“I Need $100 Now”: How to Make $100 Fairly Quickly

$100 bill resting on a wooden table

“I need 100 dollars now!” This is a common amount to need.

Knowing how to get $100 fast will help you through many of life’s monetary binds, and there are plenty of ways for you to earn $100 today if you consider your resources.

Below, we cover several ways to get the cash you need, from side gigs to selling things. We’ve listed many possible options so you can get $100+ in a way that best suits your needs.

What Can I Pawn for 100 Dollars?

It’s smart to ask, “What can I pawn for 100 dollars?” If you have a pawn shop nearby, consider selling something that you don’t need anymore.

Pawn shops purchase items from people at a discount and resell them at a higher price. If a pawn shop wants your item and thinks it will sell, the shop associate may offer you cash on the spot.

For example, a pawnbroker may “lend” you between 25% and 60% of the item’s resale value until the item sells.

Keep in mind that the pawn shop will usually keep your item for two or three months, and if it doesn’t sell, you’ll have to pick up your item and pay back the loan, with interest.

Interest rates vary but typically average around 10% per month, so while you may get the $100 you need quickly, you could end up paying back more than $100.

Be sure to ask the pawn shop whether your item is popular or in-demand before accepting a pawn loan, to give you a better idea of whether your item will sell.

Typically, the most desired items in pawn stores include:

  • Tools
  • Tablets and laptops
  • Game systems
  • Furs
  • Leather
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Musical instruments
  • Louis Vuitton luggage and purses
  • Jewelry

You can find a pawn shop near you by running a simple Google search for “pawn shop [your town here].”

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Return Purchases of $100 or More

If you have an item that you recently purchased for over $100 or that was gifted to you, returning it can be a quick way to get money.

Retailers will often give you money back instantly as long as you have the receipt, but the exact policy varies by retailer.

Kohl’s, for instance, has no time frame in which you must make the return, while other retailers may have 30- or 90-day time limits.

Some places will even allow refunds without a receipt or without tags.

Contact the retailer where the item was purchased to find out if you can return your item for cash.

Many people donate plasma regularly, and while they’re making money doing it, they’re also saving lives.

There are requirements for blood donors, however, and they include the following:

  • Donors must weigh more than 110 pounds.
  • Donors must be at least 18 years old, although requirements vary by state and location.
  • Donors cannot be under the influence of drugs.
  • Donors must pass a physical upon the first visit.
  • Donations may not be accepted from people who have visited or lived in certain countries, due to the risk of malaria and other diseases.

While the Red Cross regularly hosts plasma drives, these drives don’t compensate donors. For organizations that do pay for plasma donations, check out the following agencies.

Much of the payment information compiled here isn’t published online, so when necessary, we reached out to these companies by phone for compensation details.

Keep in mind that exact payout details may vary, even between different locations of the same company.

Additionally, payments for plasma donation are almost always disbursed in the form of prepaid debit cards, not cash.

Grifols logo


  • How much money donors can earn: According to the GRIFOLS Plasma website, qualified donors can earn up to $200 per month. More specifically, GRIFOLS pays donors $50 for the first donation, $60 for the second donation, $75 each for third and fourth donations, and $50 for the fifth donation. Subsequent donations will earn $25 for the first donation of the week and $30 for the second donation of that same week.
  • Find a location

CSL Plasma logo

CSL Plasma

  • How much money donors can earn: Donors can receive up to $400 each month. Compensation varies by location, but donors are typically paid $50 for the first two donations.
  • Find a location

IBBI Grifols logo

Interstate Blood Bank, Inc.

  • How much money donors can earn: Interstate Blood bases compensation on the donor’s weight. For the first two donations, donors will be compensated between $35 and $50. Following this, compensation will vary among different locations.
  • Find a location

Octapharma logo

Octapharma Plasma

  • How much money donors can earn: Octapharma Plasma compensates first-time donors with $75 each for the first three donations. The fourth, fifth, and sixth donations are compensated with $50 each. Subsequent donations are based on donor weight: Volunteers weighing between 110 and 175 pounds are paid $20 for their first donation of the week and $15 for the second, while donors weighing more than 175 pounds are paid $25 for the first donation of the week and $15 for the second.
  • Find a location

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Count Your Coins

Do you have a lot of coins laying around? If you do, you might be amazed at their value once you total them.

Take them to your bank, where the associate can put them into the bank’s coin counter and give you cash.

You can also take them to a local Coinstar kiosk, which are big green boxes the size of ATMs, located at a large number of grocery stores. Unlike your bank, however, Coinstar will deduct a service fee of about 10% before giving you cash. Find your nearest Coinstar kiosk.

Here’s how it works:

  1. At the kiosk, pick the cash option.
  2. Remove dirt and debris from your coins, and add them to the tray.
  3. Lift the handle and guide the coins into the slot.
  4. When the kiosk is finished counting the coins, you’ll receive a cash voucher.
  5. Take your voucher to the store’s customer service desk or to the checkout area to redeem for cash.

For an extensive list of places that commonly provide coin-counting services, see our article listing 60+ places with coin-counter machines.

Sell Unused Gift Cards

Coinstar logo


Coinstar not only exchanges coins for cash but also allows customers to exchange unused gift cards for cash.

Coinstar’s gift card exchange kiosks are bright yellow and are located at many grocery stores.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Scan or swipe your gift card and accept the offer.
  2. Verify your identity.
  3. Insert your gift card.
  4. Print and redeem your voucher.
  5. Take the voucher to the customer service desk in the grocery store to redeem for cash.

Find a kiosk

CardCash logo


CardCash claims to be the largest gift card exchange in the world. Go to the website, enter the name of the retailer and the amount of the gift card, and CardCash will provide an offer.

If you accept the offer, you can either mail in your gift card, or enter the gift card’s information online. If you enter it online, you’ll get paid faster, but it will be in the form of a physical check. If you mail in your gift card, you can get paid via Paypal, ACH, or physical check.

Unlike Coinstar, payment isn’t immediate — it will typically take 1-2 days for CardCash to issue payment.

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Babysit or Pet-sit

If you have flexible hours and experience taking care of children or pets, why not get paid for it?

Sites like Care.com and Rover.com allow you to set up a profile and get paid for numerous baby-sitting or pet-sitting related services.

Care.com logo


  • Membership fee: The Basic Profile is free, while the Featured Profile requires a membership fee and, in return, provides increased visibility and expanded opportunities for caregivers. Members can also purchase Credits, which are required to apply for certain jobs.
  • Babysitting jobs: Yes
  • Pet-sitting jobs: Yes
  • Housekeeping jobs: Yes
  • Senior care jobs: Yes
  • Sign up

Rover.com logo


  • Membership fee: No upfront fee; however, Rover takes 20% of your earnings.
  • Babysitting jobs: No
  • Pet-sitting jobs: Yes. Pet-sitting and dog walking jobs only.
  • Housekeeping jobs: No
  • Senior care jobs: No
  • Sign up

Craigslist is a great resource for selling services such as housecleaning, yard work, tutoring, and music lessons.

If you’re responsible and have a reliable method of transportation, you can get paid cash instantly after doing the work agreed upon. In fact, many people earn supplemental income by advertising services on Craigslist.

When using Craiglist, be sure to avoid sharing too much personal information, and consider meeting potential clients in public before doing any work at their homes.

Be sure to set clear terms with your client before doing any work as well, to avoid disputes.

Post an ad

Borrow $100 If You Need It Quickly

While you’ll have to pay it back, it may be convenient to borrow $100 if you know that you can repay.

If you don’t know anyone who can lend you the money, there are many places that may approve you for a loan.

These short-term, relatively low-dollar loans are commonly called payday loans, and they require repayment within a short time frame — typically on the date of your next paycheck.

The major downside of payday loans is the amount of interest you’ll pay. A typical two-week payday loan fee is $15 per $100 borrowed, which equates to an annual percentage rate (APR) of almost 400%.

Habitually relying on payday loans can be very costly, but they can be convenient if you’re in a bind. Think about it this way: will it cost you more to pay a late fee on your bill, or to take out a high-interest loan? Do the math before you decide which option to take.

The list provided below includes just a handful of common payday loan providers in the United States. There may be plenty more where you live.

Be aware that each of these lenders offers different interest rates and terms since state laws influence how much you can borrow and the fees you are charged. Their interest rates are often high, and the loans must be repaid quickly.

Some of these companies will check your credit score and virtually all will require proof of income; make sure you understand the requirements of the application process before you begin. 

Advance America logo

Advance America

  • Can you apply online? No; the application can be started online but must be completed in-store.
  • Interest Rates: Varies widely by location, but typical rates are close to 460.08% APR or higher.
  • Find a location

Check n Go logo

Check ‘n Go

  • Can you apply online? Yes
  • Interest Rates: Varies widely by location, but can range as high as 676.78% APR.
  • Find a location

Check Into Cash logo

Check Into Cash

  • Can you apply online? Yes
  • Interest Rates: Varies by state. May range from 382.38% to 664.21% APR.
  • Find a location

Community Financial Services Center logo

Community Financial

  • Can you apply online? No
  • Interest Rates: Not disclosed online, but rates will vary by location and are likely comparable to similar companies (with APRs in the range of 380% to 670%).
  • Find a location


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