overdrawing, you’ll still get the money right away, you’ll just have to pay an overdraft fee (about $30) and you’ll still owe the money at a later date.

      In short, yes, you’ll be covered.

  23. Question please. I overdrafted my account this weekend at a casino. I have a feeling it’s around $5k, but I lost track. Gambling problem I’ve had many years. I will be calling my credit union on Monday to speak with them, however, I was in hopes you could offer some advice. I am not even sure what to say. I do plan to repay this debt, however, I can only do so at the rate of $500/wk. or so. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jill,

      The good news is that you’re dealing with a credit union which are usually a lot more understanding than banks. Depending on the credit union, you may be charged additional ‘extended overdraft fees’ based on if your account remains in overdraft for over a week. However, at a repay rate of $500 per week, you needn’t worry much. If your account remains in poor standing for more than a month, the amount could go to collections though you needn’t worry much if you’re in good communication with your credit union. So as far as money is concerned, you’ll likely the initial overdraft fee plus a few extended overdraft fees. May as well look at it like a super cheap and easy loan.

  24. Hi I overdraft $300 with chase bank for 3years and now I would to pay what should I do thanks

    1. Hi Xavier,

      After about a month, the amount was likely sent to a collections agency. Call your bank to find out which agency is holding your debt (or if they have discharged it by now).

  25. Hi, I just opened a Bank of Oklahoma basic checking account and I have roughly $70 in there. What is the likelihood of me being about to overdraft with overdraft protection? I have to pay rent which is $800 and I get paid in a week. What should I do?

    1. Hi Brett,

      If you did not opt for overdraft protection, “Bank of Oklahoma will not authorize and pay overdraft items for ATM transactions and everyday debit card transactions, and your transactions will be declined and returned with no overdraft fee to you.” However, if you did opt-in (sounds like you did), Bank of Oklahoma will authorize and pay ‘everyday’ transactions (your rent should fall into this category) “at our discretion.” If you don’t have any prior history with the bank, the likelihood of the overdraft being accept is fairly slim. I’d talk with a personal banker at your local branch to see what they can do. Banks can be persuaded quite easily with these types of things. Especially if they think you’ll be getting a mortgage soon, etc. Source

  26. I overdrafted my account by 500. I paid it off in full plus some less than 3 days later. I am a customer who makes regular deposits and they still have my account on lock. Meaning they took away my debit card privelleges. But when I called the 1800 number on the back of my card they said that I can still write checks. Forgive me for being confused but this makes no sense. Why take away the most convientent way to spend my money and pay bills if I make regular deposits and always pay off my negative balances right away. This has me so angry because you would think that they would do this to someone who keeps a negative balance and does not pay it off.

      1. Hi Michelle,

        I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve had with your account! Unfortunately, NBT doesn’t publish much information about how they deal with overdrafts. It sounds like the best option is to keeping trying to contact NBT at the customer service line (1-800-628-2265). You might have better luck if you visit your local branch directly, and hopefully you can work with them to get your account unlocked. Best of luck!

  27. Hey I recently over drafted my account at my credit union and I get paid weekly so my account will be back in the positive when my check is deposited but I would still need to over draft to pay bills for the next week they told me I had thirty days to bring my account back into the positive but once it’s back in the positive I I overdraft again a day or so later do I have a additional 30 days to bring it back to the positive?

    1. Hi Shay,

      It depends on your credit union to decide what will happen when you overdraft a second time. In most cases, I would think that if you pay back the first overdraft very quickly, you’ll probably be allowed another 30 days to pay back the second overdraft the same as the first — particularly if that’s the first time that something like this has happened. However, banks and credit unions can decide not to allow accounts to go into the negative (meaning the credit union just won’t allow a payment that would put an account in the red) if there’s a lot of overdraft activity. That likely won’t happen if this is one of the first overdrafts on your account. But I did want to let you know that it’s a possibility if a similar situation comes up again. I hope this helps!

  28. Hey Will,
    I have a account with a credit union I also have a privileged protection where I can overdraft my account up to $500. I recently had around forty bucks in the account and tried to pull out $200 but it declined (I used my banks atm). I now have two dollars in my account and really need money to pay for my car problems. Any idea on how to get money out? (I know i can go to a store and run my card through credit and it will go through) but I really need cash.

    1. Hi Keitha,

      Unfortunately, if your credit union is rejecting a transaction that will put your account in the negative, there’s not too much to be done. You can try calling to see if they’ve changed the policy on your account for any reason (banks and credit unions will often change or remove overdraft privileges for a variety of factors) but ultimately, it’s really up to the credit union’s discretion whether you’re allowed to withdraw more cash than you have. If you have a credit card, you can also try withdrawing cash from an ATM on that (although the fees will be pretty steep, up to 25% in some cases). Sorry I couldn’t bring you better news!

    2. Go in the store and get cash back. Most banks will not allow you to overdraft at the ATM but will for debit and credit card purchases. Getting cash back from the grocery store is considered a debit card purchase.

  29. I have overdraft amount of $500 a transaction in the amount of $655 is expected to come thur, will the credit pay, i hope not

    1. Hi Mary,

      The bank or credit union will most likely reject the transaction if it will put your account above the maximum negative balance allowed for your account (so basically, if your overdraft limit is $500, and you have less than $155 in your account, the bank will reject a $655 transaction). You may still be hit with an NSF fee, even if the transaction doesn’t post.

  30. Do you have any experience with bluebird? Is there an overdraft with bluebird American Express and is it true that if your get your payroll directly deposited to your bluebird you will get paid 2 days in advance?

    1. Hi Michelle,

      According to the American Express website, you may be able to get your paycheck up to 2 days before payday with Bluebird. Your money will be available as soon as the funds are added to your account, which can be as much as 2 days ahead — although ultimately this depends on when your employer submits the paycheck information. As far as overdrafts, it sounds like Bluebird is set up to reject any transaction that would put your account in the negative, so you wouldn’t be able to overdraft with a Bluebird account. I hope this helps!

  31. Hi I opened a chase account less than a month ago. I have 30.00 in my account is it possible for me to overdraft 150.00

    1. Hi Felicia,

      It looks like Chase hasn’t published any official information about when an account is able to overdraft, but if your account is less than a month old, it’s likely you won’t be able to overdraw on it. You can try it — if the overdraft doesn’t go through, Chase will just decline the transaction.

    2. I had my chase less than one month. I was only able to overdraw $80. Paid it less than 5 business days to avoid the $15 fee for 5 consecutive day negative. Then the following week I tried $100. Was declined, but it did let me overdraw $80 again. Horrible credit and low score in chex systems. I actually had to show responsibility with a chase liquid debit card for a year in order to be approved for this checking account. Hope that helps.

  32. Okay I’m in the Overdraft Program with Bank of America I NEED Emergency Funds.So I went to one of Bank of America ATMS And try to do an OVERDRAFT of $40.00 it wouldn’t do it Why!

  33. Hi,

    I have Chase and I am negative $338. I just got paid $2,980. Every time I would deposit a check at the ATM, it would also let me withdrawal money. If I’m negative and I go deposit the check at the ATM, will it let me get some cash back?

    1. Hi Gabriela,

      It’s hard to say whether you’ll be able to withdraw cash when you make the deposit. Chase typically makes up to $200 from a check deposit immediately available, but even if the $200 clears right away, that still won’t quite bring your account into the black. If you’re able to withdraw from a negative balance (which most accounts can, although you might get an NSF fee) then you should be able to get some cash out of the ATM.

      1. It did not let me take $100 out when I deposited my check. The check still hasn’t cleared and it’s been days.

        1. Hi Gabriela,

          Sorry to hear that the check is still giving you trouble! Did your receipt from the deposit specify when the funds would be available? If you still have the receipt, you might be able to check for a definitive date that the check will clear. You can also try calling Chase customer service directly (the number is 1-800-935-9935), and a representative might be able to tell you when you can expect the funds to clear.

  34. I have chase and I’m negative $300. I just got paid and was wondering if I would be able to get cash back after I deposit my check

    1. Hi Taylor,

      If you stay exactly at $0, you shouldn’t be charged an overdraft fee. Just be careful of any pending payments that haven’t posted yet, or any automatic transactions (like bill payments, etc.).

  35. Ok let’s say I have 100.00-200.00 in my account and I’m trying to do black Friday shopping and my bill runs up to 3500. Will I be able to write a check for 3500 and walk out or will the check be denied? I bank with SunTrust.

  36. If I have 100.00-200.00 in my account and decide to go shopping and my total winds up being 3500 can I write a check for that and walk out or will my check be denied?

    1. Hi Jason,

      The answer depends somewhat on where you’re doing the shopping. Some stores, like Walmart, use an electronic check company (TeleCheck, in Walmart’s case) to process the check immediately. Most banks won’t allow you to overdraft by such a large margin, so the transaction would likely be declined and the store would not accept your check. Any other stores that use a similar electronic check processing system will likely be the same, so in short, I wouldn’t count on being able to write a check in that scenario.

  37. Question my account is over drawn by 377 my overdraft is 509 how can get the remaining amount.. Ps I bank with a credit union.
    Or shoul I go to th store and make a purchase and then withdra

    1. Hi Yvette,

      It’s possible that you’ve already reached your overdraft limit; this limit is typically between $100 and $1,000 and varies by individual. Banks or credit unions may not disclose your overdraft limit until you reach it. Once that happens, you won’t be able to withdraw any more from an overdrawn account and any debit transactions you try will be declined. If you haven’t reached your overdraft limit, you should be able to visit an ATM to withdraw cash like you normally would. You may be able to get cash back from a purchase at a store, but again, the policies about allowed overdrafts will vary with your particular credit union. Keep in mind that you’ll likely be charged an NSF fee for each overdraft, and you may be charged repeatedly the longer your account stays in the negative.

  38. Hi my name is Taylor and I’m with the Commerce Bank. I overdrafted my account about $27 two days ago. They gave me a overdraft fee and now my account is -$67. Can I still withdraw say $40 from an ATM? I will get paid in a week so I should be in the clear soon.

    1. Hi Taylor,

      In most cases, customers are able to continue withdrawing from an overdrawn account until they hit their overdraft limit (which could be anywhere between $100 to $1,000, depending on the bank policies, the customer’s financial history, the other activity on the account, etc.). If this is the first time you’ve had a negative balance, you’ll likely be able to withdraw another $40 from the ATM (but you’ll also get another overdraft fee).

  39. Hi I bank with Chase I have -10.38 balance can I still withdrawal cash from atm I opted in to the overdraft protection

    1. Hi Michael,

      If you have Overdraft Protection, typically what will happen is that Chase will allow the withdrawal, and rather than having your checking account go in the negative, it will transfer enough funds from your linked savings account into your checking account. There’s no fee for this, but it does count toward the six allowed withdrawals from your savings account per month. In short, yes, as long as you have money in your linked savings account, you’ll be able to withdraw more than your available balance. I hope this helps!

  40. I bank with barksdale credit union if I already went past my bank overdraft limit can I do another transaction a couple days later?

  41. I bank with barksdale credit union if I already overdrafted my bank limit can I do another transaction 3 or 4 days later?

    1. Hi Ann,

      According to the Barksdale Federal Credit Union website, all checking accounts include “Overdraft Protection via your Prime Savings account or Line of Credit.” If you have a savings account linked to your checking account, you should be able to overdraft again with another transaction, and the necessary funds will be pulled from the savings account. If you don’t have a linked account, Barksdale may or may not allow an overdraft transaction, depending on the overdraft limit of your account. The overdraft limit is the highest negative balance that a credit union/bank will allow an account to reach, and it can vary by individual anywhere between $100 to $1,000. Sorry I couldn’t give you a more definitive answer!

  42. Hello I have a checking account with Chase bank I have 1200.00 in my acc now but I wrote a check for 1600.00 that they will try to electronically cash tommrow. I have over draft protection so I can go into the negative. What are the chances they let this 1 transaction go thru putting me 400 in the negative.thank you

    1. Hi Jeff,

      With Overdraft Protection from Chase, overdrafts will typically be covered by pulling the needed funds from the linked savings account to keep your checking account from having a negative balance. As long as you have $400 in your savings account, the check should clear with no problem. Be advised that the money moving from the savings account to the checking account will count towards the limit of six monthly withdrawals. You can read more about Overdraft Protection on the Chase website. I hope this helps!

      1. Hi,
        I had a -366.00 in my Bank of America account. And I got paid this morning and my account is now 50 dollars. Will I’ll be able to take out 400 dollars.

        1. Hi Vorry,

          According to Bank of America’s overdraft policies, it doesn’t sound as though you’ll be able to withdraw $400 from a balance of $50. The Overdraft Services page states that with the Standard Setting, “ATM withdrawals and every day, non-recurring debit card transactions (individual debit card purchases such as at the grocery store or a one-time online purchase), will only be authorized when we determine you have enough available funds in your account or in your eligible linked Overdraft Protection account at the time of the transaction.” This implies that unless you have the funds available in either your checking account or in a linked account, you won’t be able to use an ATM withdrawal to get more cash than you have available.

  43. I have had a savings account with navy federal for 20 years, I just got a checking account there earlier this month… when and how much can i overdraft? Emergency. Also, I bank with wellsfargo for a long time .how also, how much can i overdraft there?

    1. Hi Lori,

      Navy Federal Credit Union has a number of available overdraft programs in place. Whether you’re able to overdraft at all and how those overdrafts will be handled depends on the settings and limits of your individual account. For example, the default setting for NFCU is the Savings Transfer program, where money will be moved into your checking account from your savings account to prevent your checking account from going into the negative. With this program, you could technically withdraw as much money as is in your savings account (pending other limits and regulations). You can read more about the available Navy Federal settings for overdrafts on the credit union’s website. Similarly, Wells Fargo customers can opt into a number of different overdraft settings. If you’re not sure what the overdraft settings are on your Wells Fargo or Navy Federal account, you’ll need to get in touch with customer service to find out more about how your account is set up to handle overdrafts.

      Within these settings, there’s also the overdraft limit (or the maximum negative balance that a bank will allow an account to carry) to consider. This limit varies by individual, typically between $100 and $1,000. Because this information is specific to your account, it’s not really possible to say exactly how much you can overdraft with either Navy Federal or Wells Fargo. If you have a very strong banking history with no record of overdrafts, and if your accounts are set up to allow overdrafts, it’s likely you’ll be able to overdraft several hundred dollars from each account. Again, that’s dependent on a “best case scenario” sort of situation (and keep in mind the NSF fees you’ll typically be charged for each overdraft). Best of luck!

  44. I have had a savings account with navy federal for 20 years, I just got a checking account there earlier this month… when and how much can i overdraft? Emergency. Also, I bank with wellsfargo for a long time .also, how much can i overdraft there?

  45. I have SunTrust bank and last Wednesday my checking was at $-121. I deposited my paycheck the following Friday and it is now Monday and my history shows that no deposit was made and that it’s still at negative. I’ve had over drafted items before, but always brought them back up. Is there any reason why my check hasn’t gone through yet?

    1. Hi Nina,

      It’s likely that the check simply hasn’t cleared yet. Many banks set the cut-off time for the business day around 3 PM or earlier, so if you deposited the check after that time, it won’t have been processed until today (Monday). Depending on where the check came from and your bank’s check clearing policies (if you’d like, you can read more in our article on the subject), the check should clear within the next day or two at the most, bringing your account back into the positive. I hope this helps!

  46. Hey I just got Bank of America like 3 weeks ago , and been putting money into it , never overdrafted before , just switch to decline all setting and have -2.00 due to fee on standard setting which I try to withdraw n it charge me , can I take out money ?

    1. Hi Ismael,

      If I understand your question correctly, once you change the settings on your account to Decline All, this new setting should take effect immediately and any transactions that would result in an overdraft will be automatically declined. In short, you won’t be able to withdraw money from your current balance. You can read more about the Decline All setting on the Bank of America website. I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any further questions!

  47. I bank with BBVA Compass. If I dont have direct deposit set up can I still overdraft my checking account if I opt in for the courtesy overdraft protection?

    1. Hi Yvette,

      According to the BBVA Compass FAQs page, you are welcome to opt in to the Courtesy Overdraft Protection program at any time by phone (1-800-266-7277), through BBVA Compass Online Banking, or at a local BBVA branch, regardless of whether you have direct deposit. However, even if you opt in to the program, keep in mind that it is still up to the bank’s discretion whether or not to allow an overdraft. If BBVA does allow a transaction that incurs an overdraft, the bank will charge an NSF (“Paid Item”) fee of $38 (or $32 in California).

  48. If I overdraft my account on purpose by $4000.00 will I be in trouble with the law?

    1. Hi Simone,

      In most cases, a bank won’t allow you to overdraft your account by $4,000 in the first place; typically overdraft limits are set somewhere between $100 and $1,000. Overdrawing your account is unlikely to lead to legal trouble, assuming that you pay it back quickly (and, obviously, assuming the account is yours and there was no fraudulent activity involved in getting the overdraft). However, if your account remains overdrawn for a long period of time, banks may give your information to collection agencies to pursue reimbursement, which can impact your credit history. These consequences are generally financial rather than legal.

  49. Hi I tried submitting a comment but I think there was an error so sorry if it posts twice. So there was this expensive TV I really wanted and was a thousand off for just black Friday. So just for kicks I used my PayPal card and even if I don’t have enough money on my pay pal card it uses my checking account as a backup payment, it always seems to go through, I didn’t think it would this time due to the high price of the purchase but PayPal processed the payment and two days later my checking account was put into negative 1900$ I had it paid off in a week, but how does this effect my relationship with my bank? I bank with a local credit union. I was very surprised that it went through. How did this happen? Are they obligated to let the purchase go through because PayPal approved it? Because after PayPal approved it the tv was shipped before my checking account was even charged. I know this was a very unwise decision but luckily I paid it all back quickly. I was just wondering how this happened and how my relationship with my bank is effected. Thank you

    1. Hi Keith,

      I apologize about the trouble you had posting your comment! We are investigating this error and we’re working hard to resolve any site issues.

      It seems that PayPal doesn’t charge any overdraft fees and will allow your account to go into the negative if sufficient funds aren’t available to cover a transaction. But since you had a checking account linked to your PayPal account, PayPal didn’t verify that the funds were in that linked account before approving the transaction. Since your bank also allows overdrafts, both financial institutions approved the purchase for your TV. Even though the purchase didn’t post to your account until two days later, it’s possible that the bank approved it as soon as the transaction was run, which may explain why the TV shipped before you saw the charge on your checking account. As far as how this will affect your relationship with your bank, in short, it shouldn’t. Because the overdraft was paid back promptly, there will probably not be any further aftereffects from the transaction (although it’s possible that the bank may decline another large overdraft if you try to do something similar in the future; most banks take overdraft history into consideration when determining whether an overdraft will be approved). If you have any further doubts, you can always contact your credit union directly for additional information. I hope this helps!

  50. Im trying to overdraft .. i have the servise but the payment it doesn’t come through how can i make it go thrugh?

    1. Hi Amaimah,

      Unfortunately, it’s really up to your bank’s discretion whether or not to allow an overdraft. A bank can decide to reject some or all overdrafts on a certain account based on a number of factors, including account age, account type, and financial history of the account holder. In some cases, such as with Bank of America, you may need to opt in to a specific setting on your account so that overdrafts are allowed. A representative of your bank will be able to tell you if there are multiple overdraft options available to you. However, if your account is already set to allow overdrafts but the bank is still rejecting attempted overdrafts, there isn’t much you can do except to wait until you have the funds available to make the withdrawal or payment. I hope this helps!

  51. Yestryday I withdraw 100$ because my accountsaid it had 110$ still so Now this morning my account days -92.00 and I’m wondering if I can pay that next week I get paid weekly and I need the money

    1. Hi Dia,

      Some banks will charge extended overdraft fees, which generally range between $15 – $35, and usually apply after five consecutive business days of the account being overdrawn. Your bank’s website should offer more details about fees that you may incur (try searching “extended overdraft [your bank name]” in Google — that should help you find the overdraft fee schedule). If you make any other charges to the account, or if any pending transactions post while the account is overdrawn, you may be charged additional NSF fees. However, the bank will typically not take legal action (i.e. turning your information over to a collection agency) unless the account remains overdrawn for more than a month. In short, if you don’t make any further purchases on the account and pay back the overdraft as quickly as possible, you should be in the clear (at the risk of a roughly $30 additional fee). I hope this helps!

  52. Hi guys .. I applied for a loan to buy a house does or will a withdrawal from casino ATM effect my mortgage loan application do u guys think they will reject or refuse me for not getting a loan .. please help me and tell me what to do thanks

    1. Hi James,

      A financial institution will consider a wide variety of factors when reviewing your mortgage loan application, but a withdrawal from a specific location or a particular overdraft is not likely to affect your application. The bank will review your financial history, but unless there is a pattern that indicates irresponsible gambling or some other notable problem, a visit to a casino ATM is not likely to have an impact. (For example, Las Vegas is an extremely common place for business conventions — there’s nothing suspicious about accessing your own money while you’re in town for a business trip.) In short, no, a withdrawal from a casino ATM will generally not affect your mortgage loan application. Best of luck with your application!

  53. Can I go to jail for over drafting my account on purpose? I plan to overdraft bout $2000. I really need the money.

    1. Hi Sally,

      Typically, there aren’t any legal consequences for overdrawing your account — but it is possible to face criminal charges and even jail time in certain cases. The laws for this vary widely by state, but overdrafts over $1,500 are more likely to incur prosecution. However, depending on how you plan to do so, you may not be able to overdraft $2,000 in the first place. Most accounts have an overdraft limit of $100 to $1,000, and depending on your bank and your financial history, you may not be able to overdraft at all. Because of this, it’s best to avoid relying on overdrawing your account for emergency funds in any amount — particularly for such a large sum.

  54. OK, say I did over draw my checking account by 2000 bucks and was depositing money into the account until it was all paid back. Will that be OK? Plus this was done over a period of 2 months.

    1. Hi Sally,

      It’s really up to the bank’s policies and the laws of your state as far as whether any legal action can, or will, be taken. If the bank sees that you are making regular deposits in the account, it’s likely that you won’t face any legal recourse (but do expect to see extended overdraft fees pushing your account further into the negative between deposits; these fees typically kick in after five business days of the account being overdrawn). But as long as you’re making payments on the money owed, you should be in the clear — just try to pay it back as quickly as possible to avoid further fees and potentially having your information turned over to a collection agency. If you have any specific questions, you can always ask a representative of your bank to provide details for your particular situation. I hope this helps and best of luck!

  55. I’m with crescom bank,I’m in the negative 166.00.If I deposit money to clear it up will I be able to overdraft afterwards if needed

    1. Hi,

      According to CresCom Bank’s terms and conditions, “…you can NOT rely on us to pay overdrafts on your account regardless of how frequently or under what circumstances we have paid overdrafts on your account in the past. We can change our practice of paying overdrafts on your account without notice to you.” In short, even though the bank allowed a previous overdraft, that does not mean that another overdraft will be approved, regardless of how similar the situation is to the first overdraft that went through. You may be able to overdraft again, or you may not — unfortunately, there’s not really a surefire way to know for sure, so I wouldn’t necessarily rely on it.

  56. Hi,
    I used my Chase debit card (checking account) for overdraft the last two months. Each months I done two small overdraft from $20 to $40 and paid the overdraft fees off within a month. Right now needed cash to put my phone on and could not overdraft this month.

    I had cash in both checking and saving accounts while trying for an overdraft and nothing happen. I transferred money from my saving account and spent it. Both my accounts are empty apart from checking account got nine cent left in it. Can I still attempt to for an overdraft or do I have to wait a few days from when I last used the overdraft last month early in December 2016

    1. Hi C.A.,

      It sounds like you already have Chase Debit Card Coverage (which is an opt-in program, not a default setting). This program allows for Chase to approve overdrafts at its discretion if there is not enough money in either your checking account or your linked savings account. In your case, you can attempt to overdraft again; either Chase will decline the transaction and you will not be charged an NSF fee, or Chase will approve the transaction and apply a NSF fee ($34 per transaction). Chase may or may not approve the overdraft when you attempt it again. You can read more about the available Chase overdraft services on this infographic (page 3 has a helpful chart that’s relevant to your situation). I hope this helps!

  57. i already have overdrawn my account and charge an overdraft fee which was decline for a reverse will they charge me another if i make another purchase

    1. Hi Ceasar,

      If you make another purchase that puts your account into the negative again (or pushes it further into the negative), you will generally be charged another NSF fee. Most banks charge an NSF fee for each individual transaction that is not covered by funds in the account, up to a maximum of 4 or 5 NSF fees per day (or more at some banks; policies vary with each institution).

    1. Hi Ben,

      The Regions Bank website states the following about approving overdrafts: “We typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing, you are not making regular deposits, or you have too many overdrafts.” Based on this statement, it seems that Regions will be unlikely to allow another overdraft while your account is still in the negative. Sorry I couldn’t bring you better news!

  58. Let’s say I have hypothetically over-drafted my account in 2016 for a total of $4,995.00 in OD fees and $385.00 in NSF Fees (Not hypothetical btw, this is the exact amount TD Bank made off me). Besides needing Jesus in my life, a Jesus that happens to be a CFP and managing my finances obviously much better (I’m not denying fault)….is there anyway to get some of this money back? Seems a little bit excessive even being at fault no? To top it off TD Bank will gladly let me OD my account by $1500 dollars every time it goes negative, but will not approve me for a for a $1000 or even $500 Moneyline Overdraft Protection LOC due to my credit, which would cost me pennies if I overdrew my account verse their fees. I obviously always bring my account up to par and they have made plenty of money on me elsewhere. Do I have a play here in asking for a chunk of this back? I can guarantee majority of the $35 fees went towards something like a $7 charge. Some additional notes this is my only bank account, it is not for business strictly personal, and I ran through more than $475,000 in direct deposits to this account in 2016. I’m not one to complain much nor have I found anything on any kind of yearly maximum or what qualifies as excessive….but when I looked at the year tally today have to admit I was a bit chapped about it. Mainly due to the fact that they won’t offer me a $1k OD LOC when I run $40k a month in deposits through the account. Honestly felt like they would have cut me off at some point too….but nope. Apologize if it sounds like I am venting right now, becasue that is exactly what I am doing. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi MK,

      That does sound like quite an annoyance, that TD Bank is so happy to charge overdraft fees but not provide a means to avoid getting overdrawn. Technically, TD Bank is able to charge up to a maximum of 5 individual overdraft fees per day, and a fee can be charged for any transaction that puts the account more than $5 in the negative. There are no federal limits on how much a bank can charge in overdraft fees. Generally speaking, banks are sometimes willing to waive overdraft fees for account holders who rarely overdraw their account — but because there’s a history of overdrafts on your account, it’s fairly unlikely that TD Bank will be willing to waive any of the fees. It could be worth looking at the history of the charges and verifying that no more than 5 fees were charged per day, and, since you mentioned that many of the charges were small, you can also verify that your account was always overdrawn by more than $5 when the fee was assessed. If the account was overdrawn by less than $5, or if more than 5 fees were charged in a single day, you should be able to contest those charges and get some of your money back. Best of luck!

  59. I bank with Bank of America. Every month, I get a payment of a certain amount. But I need to make a payment before the transfer comes through each month. Up until this January 2017, Ive been able to withdraw funds at the ATM even though it overdrafts my account. This is the one and only time each month I overdraw the account, but it remains in the negative again until the next transfer the next month. Then I overdraw it again. Each month I am willing to take the overdraft fee in order to have the funds I need. However, starting this month, January 2017, I am receiving a different message at the ATM that I hadn’t received before — that I don’t have enough funds in the account to withdraw that much. It used to give me a warning that I didn’t have enough funds but that I could overdraft and there would be a fee. Then I just accepted that option. The ATM no longer gives me that option. What’s happened? I’ve been without funds for quite a while now and won’t get any more in my account until next month. Why it doesn’t give me the option to overdraw anymore and what can I do to overdraw anyway? (I need to overdraw more than the fast cash option allows.)

    1. Hi M,

      I wasn’t able to find anything that would indicate that Bank of America changed their overall policies, but it may be that something changed relative to your account. The Bank of America Overdraft Services page states: “We may give you the opportunity to agree to our ATM overdraft services for a specific ATM withdrawal that exceeds your current available balance and if you agree, we authorize and pay that ATM withdrawal.” Because Bank of America only states that the option to overdraft at an ATM may be offered, the bank could have determined for some reason not to permit this type of overdraft on your account anymore. Banks typically look at things like account history, the amount of the withdrawal, and whether the account is receiving regular deposits when determining whether to allow an overdraft. Unfortunately, if the bank has restricted the overdraft abilities on your account, there’s very little that you’ll be able to do to access funds that aren’t currently available. The best option would likely be reaching out to a Bank of America representative directly to see if the settings on your account have changed. You can reach a Bank of America representative by calling 800.432.1000, Mon. – Fri. 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. ET and Sat. – Sun. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET, or by visiting your local branch. Best of luck getting this resolved!

  60. Hello.I over drafted my account $2000 while shopping on Amazon..I bank with PNC.. I live in Pennsylvania..Will charges be pressed against me if I do not Pay? I would like to maybe try sending some items back but most would go on a gift card..Also I’m not working right now but could probably pay $50 a month.

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      While specific laws vary by state, it is technically possible to face criminal charges and even jail time because of an overdrawn account. However, this is very rare, and generally charges are only pressed in cases of fraud. However, it is likely that you’ll face extensive fees imposed by your bank, and if the overdraft isn’t repaid promptly, it’s possible that your information will be turned over to a collection agency, which can adversely affect your credit score. I would recommend contacting your bank right away to see what your options are and whether the bank would be willing to work out a repayment plan. Best of luck getting this resolved!

  61. I am with Bank Plus and I have like $5 in my account will they let me overdraft on $400-600?

    1. Hi Wendy,

      It depends on your checking account. I spoke with a representative at Bank Plus and was informed that the overdraft limit varies according to how frequently and how much you’ve deposited, how long the account has been open, whether or not you have a history of overdrafts, and so on. The representative from Bank Plus advised me that you would need to contact your bank personally in order to find out whether or not your overdraft would be paid. Generally speaking, Bank Plus will usually allow you to overdraft checks, transactions made using your checking account number, or automatic bill payments; Bank Plus will only allow you to overdraft debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals if you have specifically asked for Bank Plus to set up your checking account in that manner. Bank Plus pays overdrafts at their discretion, however, which means that no type of transaction is guaranteed to be paid. If you want to allow ATM withdrawals and debit card transactions, you can do this by calling Bank Plus, writing Bank Plus a letter, visting the Bank Plus website, or visiting a Bank Plus location. Bank Plus will assess a $36 fee per transaction up to five total fees per day, and they may assess additional fees that will increase with the amount you overdraw. I wish I could answer your specific question, but it sounds like each Bank Plus account has a different limit depending on the bank member’s account history.

  62. I am with bank plus and I was wondering will they let me overdraft with $5 in my account?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Bank Plus will generally allow you to overdraft checks, transactions made using your checking account number, or automatic bill payments; Bank Plus will only allow you to overdraft debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals if you have specifically asked for Bank Plus to set up your checking account in that manner. Bank Plus pays overdrafts at their discretion, however, which means that no type of transaction is guaranteed to be paid. If you want to allow ATM withdrawals and debit card transactions, you can do this by calling Bank Plus, writing Bank Plus a letter, visting the Bank Plus website, or visiting a Bank Plus location. Bank Plus will assess a $36 fee per transaction up to five total fees per day, and they may assess additional fees that will increase with the amount you overdraw. These fees can add up quickly.

  63. If I opt in with citizens, I have ability to overdraft. I’ve never over drafted before; but have also only had accout for short period of time. I have 140 in my checking and need to get 600 or so to pay rent. But I do not have debit card due to the fact it was misplaced. Could I simply write a check to cash to roommate to immediately go cash or would it be rejected? If other option is better than writing a check into overdraft please let me know.

    1. Tyler,

      If you’ve opted in with Citizens bank, you should be able to overdraft your account, though limits vary by individual account. You may wish to call Citizens to find out what your individual overdraft limit is. The average overdraft limit in the US for most people is between $100 and $1,000, which means most people can still withdraw from a negative bank account as long as the amount they would like is less than $1,000. You should expect an overdraft fee of $35; the Citizens Bank website offers answers to additional questions about over drafting your account and penalties that you may incur, as well as enrollment information for overdraft coverage. I hope this helps!

  64. Please help me, I overdrafted my high school debit card account about 300$ and I cant get it up for awhile, do you guys think theres any way to get this removed, if not what will happen!?!? I can not pay that back, Im just in high school 🙁

    1. Kian,

      Penalties and fees for over drafting a bank account can vary significantly depending on who you’re banking with, how long your account has been open, whether or not you have overdraft protection on your account, how many times (and how much) you’ve over drafted your account before, and so on. While we receive too high a volume of comments to help with specific, individual requests, I definitely recommend calling your bank’s customer service department and discussing your account with them. They’ll be able to help you understand what fees or penalties have already been applied and what fees or penalties may be applied if your account remains in this state for some period of time. I hope this helps!

        1. Kian,

          You’ll want to speak to a representative of your bank to learn what penalties you could face for leaving your account overdrawn. Your account will likely be frozen and eventually closed. Your credit score will almost certainly be impacted negatively; bank accounts that are closed with negative balances are often reported to credit agencies and show up on your credit report as unpaid debts. These accounts negatively impact your credit score and remain on your report for up to seven years.

  65. I bank with BOFA. I just went inside of the branch and withdrew $380 which left my account having $46. I then went to the ATM and attempted to withdraw another $380 as I need a total of $760. When is the soonest I would be able to overdraft with it being Friday? Trying to get it for rent.

    1. Brown,

      Unfortunately, due to the volume of comments that we receive, we’re not able to help with specific, individual requests. I recommend contacting your local branch to find out more about how overdrafts work with your specific account; the answer may depend on how long your account has been open, how often you’ve overdrafted in the past, whether or not your account allows additional overdrafts at all, and so on. I hope this helps!

    1. Tina,

      Unfortunately, due to the volume of comments that we receive, we’re not able to help with specific, individual requests. Since the amount that you can overdraft (and whether or not you can overdraft at all) can vary by account, we recommend that you contact Region directly to learn more about overdraft policies for your specific account. I hope this helps!

  66. If I have 1000 dollars in the bank, and I go to overdraft 500 2 days before payday, from chase, in order to buy a car, would they allow that? I’m hoping so because the car place can’t hold the car in looking at for very much longer.

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Because overdraft rules are different from customer to customer, it’s hard to say whether Chase would allow you to overdraft that much. Many times, banks will allow established customers with good banking histories to overdraw, but again, it really varies from one bank to the next and certainly from one customer to the next.

  67. If I sign up at well Fargo today with 25-100 would I be able to overdraft immediately until I get paid next Thursday???

    1. Hi Rob,

      While I can’t say with certainty whether you would be allowed to overdraft your account or not, as a number of factors would be considered by Wells Fargo, chances are that a new customer without a banking history with Wells Fargo would prevent you from overdrawing your account so soon after opening it.

  68. I bank withh us bank i have to pay my rent but i only have $1,000 in my account if i write a check for $2,250 will it go thru?

    1. Hi Chio,

      The answer is almost certainly no. Writing that check for $2,250 when you only have $1,000 in your account is not a good idea. The $1,250 short fall is much higher than typical overdraft limits. Often, a bank will guarantee up to a certain amount that if you overdraft your account, they will temporarily cover you. Some banks also use a “reserve line of credit” to accomplish this purpose. $500 is a typical amount, and $1,000 is the upper limit of whats normal. Over draft fees are often high — they average $27 — so its not worth risking the over draft fee. If you have a good history with US bank, you might be able to ask them to waive the overdraft fee, but I would recommend calling them ahead of time to see what they would do, rather than risking it.

  69. Hi, do you know the limit to wells Fargo overdraft checking account? I need $1000. Asap. Can I write a check if I only have $200 in my account?

  70. Hi, do you know the limit to wells Fargo overdraft checking account? I need $1000. Asap. Can I write a check if I only have $200 in my account? Being I am a new customer.

    1. Hi Stressed,

      It’s never a good idea to overdraft your checking account. Not only will you get charged an overdraft fee in most cases, but the overdraft will be on your records, and stores might refuse to accept checks from you in the future. Because you’re a new customer, you also don’t have the benefit of having a good check writing history with the bank, so they will be unlikely to allow your check to go through. The overdraft fee on Wells Fargo Everyday Checking is $35. You can read more about their fees here.

  71. I overdrafted my Armed Forces Bank account by $1200. I have not seen it on my credit report. Do they report it on my credit report. That was early last year.

    1. Hi Cherise,

      Provided you brought your account up to a positive balance in a reasonable amount of time, overdrafts are not reported to the credit bureaus.

    1. Hi Wilson,

      BOA states that “Although Bank of America is not obligated to pay an item if your account is overdrawn, the bank may pay these items as a courtesy to you.” Whether they choose to pay for your, and how much they are willing to pay, will depend on your personal banking history with BOA. Factors will include how long you’ve been with BOA, how much you have overdrafted in the past and how long you left your account without funds, etc. Overdraft limits also depend on what kind of account you have. For example, Core Checking doesn’t come with overdraft protection, but Interest checking does. For the Core Checking, you have two overdraft options. You can opt to have payments go through even though they overdraft your account, and you will be charged the $35 overdraft fee. Or, you can choose to have payments automatically not go through if they overdraft your account, in which case you wouldn’t incur overdraft fees. So, in some cases at BOA, you won’t even be able to overdraft your account at all. You should check the specific information about your account type and what overdraft option you have selected, if applicable. If you don’t know these account details and need to contact BOA, here’s their contact page.

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