How to Track a Cashier’s Check If It Has Been Lost or Stolen

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Short Answer — To track a cashier’s check, you’ll want to contact the issuing bank by phone or in person. The bank will be able to tell you if the check has been cashed. There is no charge to inquire about the status of a cashier’s check.

How to Track a Cashier’s Check

Cashier’s checks can be traced by calling or visiting the issuing bank. The bank can tell you if the check has been cashed.

We contacted several major U.S. banks, including Bank of America, Huntington, and PNC, to find out about tracking a cashier’s check. All of the banks we contacted said a customer service representative or a bank teller can check the status of a cashier’s check for you.

There is no fee to inquire about the status of a cashier’s check.

Lost or Stolen Cashier’s Checks

If your cashier’s check has been lost or stolen, you’ll need to stop payment. Stop payment fees may apply; fees are typically between $30 and $40.

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Cashier’s Check Time Limits

Cashier’s checks don’t expire, but there may be a time limit on how long the check is guaranteed. The issuing bank may print a “void after” notice on the front of the check.

The time limit for a cashier’s check is usually between 90 and 120 days, depending on your state.

Past the time limit, you’ll need to follow your state’s laws on lost, stolen, or destroyed cashier’s checks.

You may need to purchase an Indemnity Bond or file a Declaration of Loss (Section 3-312 of the Uniform Commercial Code). Contact the issuing bank for assistance.

Purchasing a Cashier’s Check

You can purchase a cashier’s check at your local bank branch. You’ll need to bring a valid photo ID and the exact name of the person or business receiving the check.

If you’re not an account holder at the bank, you may need to bring cash for the amount of the cashier’s check.

Cashing a Cashier’s Check

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