How Much Does Dry Cleaning Cost? Average Prices by Item Type

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Dry cleaning costs vary depending on the item type and whether you need additional services besides a standard cleaning.

You’ll likely pay less than $10 per item for a simple shirt or pair of pants. Things like comforters and draperies will cost around $20 to $40, and specialized items like wedding dresses can cost up to $500 or more.

Below, we list average dry cleaning prices for common items, as well as the major factors that affect dry cleaning costs.

How Much Does Dry Cleaning Cost?

Dry cleaning businesses take several operating costs into consideration when determining their prices.

The type of solvents and chemicals used, the overhead costs of operating the dry cleaning space, employee labor, purchasing and maintaining the dry cleaning equipment, and local taxes and fees required to dispose of solvents are all factors.

Some dry cleaners offer express services that guarantee service within a few hours or the same day. Most cleaners charge additional fees for expedited service.[1]

Some dry cleaners also offer premium-level services, including a multi-stage cleaning process with hand finishing of the garment, repairs, and garment restoration.[2][3]

These services are pricey, but you may want to consider them when you’re taking in more expensive items, such as tuxedos, wedding dresses, or designer home goods.

Although it can be expensive for some items, dry cleaning can help maintain your items and keep them in usable shape longer, reducing the number of replacements you’ll need to buy.

Generally, items that need to be dry cleaned are made of material that the water or heat from traditional washers and dryers can damage. Dry cleaning can also remove stains better than traditional washing.[4]

Average Dry Cleaning Prices by Item

Since every dry cleaner charges different prices, it can be difficult to budget for dry cleaning services.

We’ve compiled average dry cleaning prices from dry cleaners across the country, including New York, California, Minnesota, South Carolina, and Florida.

We calculated prices using the largest garment or item in a category — for example, a king-size comforter and a three-piece suit.

Keep in mind these numbers are used to determine the average starting prices. Your final price may vary significantly depending on the type of garment and any premium services or upgrades you choose, such as hand finishing or repair.

Some dry cleaners also set prices with a flat fee per pound, regardless of the type of garment.


  • Average cost: About $3 to $8
  • Cost factors: The cost can increase by a few dollars if you choose to have the shirt hand-pressed after cleaning. If you need minor repairs, such as sewing on a button or stitching up a small hole, the dry cleaner will charge an extra fee.


  • Average cost: About $5 to $8
  • Cost factors: The type of material can affect the cost of dry cleaning a pair of pants; for example, leather pants will cost more to clean than linen pants.


  • Average cost: About $10 to $20
  • Cost factors: The type of material and dress length are the two major factors that affect the price of dry cleaning a dress; for example, a formal silk or chiffon gown will cost more to dry clean than a casual linen dress.


  • Average cost: About $10 to $20
  • Cost factors: The type of material can affect the cost of dry cleaning a suit; for example, a wool suit will cost more to dry clean than a polyester suit.


  • Average cost: About $13 to $25
  • Cost factors: The cost to dry clean a coat will largely depend on the type of coat; for example, a leather coat will cost more to dry clean than a wool coat.

Note: Dry cleaning for luxury down jackets from brands like Canada Goose and Moncler tends to cost more than average — anywhere from about $80 to $100, the dry cleaners we contacted told us.

Wedding Dress

  • Average cost: About $120 to $500 or more
  • Cost factors: Prices vary depending on the dress style, fabric, and condition. Some dry cleaners don’t offer in-house wedding dress cleaning services because the fabric is delicate. They may refer you to another vendor that specializes in cleaning and preserving wedding dresses.


  • Average cost: About $20 to $50
  • Cost factors: The cost to dry clean a comforter can vary by the material; for example, a cotton comforter will cost less to clean than a down comforter.


  • Average cost: About $15 to $40 per pair
  • Cost factors: The size, style, and material play a part in the overall price for draperies. For example, silk draperies will cost more to dry clean than linen ones.

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