Hy-Vee Return Policy Explained

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Short Answer — Hy-Vee does not have a company-wide return policy. The grocery store chain instead offers individual store return policies that vary by location. That said, most Hy-Vee locations will require a receipt in order to make a return. Many stores also do not accept perishable items for return.

Hy-Vee’s Return Policy

Hy-Vee grocery stores are independently owned and operated, so return policies vary by store. A corporate customer service representative confirmed that there is no company-wide return policy.

However, most store locations do have some form of a general return policy. You’ll need to contact your local Hy-Vee for specifics on its return window time limits, product restrictions, and refund policy.

Generally, to return something to Hy-Vee, you’ll need to bring your receipt showing proof of purchase.

Many Hy-Vee locations do not accept returns on perishable items. If you discover that your item is spoiled or expired right after bringing it home, the store may issue you a refund, offer a replacement product, or take other corrective action. 

If your local store does not offer any corrective response, you can contact Hy-Vee corporate at customercare@hy-vee.com or (800) 772-4098 and they may be able to offer assistance.

More Information

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