How to Check Your EBT Balance by Phone, Online, etc

Woman using her EBT card and phone to check her EBT balance

Short Answer

You can check your EBT balance online or by phone. Your balance may also appear on your receipt after making a purchase, or your caseworker may be able to help you check it if you need assistance.

How to Check Your EBT Balance

Each state controls its own EBT program, but they all have similar options for recipients to check their EBT/SNAP balance.

The various methods of checking your balance include:

  • Online: Sign in to your state’s EBT recipient portal with your ID and password and check your balance.
  • In an app: An app like Providers or ebtEDGE can track your balance if you have a smartphone.
  • By phone: Call your state’s EBT contact number and enter your card number and/or other required identification to find your balance.
  • On your receipt: Several states, such as New York, use a system that prints your balance on the receipt after a purchase.[1]
  • Caseworker: Your caseworker may be able to assist you in finding out your balance or setting up an online account.

See my related research on lost EBT cards for the list of each state’s EBT contact number and online portal.

How to Find Out Your Balance Without Your Card Number

Without your card number, you may be able to call your state’s EBT customer service line and have a live person assist you.

You will need to provide your Social Security number or other identifying information to confirm your account.

More EBT Information

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