How Much Does Biomat USA Pay for Plasma? + What Else to Know

Short Answer: Biomat USA pays as much as $200 to $300 per month for plasma donations. While the exact amount you’ll be compensated varies between donation centers, you can typically expect your first donation to net you somewhere between $40 to $75. Subsequent donations can pay as much as $50 to $75. You are legally allowed to donate plasma twice per week with at least 48 hours between donations, and payment will be issued on a prepaid Visa debit card. For more details on getting paid to donate plasma at Biomat USA, see below.

Basics of Donating Plasma

Plasma is the liquid component of human blood. It’s the source of many proteins used to create specialized therapies for diseases that are otherwise non-responsive to traditional pharmaceuticals. Donated plasma undergoes a manufacturing process, which extracts proteins and develops them into the treatments for patients with rare and life-threatening conditions. Plasma cannot be created synthetically; it can only be sourced from human donations.

The process for donating plasma is similar to blood donation: Donor blood is extracted by needle and then processed through a plasmapheresis machine, which separates the red blood cells from the plasma. Plasma donation only retrieves the plasma portion of the blood, so the red blood cells are returned to the donor through the same needle.

Persons wishing to donate plasma are thoroughly medically screened, and their donated plasma is tested via government-approved methods to ensure it is safe for medical use. At many plasma donation agencies, including Biomat USA, donors also receive monetary compensation for their time. Plasma donation centers encourage recurring donation because plasma is in high demand. However, for the donor’s health and to follow government regulations, centers limit donation to twice a week with 48 hours between donations.

How Much Does Biomat USA Pay for Plasma?

Biomat USA compensation varies depending on the location. If you’re curious exactly how much your local Biomat USA might pay for donations, it’s best to look up the center nearest you and give them a call.

For a better idea of payment range, we spoke with several Biomat USA centers for details. We learned that the average payment for new donors ranges from $40 to $75 for your initial donation. Payment ranges $50 to $75 for your second donation. Any subsequent donations will vary depending on how often you choose to donate. Some locations also run monthly specials where you can receive extra compensation for donating during that month. Regular donors can earn as much as $200 to $300 a month overall.

How Often Can You Donate?

You can donate plasma twice in a seven-day period, with at least 48 hours between donations. You must donate at least twice for your plasma to be used to make plasma-derived medicines. Each location also runs specials, such as the Donor Referral Program and weekly raffle drawings.

Compensation Method

Biomat compensates donors with a GRIFOLS prepaid Visa debit card that is refilled after each donation. The card is issued by Biomat staff after the first donation, but donors do not need to bring it along to be paid for subsequent donations — staff can electronically load funds onto the card.

Requirements to Donate Plasma at Biomat USA

Any individual is eligible to donate at Biomat USA with a few caveats. You must weigh at least 110 pounds (we’ll help you find out where you can weigh yourself for free), be in general good health, and be between 18 and 69 years of age. Donors in Nebraska must be at least 19 years old.

To donate, you must also bring a valid photo ID, proof of your Social Security number, and proof of address.

  • Valid photo IDs include a driver’s license, state-issued identification, passport, or military ID. A student ID is acceptable as long as the donor also presents a birth certificate verifying the birth date.
  • An out-of-state ID is acceptable as long as you can provide proof of your current household address.
  • Proof of Social Security number can include your Social Security card, W-2 form or paycheck stub printed with your full name and entire Social Security number, Social Security verification form from Supplemental Security Income (SSI) office, or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Non-U.S. citizens without a Social Security number may provide their Border Crossing Card (B1/B2 visa/BBC).
  • Proof of address can include information printed on your photo ID, W-2 form or paycheck stub, copy of your current lease, or utility bill from previous 30 days listing name and address.

Biomat USA mandates that the name on your photo ID must exactly match the name on your proof of Social Security number. For examples of acceptable photo IDs and proof of Social Security number, visit the GRIFOLS acceptable identification page.

Step-by-Step Plasma Donation Process

Biomat describes plasma donation as a five-step process, which we’ve outlined below.


You’ll complete administrative paperwork, show proper identification, and complete a medical questionnaire using an automated kiosk or with a donation center team member. The check-in process can take from 30 minutes to an hour.


Each time you come in for plasma donation, Biomat USA will check your weight, blood pressure, temperature, and protein levels to make sure you’re healthy enough to donate.

Physical Exam

The first time that you donate and once a year thereafter, you’ll receive a physical exam and medical history screening given by a donation center medical specialist.


You’ll be escorted to a donation bed where a specialized medical device will separate your plasma from other blood components. The process is very similar to donating blood. The plasma is filtered out through the mechanized medical device in a process known as plasmapheresis. After the plasma is extracted, your red blood cells are returned to your body through the same needle used to extract the whole blood. The donation process takes about 45 minutes. Many centers have Wi-Fi and free movies to entertain donors.


Following your donation, you’ll be compensated with a prepaid Visa debit card. Biomat USA reminds donors that the greatest reward is their contribution to the creation of life-saving therapies with their plasma.

Other Plasma Donation Centers That Pay

If there are no Biomat USA locations in your neighborhood, our article can help you find other plasma donation centers near you. We’ve also done the research on compensation offered at Biotest, Interstate Blood Bank, KEDPLASMA, CSL Plasma, and BioLife.

While most plasma donation centers offer relatively similar compensation, some may be more lucrative than others. For a round-up of plasma donation centers that pay the most, see our article.


    • Kathleen Wilson says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi J Mac,

      The pay schedule varies between each donation center. For example, the center in Athens GA pays $35 for the second donation each week. If you’re a new donor, you’ll receive $50 for your first five donations. For information specific to your nearest location, your best bet is to call them directly and ask about their pay schedule.

    • Rebecca Turley says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Sarah,

      According to the Biomat USA website, your card is “automatically reloaded with that day’s donation payment.”

    • Rebecca Turley says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Candace,

      Biomat provided this information on their site: “Are you Rh Negative? This special program collects plasma from donors with the Rho D antibody and uses it to make Rho(D) Immune Globulin, an injection given to Rh-negative mothers during pregnancy, and immediately after, in order to prevent thousands of infant deaths each year due to Rh incompatibility. If your plasma contains this antibody, you can help save babies’ lives with each plasma donation.” When asked, they said compensation is dependent upon a number of factors, but it looks like they are looking for people like you!

  • As of 1/1/2017 what does biomat usa pay for donations 2 times a week (altamonte sprigs fl.32701

    • Hillary M. Miller says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Melissa,

      Rates can and do vary over time, so to find out the current compensation levels, it’s worth giving your local center a quick call. You can reach the Altamonte Springs donation center at (407) 628-4248 during regular business hours (6AM – 6:30PM Monday – Friday; 6AM – 4PM Saturday; closed Sunday). I hope this helps!