Have you ever picked up a beloved ring only to realize it no longer fits? You know it needs to be resized, but where do you go and how much should you expect to pay? We’ve compiled all the information you need to consider when resizing a ring and also compiled a handy list of stores that will resize your ring for you.

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How Much Does It Cost to Resize a Ring?

Costs for resizing a ring depend on the size of the ring, the material, and the type of resizing.

You can either make a ring smaller or larger — making a ring larger always costs more than making it smaller. The reason for this is the cost of the additional metal the jeweler must use to increase the size. The change in ring size also corresponds to price — enlarging the ring by two or more sizes will significantly raise the cost of the resize.

You can also opt for a simple resize or a complex resize — a complex resize is more expensive than a simple resize. Complex resizing usually involves rings made of difficult-to-adjust materials or inlaid stone designs.

Simple Resize

To change the size of a ring, the jeweler will cut open the bottom of the ring. The jeweler will then cut away metal to make the ring smaller or add metal to make the ring larger. Then the jeweler will solder together all the metal to make the ring a complete circle again. The cost to size a simple ring larger is approximately $45 – $85, depending on the metal. The cost to size a simple ring smaller is approximately $20 – $45.

Complex Resize

The cost for a complex resize is approximately $50 – $150. Work on complex rings with inlaid stones may cost up to $200 to reset the stones in the newly sized ring.

How Long Does It Take to Resize a Ring?

In general, the wait time for resizing a simple ring, like a solitaire engagement ring, varies from two hours to two weeks. If the ring is a complex design with inlaid stones or an intricate setting, you can expect to wait for one to four weeks for a resizing.

Metals such as platinum and rose gold require special tools and extra care to keep the metal from cracking. Rose gold and platinum rings may take extra time to resize at an additional cost.

Mark Hadley from Hadley’s House of Diamonds briefly explains the fundamentals of resizing in this quick video:

Can Your Specific Ring Actually Be Resized?

Not all rings can be easily resized. Some customers prize newer metals such as titanium and tungsten for their strength and durability. However, these same features make them very difficult for a jeweler to manipulate. Rings made of tungsten can’t be resized. Rings made of titanium can be resized, but not all jewelers will accept the task, and those that will usually charge higher prices.

Does the original ring have a meaningful engraving on the inside? Since ring resizing is usually accomplished by modifying the size of the shank, you may lose any engraving present on the shank. Jewelers can replicate the engraving on the resized ring, but it may take more time and cost more than a simple ring resizing.

You should also note that some retail locations may place a restrictive warranty on the merchandise sold. This means if the customer purchased a ring from them but had it resized by a different company or jeweler, they void any warranty on the item. Always double check any warranties before getting a piece of jewelry resized.

Where Can You Get Your Ring Resized?

If you need a ring resized, you can take it to any of the major national chains listed below. Each policy is described.

1. Ashcroft & Oak

Fred Meyer Jewelers

2. Helzberg Diamonds

3. Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry

4. Kay Jewelers

  • Policy overview: Each retail location has a Design and Repair Center which can perform ring resizing, prong replacement, and prong retipping. They will service any ring, regardless of whether the customer purchased it at Kay Jewelers, kay.com, or another jeweler. Kay regularly offers coupons on its website for jewelry repair and always offers free jewelry cleaning and inspection service.
  • Source: Kay Jewelers – Jewelry Repair Services
  • Find your nearest Kay Jewelers

6. Rogers & Hollands

7. The Sterling Family of Jewelers

  • Policy overview: Offers ring resizing, prong replacement and prong retipping services for rings. The Sterling Family of Jewelers also advertises that it will clean or repair any jewelry, even if the jewelry was not purchased at a Sterling store. The Sterling Family of Jewelers also regularly offers coupons on its website for $5 off jewelry repair redeemable at any of the retail locations in the Sterling Family of Jewelers.
  • Note: The Sterling Family of Jewelers consists of nine different jewelry stores: J.B. Robinson Jewelers, Marks & Morgan Jewelers, Shaw’s Jewelers, Belden Jewelers, Osterman Jewelers, Weisfield Jewelers, LeRoy’s Jewelers, Rogers Jewelers, and Goodman Jewelers.
  • Source: The Sterling Family of Jewelers – Repairs and Maintenance
  • Find your nearest The Sterling Family of Jewelers store

8. Zales

  • Policy overview: All Zales stores have an in-house technician that can perform the resizing.  If you purchase a ring online from Zales and then resize it at a Zales store or other independent jeweler, it will not be accepted for exchange or return online.
  • Source: Zales – In-Store Services
  • Find your nearest Zales

If none of these stores are located near you, don’t forget to check out your local independent jewelry store — most have the capability to do a basic resizing. Some have master jewelers on staff who can complete even the most intricate of resizing operations. Independent jewelry stores usually have a vested interest in the community and are willing to go the extra mile to gain a loyal customer!

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In Summary

Resizing a ring typically costs $20-$150 and takes anywhere from two hours to two weeks. If you’re unsure of what ring size to buy — always go large, since it costs less to make a ring smaller. Keep in mind that enlarging a ring or working with one that has a complex design with inlaid stones will take longer and cost more than just a simple resize.

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