How Much Does KEDPLASMA Pay for Plasma? Answered

A woman donating blood and getting paid for it.

Short Answer

KEDPLASMA pays between $25 and $50 per donation. If you donate the maximum amount per month (donating twice per week), you can earn up to $400.

How Much Does KEDPLASMA Pay for Plasma?

Like most plasma donation centers, KEDPLASMA’s donor compensation varies slightly depending on which location you visit. However, most centers pay within the same range — about $25 to $50 per donation.[1]

You can also earn bonuses of up to about $75 for things like referring new donors, participating in special events, or donating during a specific time period.[1]

How Often Can You Donate?

You can donate plasma up to two times per week, waiting at least 48 hours between donations.[2] This means you can potentially donate eight times per month, earning about $200 if your center’s rate is $25 and $400 if your center’s rate is $50, plus any available bonuses.

Payment Method

KEDPLASMA pays donors on a reloadable prepaid debit card. You’ll receive the card at the time of your first donation, and the center will reload it each time you donate.[2] Note that you can’t add extra money to the debit card yourself; only the donation center can reload it.[1] You can register your card, check your balance, and keep track of your transactions online at the North Lane Prepaid Card Services portal.

Donor Requirements

KEDPLASMA donors must meet the following requirements in order to donate:[3]

  • Must be at least 18 years old (19 if donating in Alabama)
  • Must weigh at least 110 pounds (see our list of places where you can weigh yourself for free)
  • Must provide proof of residency
  • Must provide a current, government-issued photo ID and Social Security card
  • Must be in good health at the time of the donation

Your appointment will include a medical screening so the center can be sure you meet these criteria and are eligible to donate.[3] Find out more about the exact steps involved in the donation process in our related research on how to donate blood for money.

Alternatives to KEDPLASMA

KEDPLASMA isn’t the only place to donate plasma for money; other donation centers in your area may pay more or be more convenient for you to visit. Compare your options with our related research on the highest-paying plasma donation centers and paying plasma donation centers by region.

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