How to Overdraft at ATMs + Overdraft Policies Listed by Bank

A man standing at an ATM getting as much money as possible.

Overdrafting means taking more money out of your bank account than you have in your available balance.

Overdrafts commonly occur when you make a purchase that exceeds your balance, but it’s also possible to overdraft at an ATM.

Most U.S. banks allow account holders to opt in for such transactions, but they do charge fees if you have a negative balance, known as overdraft fees.

Below, we explain overdrafts in further detail and list the banks that allow overdrafts at an ATM.

We compiled this information by contacting bank customer service departments and viewing account and overdraft protection disclosures online.

What to Know Before You Overdraft

Overdraft Amount Limits

ATMs will let you overdraft — if your account has the option to overdraft. There’s no universal limit on how much you can overdraft at an ATM.

A bank’s overdraft limit depends on a variety of factors and often varies from one customer to the next.

New account holders and account holders with low credit scores are usually granted a courtesy overdraft limit between $100 and $300, while customers in excellent standing can often overdraft $1,000 or more, bank representatives told us.

You can ask your financial institution about your overdraft limit, but in an attempt to discourage overdrafts, the bank may not tell you what it is.

Overdraft Fees

Bank overdraft fees can be high, so it’s important to educate yourself about your financial institution’s policies before choosing to overdraw your account.

Fees are typically around $30 to $40 per overdrawn transaction, meaning the bank can charge several overdraft fees in one day.

Can You Overdraft With a Debit Card?

It’s possible to overdraft with a debit card, both when making a purchase and when using an ATM. Your bank will set the limit on how much you can overdraw, if at all.

If you see the term “overdrawn” on your bank statement, it means you must fund your account to return it to a positive number. Otherwise, you might incur penalty fees — or even collections — from your bank.

Funding your account will prevent this from happening. Contact your financial institution to discuss your options.

Can You Overdraft With a Credit Card?

It’s possible to exceed your credit card limit, but credit card issuers do not usually call this an “overdraft.” Rather than overdraft fees, credit cards may charge over-limit fees.

Withdrawing cash from your credit card at an ATM is usually considered a cash advance, which carries its own interest and fees.

Withdrawing cash on a credit card is expensive. Interest rates are higher than those for standard purchases — up to 25% or more.

In addition to the interest your cash advance will accrue, there are almost always fees associated with these types of cash withdrawals unless you have a special offer or special rate with your card.

You may need to contact your credit card company and request pre-authorization to overdraw your card. Find out more in our research on six ways to get cash from a credit card.

How Do Overdrafts Affect Your Credit Score?

A bank account overdraft usually won’t have an impact on your credit score unless you take too long to repay the overdraft, and the bank sends your account to collections (generally after 30 days).

Find out more in our research on how much you can overdraft your checking account.

Credit cards are a little trickier. Borrowing in any way, shape, or form affects your credit score. So, if you withdraw cash on a credit card, it’s recorded on your credit score.

Most lenders assessing your credit score will view cash withdrawals as a red flag; they may assume you had to withdraw cash from your credit card due to financial problems.

ATM Overdraft Policies by Bank

Although many banks allow overdrafts at ATMs using a debit card, most of them require you to opt into this service. Even then, many banks approve or decline ATM overdrafts at their discretion.

Below, we provide the list of banks that allow overdrafts at ATMs, including their overdraft fees.

These are for standard personal checking accounts. Note that teen accounts, college accounts, business accounts, and other types of accounts may have different procedures for overdrafts, including different fee amounts.

Axos Bank

  • ATM overdraft process: The bank approves or denies each overdraft transaction at its discretion unless you choose an account with no overdraft fees (meaning no approved overdraft transactions).[1]
  • Overdraft fee: $25 per overdraft with a maximum of $75 per day[2]

Bank of America logo

Bank of America

  • ATM overdraft process: You can opt into Balance Connect for overdraft protection. This allows you to link eligible checking accounts to your Bank of America account. If you don’t have Balance Connect, it will be at Bank of America’s discretion to allow or decline the overdraft.[3]
  • Overdraft fee: $12 per transfer when it’s over $1 for Balance Connect; $10 per overdraft without Balance Connect[4][5]


Capital One logo

Capital One

  • ATM overdraft process: You can update your overdraft settings in your online banking account or opt into Capital One’s Free Savings Transfer overdraft protection plan, which links your checking and savings accounts. Capital One approves or declines overdrafts at its discretion.[6]
  • Overdraft fee: No overdraft fees for consumer banking customers[7][8]

CIT Bank logo

CIT Bank

  • ATM overdraft process: You must have overdraft protection with a linked Savings or Money Market account; some ATMs will show the total amount of your eChecking and linked overdraft protection account as your available balance.[9]
  • Overdraft fee: No fee to transfer from a linked account[9]

Citizens Bank logo

Citizens Bank

  • ATM overdraft process: You can opt into one of their overdraft protection plans, such as linking a savings account. They also offer standard overdraft practices. The standard option requires you to contact Citizens Bank by phone, Online Banking, or in person before using ATM overdraft. Approval is at Citizens Bank’s discretion.[10]
  • Overdraft fee: $35 for each standard overdraft practices charge; accounts overdrawn for five consecutive business days will also be charged a Sustained Overdraft Fee of $30. There’s an added $30 fee on the eighth consecutive business day, as well as up to $90 on the eleventh day. There’s a limit of $175 in fees per business day.[10]

Fifth Third Bank logo

Fifth Third Bank

  • ATM overdraft process: You must opt into Overdraft Coverage for ATM transactions. If you do not opt in, any ATM overdraft requests will be denied. Once you opt in, the bank will set a limit as to how much you can overdraft at an ATM. That amount is at the bank’s discretion and varies for each account.[11]
  • Overdraft fee: $37 per overdraft with a maximum of five per day; waived if you overdraw your account by $5 or less; additional $25 fee on the seventh consecutive day of being overdrawn[11]

PNC Bank logo

PNC Bank

  • ATM overdraft process: You must opt into Overdraft Coverage. The bank will then approve overdrafts at its discretion.[12]
  • Overdraft fee: $36 per overdraft with a maximum of four per day; fees are refunded if the account is overdrawn by $5 or less at the end of the day. Virtual Wallet’s Low Cash Mode allows you 24 hours to bring your account balance to $0 or above to avoid overdraft fees.[12][13]

TD Bank logo

TD Bank

  • ATM overdraft process: You must opt into TD Debit Card Advance overdraft coverage. Once opted in, the bank will consider covering an ATM overdraft, but it’s not guaranteed.[14]
  • Overdraft fee: $35 per overdraft with a maximum of three per day; waived if you overdraw your balance by less than $50[14]

Truist One Checking


  • ATM overdraft process: Truist offers Negative Balance Buffer, which allows for up to $100 in overdraft coverage. You’ll need Overdraft Protection for higher amounts. This is an optional service used by linking your Truist checking or money market accounts which make up the difference when you overdraft.[15][16]
  • Overdraft fee: No overdraft fees when using Negative Balance Buffer or Overdraft Protection[15]

US Bank logo

U.S. Bank

  • ATM overdraft process: You must opt into ATM and Debit Card Overdraft Coverage, and the bank will review and approve each overdraft attempt at its discretion.[17]
  • Overdraft fee: $36 per overdraft with a maximum of four per day[17]

Wells Fargo logo

Wells Fargo

  • ATM overdraft process: Debit Card Overdraft Services are available, but the bank will approve or deny each overdraft at its discretion. Overdraft Protection is another option that allows you to link up to two eligible accounts to your checking account. You can opt into and out of either of these services at any time.[18]
  • Overdraft fee: There’s no fee to use Overdraft Protection. Debit Card Overdraft Services charge $35 per overdraft with a maximum of three fees per day. If your account receives an electronic direct deposit before 9 a.m. local time the following business day, overdraft fees may be waived or refunded.[19][18]

How to Avoid Overdrafts

To avoid overdrafting your bank account, you can choose not to opt in for overdraft protection, so the bank will immediately deny any transaction that would overdraw your balance.

You can also choose a form of overdraft protection that links a secondary account; you may still pay a fee, but it’s often lower than an unprotected overdraft.

Overdraft protection covers overdrafts caused by both ATM withdrawals and other transactions, such as checks and debit card purchases.

Additionally, keep the following tips in mind to help you avoid overdrafts:

  • Know your account details. Are you enrolled in overdraft protection? What fees does your bank charge for overdrafts? Consider switching to a low-fee checking account if your current bank charges high fees. (See our list of the best checking accounts.)
  • Track your spending and take receipts whenever you withdraw at ATMs.
  • Ask your bank if you can receive text or email notifications when your account falls below a certain amount.
  • Strategically organize your monthly payments to avoid overdrawing your account. Consider setting up a budget.
  • Build a cash reserve, so you always have extra funds available in your checking account for emergencies.
  • Consider using a low-interest credit card rather than overdrawing your account if you have an immediate financial need. It may be a more cost-effective alternative to overdrawing your account, especially if you can pay it off before it begins to accrue interest.


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  • Nicole castro

    If i just opened an account with bank of America, can i overdraft at the atm with my temporary debit card tomorrow?

  • Brooke

    I bank with Wells Fargo. I need to overdraft my card at the ATM. Will it work at any or should I only use theirs? I have the coverage where they may allow overdrafts at their discretion. My account has not been negative ever and also I don’t have direct deposit but in the past week I’ve myself deposited $500 at least.. does this qualify me to be able to use the overdraft service ? Or do you normally need direct deposits.

  • Netta

    I am a new customer with first convenient bank.I need to know can I overdraft on my card the same day

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Rebecca Turley

      Hi Netta,

      Unfortunately, we simply can’t answer that question because each bank sets its limits for each customer. For example, some customers who have had a history with the bank will be able to overdraw their account, while new customers may be limited until they have established a history with the bank.

  • Larry

    I have withdrawn money from bank of america ATM by overdrafting and it allowed only $40. I wanna know if im able to go the next day and withdrawal from my account again if this is only my first time doing it.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Rebecca Turley

      Hi Larry,

      This will likely be your only opportunity to overdraft at the ATM. Chances are, they will not allow a second overdraft to occur at an ATM, although your bank may allow additional POS purchases, depending on your overdraft limit.

  • Angela

    So I overdraft monthly due to financial issues.. my check was deposited into my account 2 days ago.. it still left me with a negative account. It is now denying any withdrawals. I know from the past if I waited a few days it would allow me. Do you think it will or will I have to wait till I get paid again?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Rebecca Turley

      Hi Angela,

      If you are still negative, your chances of withdrawing from an ATM are slim. However, many times you can get around this by making a purchase at a store and getting cash back.

  • Letitia Harrell

    If I open a checking account with pnc bank and get overdraft protection can I overdraft the same day i open the account

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Rebecca Turley

      Hi Letitia,

      Overdraft protection involves linking your checking account to another PNC account. When you overdraw your PNC account, PNC will pull money from that other account to bring your account balance back up to a positive amount. If you set this up with PNC bank when you open a checking account, your overdraft protection will be activated.

      • Name* (displayed publicly)

        What if the other account doesn’t have any money in it

        • First Quarter Finance logo
          First Quarter Finance | Rebecca Turley

          That’s unlikely. However, each bank sets it own standards regarding overdraft and if they will allow a customer to overdraw their account. In most cases, banks reserve the ability to overdraft with established customers.

  • Tameka Cowans

    If you don’t have overdraft coverage or protection can you still overdraft the account

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Rebecca Turley

      Hi Tameka,

      Yes, you can, provided your bank allows you to do so. Without overdraft protection, expect your bank to charge you anywhere from $25-$40 (or more!) per transaction for overdrawing your account. Keep in mind that most banks will only allow established customers to overdraw their accounts and, even then, will limit them to the amount they can overdraft.

  • Candace

    can I cash a payroll check to my bank if my account is over drawn? will they keep my money?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Rebecca Turley

      Hi Candace,

      Unfortunately, most banks will not allow you to cash a payroll check if your account is overdrawn. However, if the check is drawn on a local bank, you do have the option of cashing it at that bank. Most banks will require two forms of ID to do so.

  • Derrick Page

    Yes I was just wondering if I could overdraft at the arm with a bank of America money network card?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Sarah Quinn


      Unfortunately, due to the volume of comments that we receive, we’re not able to help with specific, individual requests. To find out whether or not you’ll be able to overdraft at the ATM with your Bank of America Money Network card, I recommend contacting Bank of American customer service 24 hours a day at 1 (800) 432-1000. I hope this helps!

  • Dboi

    what about capital one. can I overdraw at the ATM. I have tried but it declined saying nsf

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Dboi,

      According to the Capital One Overdraft Options page, customers need to opt in to the Courtesy Overdraft Service in order for ATM withdrawals to be considered for an approved overdraft. Otherwise, only checks and recurring debit card payments will be considered for Capital One to approve an overdraft; overdrafts at an ATM will be automatically declined. You can opt in to the Courtesy Overdraft Service by calling Capital One at at 1-800-655-BANK (2265) or by visiting a branch. A $35 overdraft fee will be assessed if Capital One decides to allow you to overdraw your account at an ATM. (Keep in mind that opting in doesn’t guarantee that Capital One will allow you to overdraft at an ATM — it just provides the possibility.) I hope this helps!

  • Jenn


    Does Chase let you overdraft at atms? I have money in my account but need more than what is available.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Jenn,

      Chase offers numerous overdraft options, including Standard Overdraft Services, Overdraft Protection, and Debit Card Coverage. With Standard Overdraft Services (the default option), Chase may choose, at the bank’s discretion, to allow overdrafts on everyday, non-recurring debit transactions (including ATM withdrawals). However, there’s no way to be certain if Chase will cover a particular overdraft, as the bank will look at numerous factors on your specific account to make this determination. You can find out more about all the overdraft programs available with Chase on the Chase website (scroll to Page 4 for a helpful chart detailing the possibilities in this situation). I hope this helps!

  • Charles

    I have chase and would like to know if i can overdraft with a check

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Charles,

      With Standard Overdraft Services, Chase states that the bank may pay for overdraft transactions including checks. This service will incur a fee ($34 if the item is paid), and it is up to the bank’s discretion whether any given overdraft will be allowed. Chase will look at factors such as your account history, the amount of the payment, and other factors when deciding whether to allow the overdraft. This means that there’s no guarantee that Chase will accept the check when it’s presented for payment if the funds aren’t available in your account, and either way you’ll end up paying $34 (either as an insufficient funds fee if the check is paid, or as a returned item fee if it isn’t). You could also end up paying additional fees with the vendor if the check is returned — so while I can’t say for certain whether you’ll be able to overdraft with a check at Chase, I would recommend that you avoid trying it if at all possible. I hope this helps!

  • Colleen

    Can you overdraw a negative account with the bank teller at Bank of America? Im a customer there.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Colleen,

      I wasn’t able to find out anything about overdrawing with a bank teller specifically; most of Bank of America’s published information relates to overdraft services at an ATM. The policies will likely be very similar if you try to make a cash withdrawal with a teller as they would be if you try to do so at an ATM, but it may be worth giving your local branch a quick call to verify that this is the case. However, as far as withdrawing from an account that’s already in the negative, Bank of America states: “We typically don’t pay overdrafts if your account isn’t in good standing or you aren’t making regular deposits.” Based on this information, it sounds unlikely that an overdraft will be approved if your account is already overdrawn, regardless of whether you try to initiate the transaction at an ATM, inside a bank branch, or somewhere else. I hope this helps!

  • Isabella

    Hi! I just currently opened an account with WF a little less than a month ago. I really need to overdraft my debit card. Do I need to sign up for overdraft protection to do so? I tried once and it declined at the ATM. I assumed it was because the account was so new. Thank you

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Isabella,

      The age of the account may have had something to do with it; very new accounts are often not permitted to overdraft for a certain length of time (although that length of time is typically not disclosed and is entirely up to the bank’s discretion). However, before you can overdraft at an ATM with Wells Fargo, you will need to sign up for Debit Card Overdraft Services. Otherwise, Wells Fargo will generally decline any ATM withdrawal or transaction that would put the account in the negative. If you opt in to Debit Card Overdraft Services, Wells Fargo may, at its own discretion, allow overdrafts (with the applicable fees). You can also sign up for Overdraft Protection, which is a service that allows Wells Fargo to pull funds from a linked account (like a savings account) to prevent an overdraft of your checking account. Overdraft Protection will apply before Debit Card Overdraft Services (so if you’re opted in to both and you try to withdraw $300 when you only have $200, the bank will first try to pull the remaining $100 from a linked account, and if the $100 isn’t available in the linked account either, the bank may allow the overdraft anyway). Keep in mind that having Debit Card Overdraft Services only provides the possibility that Wells Fargo will approve an overdraft, not a guarantee. I hope this helps!

  • Mary

    Do It Depend On How Long You Have Been With The Bank To Overdraft ?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Mary,

      Yes, the age of the account can affect your ability to overdraft. It’s largely up to the bank’s discretion whether to allow any particular overdraft, and one of the factors that banks typically consider is the customer’s financial history, including how long the account has been open and in good standing. The length of time that you’ve been a customer with a particular bank isn’t necessarily the deciding factor for overdrafts, but it is one factor.

  • N/A

    I bank with regions if I overdraft will they be able to take money from my prepaid money networks card my work checks get deposited to?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller


      Regions Bank and the Money Network card do not appear to be associated in any way. Unless your Regions Bank account and your Money Network card are linked in some way, an overdraft with Regions shouldn’t affect your paycheck direct deposit. I hope this helps!

  • Renee

    Hi i just open rushcard account my balance is zero and i have a bill to pay can i overdraft to pay my bill

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Renee,

      Because RushCard is a prepaid card, it does not offer a line of credit and will not allow a transaction that puts an account in the negative. This means that you won’t be able to overdraft in order to pay your bill.

  • Trey Markee Fogg

    i just got paid by direct deposit and my account wouldn’t let me overdraft to help pay bills why is that?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Trey,

      Different banks will have different policies for the way that overdrafts are handled, and certain accounts may have specific limitations on overdrafts as well. For example, at Bank of America, the Standard Setting automatically declines ATM and debit card overdrafts. These settings prevent any of these transactions that would put the account in the negative. You can usually find out more about overdraft policies by searching for “overdraft” on your bank’s website, or you can contact a bank representative directly. Best of luck!

  • Sonja

    Hi there, my account is overdrawn by 200.00 bucks. Can I go in and overdraft it some more? I have to pay my bills.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Sonja,

      It’s very difficult to say whether you’ll be able to overdraft further. It depends on the policies at your bank and the limits on your individual account. Some banks treat overdrafts differently depending on whether they are incurred through an ATM withdrawal, an everyday transaction, or an automatic recurring payment (such as an autopay transaction for a bill). With your account already in the red by $200, unfortunately, I wouldn’t count on being able to overdraft further, and you may be subject to additional NSF fees if you attempt to do so (even if the transaction doesn’t go through).

  • Yahquisha

    Hi I want to open a account with Wells Fargo could I overdraft right away ? Or do I have to wait

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Yahquisha,

      Wells Fargo does not publish any specific information about how account age affects the ability to overdraft, but it’s likely that a brand new account will not be able to overdraft. Depending on the settings on your account, overdrafts may not be approved regardless of your account’s age. To be able to overdraft, you’ll need to opt into Debit Card Overdraft Service (and even so, overdrafts will still be approved or denied at the bank’s discretion). You can read more about this service on the Wells Fargo website. I hope this helps!

  • Jim

    If I have $14 and spend $13.99 will that count as an overdraft? Or will it not as there is still $0.01 cash remaining?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Jim,

      A transaction is only considered an overdraft if it puts your account into a negative balance. If there is any cash in your account, or even if there’s exactly $0.00 in your account, it’s not an overdraft. I hope this helps!

  • Tay

    I have citizens and I got $50 in my chdckings , can I overdraft like swipe my card for more than $500? Or can I withdraw $500 from the citizens atm evrn though that will be a negative 450?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Tay,

      Citizens Banks has a couple of different options for overdraft protection and coverage. The answer to your question depends on which of those options you chose for your account. If you have Debit Card Overdraft Coverage, you may be able to overdraw your account in the situation you described. You can read more about the overdraft programs on the Citizens Bank website. If you’re not sure which program you have on your account, you can call Citizens Bank at 1-800-922-9999 to find out. I hope this helps!

  • VENITA Hall


    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Venita,

      There could be a number of reasons that your overdraft didn’t go through. The Standard Settings on most Bank of America checking accounts don’t allow for ATM overdrafts, so you’ll typically need to opt in to the Overdraft Protection program or agree to have your account overdrawn (which you can do by contacting the bank at 800.432.1000, Mon.-Fri. 7 a.m.-10 p.m. ET and Sat.-Sun. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. ET) before any ATM overdrafts are allowed. If you’ve already signed up for Overdraft Protection, it’s possible that your linked account didn’t have enough to cover the withdrawal, or if you signed up for the program recently, the account may not have been properly linked yet. It’s also possible that the bank chose to not allow overdrafts because of something in your account history (repeated overdrafts, lack of regular deposits, etc.). The bank can more or less choose to do this at their discretion, so unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is to get in touch with the bank directly.

  • Scott

    I opened up a checking account at Bank of America back in June of this year and I am still unable to overdraft at the ATM. I called to verify that I was opted in for being able to overdraft at the ATM and they assured me that I was. Unfortunately, they said it’s computer generated and they don’t have a definitive answer for me on why it won’t let me overdraft. Every time I have tried it the ATM spits my card out immediately saying Insufficient funds for the withdrawal amount. I have tried lowering the amount and it never works. How long will I have to wait to be able to overdraft my account? I like to utilize this feature cause I get paid direct deposit once a month from my job and I run short on funds at the end of the month often. I feel like something is definitely wrong cause I shouldn’t have to wait this long. I can’t possibly still be listed as a new account since I’ve had the account for 4 months or does that seem fitting for the reason?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Scott,

      Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any specific information about when an account stops qualifying as “new.” I did see on Bank of America’s FAQs page that the bank will sometimes refuse to allow overdrafts if there aren’t regular deposits being made in the account. Could that be a factor in your situation at all?

      It sounds like you know this already, but the standard settings for Bank of America’s checking accounts is to not allow any ATM overdrafts. According to the website, you can change your Overdraft Setting by calling 800.432.1000, Mon. – Fri. 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. ET and Sat. – Sun. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET, or by visiting a banking center. If you’ve already changed the setting, it may be that the bank’s computer system is flagging your account for some other reason — but only a bank employee would be able to give you more information. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

    • Francis

      I need to do an overdraft basicley every month to pay for my rent bills and my prescriptions I’ve been doing over drafts for years now ,I’ve talked to people at the bank and explained my situation obviously they were ok with it because it’s been 4/5 years now I’m retired and I’ve been with Bank America for over 28 years but for some reason there not allowing me to do it this month I live check to check even with my children helping me my prescriptions with good insurance is over $600.00 a month that’s not including doctors visits so without me over drafting it’s a choice of not paying my rent getting my prescriptions or eating can you please tell me why all of s sudden I can’t do an over draft

      • First Quarter Finance logo
        First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

        Hi Francis,

        I’m very sorry to hear about the issues you’ve experienced with overdrawing your account! Bank of America does offer a number of Overdraft Settings, one of which is the Decline All setting, which tells the bank to automatically reject any transaction that would put your account in the negative. Is it possible that the Overdraft Settings on your account were recently changed for any reason? If the settings are the same as they have always been, it’s possible that the bank decided to stop allowing overdrafts for some other reason. Bank of America states that it allows overdrafts on a case-by-case basis, depending on factors including the purchase/withdrawal amount and the account history; if the overdraft amount was higher than normal or if there has been an unusually high amount of overdraft activity on the account, these could also be reasons that the transaction was declined. If none of these factors seem to account for the change, I recommend reaching out to Bank of America directly so that a representative can assist you. You can reach Bank of America support by calling 800.432.1000, Mon. – Fri. 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. ET and Sat. – Sun. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET. I hope this helps!

  • Jaye

    if your account is in an overdrawn status already can you get additional money from an ATM and just get charged an overdraft fee for the transaction?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Jaye,

      In most cases, yes. Most people can still withdraw from a negative bank account until they hit what’s called an overdraft limit, which is the maximum negative balance you can have before the account is locked. This limit is assigned by the bank and can vary from person to person between $100 to $1,000. As long as you’re below your overdraft limit (which the bank may not tell you ahead of time until you hit it) and the bank hasn’t otherwise locked your account, you can typically withdraw from an overdrawn bank account. You can read our post about what happens when you overdraft an account for more details.

      • Scott

        Thanks a bunch and I just figured out why this was happening. I was not opted in this whole time when I thought that I actually was. Evidently, the bank thought that I wanted to be protected from overdrafting my account so the bank had my ATM blocked from me ever being able to overdraft my account. I had the representative change it for me so now I will be able to overdraft at the ATM. Thanks for your swift response

        • First Quarter Finance logo
          First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

          Hi Scott,

          Awesome! Glad to hear everything has been resolved.

  • Christina

    Hi i wrote a check for 1300 for rent but unexpected bills leaves me w a 600$ bal for my citizens bank account. I will have the $700 tom at 6pm i just dont know if my landlord deposited the check ton or if she will wait a few days. The slight chance she did put the check thru ton i just was wondering if citizens bank will cover a $700 overdraft? Like whats the most they usually cover? I read your article and i know u said it depends on alot of things. In the past they have covered 350$ but i know $700 is alot more. I wish i could tell them ill make the deposit tom at 6pm but the system is what decides i was told

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | William Lipovsky

      Hi Christina,

      You’re right. We have no way of knowing if the overdraft will be charged or dismissed. As stated on this page of the Citizens Bank website, each transaction gets reviewed for approval. If approved, the transaction is paid. If denied, there’s a $35 overdraft fee. The approval process is based on many factors. Though if it has been awhile since your last major overdraft, there’s probably a better chance you’ll get this next overdraft approved. Furthermore, you can always ask for the overdraft to be forgiven if it does occur. This is a fairly common practice.

  • Bella

    If you overdraft your account but only use some of the money and put the rest back will they still charge you ?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | William Lipovsky

      Hi Bella,

      Good question but yes, you’ll still be charged an overdraft. Overdrafts are based on the simple fact that the account was overdrawn – regardless of by how much.

  • Bre

    how often can you overdraft

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | William Lipovsky

      Hi Bre,

      I cannot give you an exact answer. The two parts of the equation are you as a customer and the financial institution which has your account. Those two factors equate to a unique answer for each person. Some people can overdraft daily without issue. Others just a few times per month. If you overdraft often, definitely get overdraft protection.

      • ember smith

        if your overdraft coverage account is your savings, do you need to overdraft savings instead of checking? My checking is linked to savings. I bank with bank of America

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          First Quarter Finance | William Lipovsky

          Hi Ember,

          Smart question. Though you don’t need any sort of strategy. In this case, you should let the overdraft happen in your checking account and your savings will be debited. If you were to go straight to your savings and overdraft, it would negate the purpose of having overdraft protection on your checking account. Furthermore, if you don’t have overdraft protection on your savings, you could end up overdrafting there instead. Note: At Bank of America, you can setup overdraft protection on both savings and checking accounts (click on the heading ‘What is an Overdraft Item fee?’.

  • biana

    If I have 0 dollars in my account can i still overdraft?

    • Name* (displayed publicly)

      So if I have no money on my card I can still get money

      • First Quarter Finance logo
        First Quarter Finance | Rebecca Turley

        Hi there,

        This will depend on your overdraft protection with your bank and your history with your bank. Most of the time, the ability to overdraft will depend on a variety of factors — most notably your history with your bank.

  • Lakesha Moore

    How long do you have your checking account to starts overdraft coverage

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | William Lipovsky

      Hi Lakesha,

      For overdraft coverage, you generally have to link another account to the account you think you may overdraft. That being said, it takes a few days to link the accounts. Much like how it takes a few days to transfer funds from one account to another when you’re doing a general transfer. Bank of America, for instance, says it normally takes 2 days to get covered but may take up to 10. Source: Remember that if you overdraft in the meantime, ask for forgiveness. If I can be of further assistance, just let me know!

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