How Much Does Boat Storage Cost? Answered

You can expect to pay about $200 to $300 per month to store a boat. Boat storage prices vary by season, type, and location.

In the summer, storing a boat can simply mean renting a space on the marina, while storing a boat in the winter may require indoor dry storage. In colder climates, extra winterization services prior to storage can help prevent damage and keep your boat in good condition until the next season.

Below you will find indoor dry storage rates by region, from the California coast to the Northeast.

How Much Does It Cost to Store a Boat?

You can expect to pay about $200 to $300 per month to store a boat. But the cost of dry boat storage — meaning boats are stored in dry conditions such as inside a garage-like facility — depends on the size of the boat. Owners are usually charged monthly, and the fees vary greatly by location.

Dry Boat Storage Fees by Region

We have divided our dry boat storage fee list by region: California Coast, Great Lakes Region, Gulf Coast, Northeast Coast, Pacific Northwest, and Southeast Coast.

California Coast

  • Alameda Marina (Alameda, Calif.): $110/month for 22′, $145/month for 30′ and 32′, $175/month for 34′, $205/month for 40′, $230/month for 50′
  • Clipper Yacht Harbor (Sausalito, Calif.): $95/month for 14′, $195/month for 20′, including trailer, $275/month for 30′ to 46.5′, including trailer

Great Lakes Region

This includes selections from Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Note: Most storage facilities in the Great Lakes region calculate cost by square foot per month.

  • Pier 33 (St. Joseph, Mich.): $8.95/sq ft per month (without trailer), $7.95/sq ft per month (with trailer)
  • The Bayshore Marina (Oshkosh, Wis.): $2.25/sq ft per month
  • Manitowoc Marina (Manitowoc, Wis.): $8.25/sq ft per month
  • North East Marina (North East, Pa.): $16/foot per month in rack, $21/foot per month on trailer

Gulf Coast

This includes selections from Texas, Florida (western), and Louisiana.

  • Cove Harbor Marina and Drystack (Rockport, Texas): $216/month for 18′, $240/month for 20′, $300/month for 24′, $375/month for 30′, $400/month for 32′
  • Surfside Marina (Surfside Beach, Texas): $13.50/foot per month for 20′ to 42′ (annual contract), $17/foot per month 20′ to 42′ (month-to-month)
  • Sandler Ranch RV and Boat Storage (Venice, Fla.): $50/month for up to 22′, $60/month for over 22′
  • Sea Brook Harbor and Marine (New Orleans, La.): $224.25/month for 23′, $292.50/month for 30′, $331.50/month for 34′

Northeast Coast

This includes selections from Virginia, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Maine.

  • Morgan Marina (Sayreville, N.J.): $37/foot per month for 23′ to 30′, $42/foot per month for 32′ to 40′, $45/foot per month for 41′ and over
  • Rex Marine Center (South Norwalk, Conn.) $14.58/foot per month for 18′ to 33′
  • Long Lake Marina (Naples, Maine): $35/foot per month

Pacific Northwest

This includes selections from Washington and Oregon.

  • Seattle Boat (Seattle, Bellevue, and Kent, Wash.): $269/month for 18′ to 22′, $329/month for 23′ to 26′, $389/month for 27′ to 28′, $459/month for 29′ to 30′; $15.50 per foot/month for 31′ and up
  • Swantown Marina and Boatworks (Olympia, Wash.): $7.75/foot per month
  • Fern Ridge RV and Boat Storage (Junction City, Ore.): $140/month for up to 30′, $225/month for up to 55′

Southeast Coast

This includes selections from Florida (eastern), Georgia, and North Carolina.

  • Gateway Marina (Hypoluxo, Fla.): $17/foot per month for 20′ to 27′, $18/foot per month for 28′ to 31′
  • Fort McAllister Marina (Richmond Hill, Ga.): $11/foot per month for up to 42′
  • Lake Norman Marina (Sherrills Ford, N.C.): $90/foot per year for up to 27′

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