Is 76 Gas Good? 76 Gas Quality Reviewed

Is 76 gas good? The quality of the gas you put in your car can affect your vehicle’s overall performance. 76 is a popular gas station in the U.S., and it is rated well due to the fact that it that supplies TOP TIER gas. What makes TOP TIER gas great? We have what you need to know about TOP TIER gas and how 76 — a TOP TIER licensed retail brand — is different from other gas companies.

TOP TIER Gas and 76 Gas Stations

76 gas stations are one of more than 70 TOP TIER licensed retail brands. To understand what that means, let’s take a look at what TOP TIER is.

What Is TOP TIER Gas?

TOP TIER is considered the premier standard for gasoline performance. For gasoline to be considered TOP TIER, it must meet certain standards. These standards were developed by major auto manufacturers to ensure that the fuel you put in your vehicle allows for the engine to perform at its best. Non TOP TIER fuels can result in a lesser driving experience: less power, less miles per gallon.

TOP TIER licensed brands, like 76, use a higher level of detergent additives that help prevent buildup of negative engine deposits. This enhances overall car performance.

Fuels that just meet the EPA’s requirements are often supplied with lower-quality additives that can lead to the buildup of deposits on fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers. This can negatively impact the car’s responsiveness and engine performance. Additionally, it can create pollutants that hinder the vehicle’s emissions system. Automotive industry professionals and the American Automobile Association recommend drivers fill up with TOP TIER gas.

Keep in mind, the terms quality and octane are not interchangeable. Octane refers to whether the gas is regular, plus, or premium, which has nothing to do with TOP TIER. Companies that supply TOP TIER fuel must supply TOP TIER gas across all octanes.

TOP TIER and 76 Gas Stations

The fuel at 76 gas stations is reported to have three times more detergent than the minimum required by the EPA and 30% more detergent than standard TOP TIER gas. The company believes this will help remove damaging fuel deposits. And, not only is this gas helping your car run smoother, it’s better for the environment — a clean engine burns less fuel, thus releasing fewer emissions.

76, owned by the Phillips 66 Company, is supplied by ConocoPhillips. ConocoPhillips develops and produces crude oil and natural gas. In addition to 76, ConocoPhillips supplies gas for two other TOP TIER licensed retail brands: Conoco and Phillips 66.

In Summary

And that’s the 76 gas quality review. 76 is not only a TOP TIER licensed retail brand, but its fuel has 30% more detergent than standard TOP TIER gas. This formula is meant to help your car run smoother and burn cleaner. In addition, its gas quality is consistent across all branches and octanes. 76 gas may not be the cheapest option, but it may be the best option for your car.

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